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Counseling Court Case Analysis – Ethics

-Identify and discuss the moral/ethical principles involved in the case, explaining any ethical conflicts.-Discuss the potential consequences of all available options.-Evaluate the course of action taken by the court.  Provide a well-reasoned response indicating agreement or disagreement with the court’s decision and why.A separate section should be written for each court case. Sections should be 3 pages in length, double-spaced, and written in APA format.Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California, 1976Renu Thapar, M.D. v. Lyndall Zezulka, 1998Julea Ward v. Polite, 6th Court, 2012

Gneral Law: Rape and the Officer in Charge

Gneral Law: Rape and the Officer in Charge.

A suspect is in custody for Rape and the Officer in charge (OIC) wants to interview him as soon as possible without legal representation. The custody officer declines this request and a solicitor is brought to the police station. During questioning it became necessary, in order to clarify the interviewee’s account, to pose questions which had already been asked. The solicitor argued that this is not permitted and became obstructive in the interview. There is then a break in the interview and when it is re-commenced the solicitor reads out a pre-prepared statement.

Consider the above paragraph and paying particular regard to legislation, case law and the PACE Codes of Practice, comment and critically evaluate under what circumstances can a suspect be interviewed when legal representation has been withheld. Secondly whether the solicitor is correct in his assumption that questions which have already been posed cannot be repeated and whether their behaviour could be challenged. Thirdly the dangers for the defence in submitting pre-prepared statements.

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Persuasive opinion editorial piece offering an informed opinion on a current issue facing the military

Counseling Court Case Analysis – Ethics 500 words – 10 words. There are many options that can be used. For backing up the assertions with professional experience and knowledge, after the topic has been picked, feel free to ask me if I have ever seen this issue.

L week 1 homework

Application Case1.3Siemens Reduces Cost with the Use of Data VisualizationWhat challenges were faced by Siemens visual analytics group?
How did the data visualization tool Dundas BI help Siemens in reducing cost?
Application Case1.4Analyzing Athletic InjuriesWhat types of analytics are applied in the injury analysis?
How do visualizations aid in understanding the data and delivering insights into the data?
What is a classification problem?
What can be derived by performing sequence analysis?

case analysis

This is the second Case Report that you will work on in your instructor-assigned groups. This report will analyze the EKOL Logistics: Thinking Outside the Box case which describes an intermodal transportation and logistics company, and how it manages capacity planning on its key routes. Its busiest routes linked motor vehicle assemblers in Germany and Turkey with many of their parts suppliers, but it has also developed key links in fast-fashion supply chains. It is a multi-mode provider using combinations of land, short-sea, and rail routes to provide different levels of service to its customers.
One of Ekol’s key challenges moving forward is how to maximize utilization of its trucks and trailers, especially on key bottleneck links, in the face of unbalanced traffic. To address this issue Ekol has developed a consolidation center in Turkey and a cross-dock deconsolidation center in Germany, its largest market. As Chairman Ahmet Musul and his team look at ways to squeeze out more capacity, they are reconsidering their planning model and whether they should build more consolidation/deconsolidation centers to potentially wring out more efficiency in the company’s operations.
Discussion Questions:
(1) What performance dimensions are the most important differentiators for Ekol as it positions itself within the transport and logistics service industry? (Note: this part of the memo should be no more than a half a page)
(2) What tradeoffs should be considered in evaluating the merits of adding additional CDCs? What costs are likely to increase and what costs are likely to decrease with this change? Beyond cost, what other performance dimensions will be impacted that are important to Ekol? Consider providing a table that highlights the tradeoffs you wish you convey.
(3) How might the data presented in Exhibits 16 through 18 help inform your evaluation of the merits of adding additional CDCs?
(4) What final recommendations can you offer to Ahmet? Are there any other initiatives, in addition to or instead of CDC expansion, that he should consider to further improve the efficiency of routes? Consider adding a table or figure to help organize your recommendations.

Establishing a school

Establishing a school.

 Following this form at. The title of the research, introduction, theoretical and Conceptual framework, objectives of the study methodology, technical aspect of the school, organization and administration, financial aspects to include capitalization, marketing aspects, return on investment, conclusion and recommendations. Suggested courses are; One-year nursing aid, caregiver or other short courses program

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International Business Management

International Business Management.

 Description Chapter 5: Under what conditions is it ethically defensible to outsource production to the developing world where labor costs are lower when such actions also involve laying off long-term employees in the firm’s home country? Chapter 6: Is free trade fair? Explain in detail. Chapter 7: Given the arguments relating to the new trade theory and strategic trade policy, what kind of trade policy should business be pressuring government to adopt? Chapter 8: What are the strengths of the eclectic theory of FDI? Can you see any shortcomings? How does the eclectic theory influence management practice? Assignment Protocol You must write quality definitions of the concepts, relating to current international business affairs using clear logic, and supporting facts. You must use citations with references to document ideas that come from others. This is a research paper, therefore, it must have a minimum of three references from Galileo and the textbook. Concepts and/or Questions must be typed out as headings, followed by a write-up in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion at the end of the paper as set in the outline (provided in course resources). 

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pharmaceutical sciences

Everyone will be assigned two classmates’ submissions to peer review; both reviews are due a week after the draft submission deadline. Please consult the rubric for how to evaluate each others’ drafts. Here’s a guide on how to submit your peer reviews.
The peer review process is designed to provide constructive feedback, and should be given and taken with honesty, charity, and grace. Ideally, when giving your peer reviews, you recognize things you could do better as you update your own draft! Giving useful feedback to others will also be a part of your course grade, so be thoughtful and generous.
This assignment must be typed and submitted electronically in MS Word (.doc or .docx) formatPeer reviews for draft 1 (1)
Peer reviews for draft 1 (1)
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a learning outcomeUtility of peer review
10 to >6.0 PtsHelpful feedback
Provided useful feedback on strengths