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Makeup has been around for thousands and thousands of years. The use of makeup has evolved from the Egyptians, to the Romans, to Europeans, and so on until presently. From the very first dynasty of Egypt, women would use unguent that hydrated the skin and helped avoid wrinkles. Roman women used kohl make their eyelashes and eyelids darker. In the European Middle Ages, Women believed that acquiring their skin pale white would show a sign of wealth.

Women used lead paint to make the face look bright during the Italian renaissance despite the harmful effects. Makeup was never seen as a good indication of health in these times. Other countries were appalled with the unnecessary overuse of makeup French women used and thought of as they had something to hide. Women have experimented numerous ways for beauty and many of them have been extremely dangerous to their health, such as using lead or mercury, nitric acid, kohl, tar, and more (Tillery,2004). Since the very first use of makeup women always have been expected to look flawless.

Women who wear makeup get more out of life than women who do not, such as male attraction, better employment, and better health. Women who wear makeup receive attention from the opposite sex more than women who do not. Women with makeup believe they have a better chance of getting a guys attention if they hide their imperfections. Any lady stepping out of their house with makeup will feel more confident that they look flawless. Sarah Vickery said, “Women wear makeup to give a powerful ‘I’m in charge’ kind of impression, and women should not be afraid to do that” (vickery, 2011 para. 0 ). Any lady not wearing makeup would have less of a chance of getting a second look from a guy. A guy would feel embarrassed seen talking to a woman who has many imperfections on her face. Going into high school guys would talk to other guy friends of how bad puberty is hitting certain girls and maybe wearing a little makeup would help them get guys thinking differently about them. Women feel less confident talking to a man because she feels like it is a must to wear makeup to get a guy to talk to her.

Men will suggest they like women to look natural without excessive makeup. Women know that “natural” means something different to men (White, 2011). An Article by Jessica White they asked one hundred men if they like women wearing tons of makeup or if they preferred them with the least amount of makeup where look natural. Well, eighty two percent of men said they liked the natural look but what happened when they showed them two pictures of celebrities both wearing different amounts of makeup?

Seventy one percent chose the picture with more makeup on. To women, natural looking is wearing nothing but lipstick or lip gloss and she ready to go. A man’s term of natural is even soft attractive skin, eyes that glow like the moon, and big plump lips (White, 2011). Women who wear makeup have more chances of getting employed than women who do not . Some places people need that certain image to advertise their products. A person will see on magazines women looking very pretty makeup on advertising clothing or exercise equipment.

If a man walks into a store with nothing but pretty women working it is sure that he will return again and perhaps with his other single guy friends. Women not wearing makeup are seen sloppy and sometimes as they have bad hygiene and do not seem to care about themselves. No store will want women that cannot advertise their product, they want to bring people in not scare them away. A lady from west Michigan was approached by her employer and was told she needed to wear makeup because she did not fit the shops image (“Should Women Be Required To Wear Makeup? “, 2012).

They gave her certain tips to fit the image but the lady refused to wear makeup, and since then she has heard a few other stories of how women got terminated from their jobs because they refused to wear makeup. A women going in for an interview without makeup will be seen lazy and will not be taken seriously. According to psychologist Celia Bibby ‘Women feel men will treat them different at work if they did not show up with makeup’ that it is a must so men treat them with respect. Studies have found that women who wear makeup are seen more competent, likeable, and trustworthy to employers (Stevens, 2012).

Women that wear makeup today are not only but also looking beautiful but their skin is looking healthier and getting healthier than women who do not wear makeup. Women who wore makeup when it was first developed obtained many difficulties that came along with the use of kohl and other harmful side effects. Skin renews itself every 28 days, a process that allows dulling dead cells to be shed off and renewed to healthier and more glowing vibrant skin, and is a fact that was not known during the first development of makeup.

This may be one reason why the first developers used such harsh makeup because of their limited knowledge of how the renewal process of the skin worked. Over years makeup has improved as opposed to Egyptian days it deteriorated and diminished the skin of women now there are new foundations that help keep the skin fresh and bring out a youthful look. This new form of makeup created a foundation that helps hide and minimize age spots and fine lines. Many of these foundations have become affordable and are very effective.

Makeup contains antioxidant green tea to protect women’s skin and minimize wrinkles (Miller, 2006). These progressions in the makeup process have helped women become healthier and have become more youthful. With the evolution of makeup becoming so advanced it helps many not just look healthier and younger it is also used by many to improve acne which would be normally treated with medication from a dermatologist. In fact, some concealer contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which help to fight acne (“Myths About Acne,” 1995-2012).

With makeup containing these acne fighting agents in it, it is more likely that a woman will wear it if the chances are she will have an improvement in her acne. So with these advances in modern makeup many women have become blemish free with fewer breakouts and have better skin health. Male attraction is given to the woman who wear’s makeup this is proven when a man takes a second look to a girl who walks by him. A women may not know that in fact that he is looking at her face but anybody would assure if she was not wearing makeup he would not have looker her way in the first place.

Many women get better jobs and are hired at more places because of the way they look and that includes the makeup that they wear. I am sure that a fifty year old head boss is definatly going to want a strong beautiful girl who knows how to fix herself up in the mornings working next to him. Cosmetics have come a long way from the ancient times and has turned harming yourself for beauty into a healthier way to look and feel younger. Makeup will continue developing and helping women to become the healthiest and best looking they possibly can.

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