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This shall be clearly shown in the case of Kenya where some major corruption case seem to have been handled have had some connection in both political and Judiciary quarters. (Goldenberg cases Anglo leasing) discuss on the factors that support the connection between corruption and political leadership. (cost of elections, need for contracts and business deals, status symbol associated by the post, people’s ignorance of their rights etc.

The core of corrupt actions is the obtaining of individuals or group-specific advantages by unacceptable and /or unacceptable proceedings. [4] As we endeavour to understand corruption in any country it is necessary for us to understand that an individual decision to follow a norm or to neglect it can be considered to be the result of an assessment of the costs and benefits to expect. [5] If the gains expected are likely to outweigh the risk then one will be expected to take the risk and attempt the act.

In case of corruption if the cost of breaking the law is lower than the consequences of being arrested or convicted the tendency to be involved in corrupt tendencies is often likely to rocket. It is necessary to input strong measure which not only act as deterrent to minimize the tendency but to put in measure which will make the gains from corruption far lower than the benefit of playing the economic legally. However this is a task that is hard to achieve at the moment.

It is good to appreciate the counter-argument that suggest that corruption is not always bad but can indeed can be good for the distribution of resources among the community. [6]In the case of communist regimes it is argued that corruption opens the bureaucracy and weakens the power of the leadership thus giving some private players some opportunity to participate in the welfare of the country. [7]Indeed this can be supported where the leadership is overly controlling and only concerned with its own good.

Ala’i Padideh has clearly discussed different ways in which corruption has been dealt with giving the counter argument for and against and showing the international attempt to reign on corruption and the challenges faced due to justification of corruption for selfish gains. His argument importance of removal of moral aspect of corruption as meant to benefit the westerners[8] is given credence by acts such as those carried by world Bank officials who corruptly influenced the giving of tender thus affecting the quality of work done in Kenya.

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