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Corridor Analysis

Corridor Analysis. Can you help me understand this Art & Design question?

Knuth Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33436, USA
The corridor analysis should include the following:
a. a map of the corridor
b. an aerial of the corridor (high-light street, rd, dr ect..).
c. a full photographic collage of both sides of the corridor
e. a block-by-block written summary that addresses the land uses and types of businesses, set-backs, buildings heights, street cross-section dimensions, pedestrian amenities, bicycle amenities, transit stops and condition, number of parking spaces and dimensions, type and condition of crosswalks, and any other relevant information about the corridor
google earth or google map but prefer google earth
Corridor Analysis

Personal Values and Its Contributions on Life Mission Essay

This paper is about personal values and how they contribute to one’s mission in life. A person’s values are simply the ideas or views that determine how they live. In other words, this refers to the general expression of what comes out as important to an individual, and what they have chosen to uphold. Due to the significant roles which they tend to play in our lives, personal values are often said to be a reference point for what can be considered to be morally or ethically straight for us. As we grow up, we tend to observe and draw other people’s values until we reach an age where we can make reasonable choices about the kind of values that we may consider worthy and ones that we need to uphold in our lives. In this paper, I have talked about my mission in life and the area where I would like to contribute most. Here, I have discussed my values and my goals that align with those values. Moreover, I also explain in the paper the nature of my perfect organizational culture and the reason why I like it that way. My mission is to always integrate effective managerial and leadership skills to make value visible in key organizational systems. In that regard, my main area of interest, where I will like to contribute most is none other but organizational leadership and management. I would like to serve in a competitive business environment from either the private sector or the public sector, where I will be able to execute my values appropriately. My goals in business would include, but will not be limited to, unveiling ways of minimizing costs while maximizing profits, motivating other employees to focus on a positive outcome, growing the operations of my organization, improving efficiency, creating challenges for competitors, improving management-staff relationships through teamwork, and unveiling attractive brand. Based on my mission, I would apply all the necessary tactics to ensure that all my desired end-point goals, as highlighted above are eventually realized. Many types of personal values define us in life, and these include charity values, inherited values, values linked to relationships, and workplace environment values. As it would be observed, the list of personal values is endless, and this means that different people in the world have different types of personal values that they tend to implement into their lives (Roccas et al., 2002). I hold a wide range of personal values, which include trusting other people’s capabilities, maximizing the use of available resources, competence, co-operation and teamwork, continuous improvement, effective communication, commitment to work, accountability, discipline, and empowerment, among others. I would prefer working in a developing organization or department, that apart from just supporting my values will provide room for further advancement of my leadership skills. Unlike advanced organizations, growing businesses are likely to face many challenges before they flourish, and this provides a suitable environment for anyone who aspires to put their values into practice. There is no doubt that my values will play a crucial role in enabling me to meet my mission in my workplace environment. It is obvious that no matter the values that we may possess as individuals, they would tend to rely on several core factors to bring a visible impact to an organization (Shane

ENGL 1220 MCC Hanging Fire Poem Explication Peer Response

assignment writing services ENGL 1220 MCC Hanging Fire Poem Explication Peer Response.

Assignment 1 is a peer response … you have to respond to two classmates … our initial response to the discussion prompt, which should be several well-developed paragraphs long, Naturally, in the replies to each other, support the original interpretation with more evidence or suggest alternative interpretations. The reply to someone else, which should be at least one well-developed paragraph long, Classmate 1Gillian DeBruyneProfessor AmolschENGL 1220 V085123 September 2020 I chose to explicate the poem “Hanging Fire” by Audre Lorde. I believe that the speaker is the fourteen year old unnamed girl. The girl is in school and is worried about things that normal fourteen years olds are, including; her braces, boys, pimples, skin, dances, and school. One bigger thing that she is also worried about is death. I believe that this poem is not addressing a specific person, but a group of people. It is addressing teenagers and what they go through. This helps people to understand their thoughts and actions better. The setting of the story could be inside the girls room. She talks about how her room is too small and repeats that her “momma’s in the bedroom with the door closed” (Lorde 179). Since the setting is not stated specifically, it can be whatever you imagine. There are a few indirect themes in the poem including; family and coming of age. It also has a direct theme of death. The theme of coming of age is most prevalent in the story because the story is about the fourteen year old and everything you go through as a teenager. She is worried about everything like stated above and is just struggling becoming a teenager. The theme of family is about how her mom seems to always be in the bedroom. When you are a teenager, you start to rebel against your parents and get into arguments, but it is not like that for this girl. This girl is being isolated from her mom, if her mom would go talk to her she would be able to help her through some of these problems. The theme death is shown a few times by the young girl stating “what if I die”(Lorde 179), “suppose I die before graduation”(Lorde 179), and “will I live long enough”(Lorde 179). The speaker describes the events in the poem from a present perspective. As a teenager, she is describing everything that is going on in her life right now that she is worried about. She is just sitting in her room, drowning in her thoughts at the moment, and everything she has to do or is concerned for. My response to this poem was remembering how it felt to be a teenager. I think this poem does a good job at showing some of the things that teenagers are worried about. My response did change after studying the poem. I realized that it seems very crazy that this fourteen year old is very worried about death. This caused me to think maybe she has some mental health issues like depression or anxiety. These mental health issues could be a result of her mother isolating her. classmate twoAudre Lorde “Hanging Fire”Who is the speaker? The speaker is a 14-year-old girl who seems like she lives with her mother. She seems to be curious in life with her thinking deeply about her actions. In this particular poem the author does develop a specific role and that role is of a concerned and confused teenager.Is the speaker addressing a particular person? Reading this poem, it doesn’t come across to me that she is speaking to anyone in particular. What it does seem like is that she is talking to herself and dealing with her problems in her own head.Does the poem have a setting? The physical setting of this poem comes off to me as a teenage girl in her bedroom living with her mother. The particular event that is surrounding her is the confusion and overthinking happening while she is alone. She seems to have so much on her plate and her overthinking just adds more. You can tell this by this passage“I have to learn how to dance in time for the next party my room is too small for me suppose I die before graduation they will sing sad melodies” (Lorde)Is the theme of the poem stated directly or indirectly? The theme of this poem comes off to me indirectly. I believe the theme is a coming of age poem. All the struggles the narrator goes through seem to be most of what movies and tv shows paint as problems of teenagers coming of age. The narrator will have a certain problem and while dealing with that they overthink another problem and wonder why they aren’t good enough.From what perspective is the speaker describing specific events? The speaker is talking during the present while referencing future possibilities. The speaker is speaking about she must learn how to dance in time for a party. Then for future possibility the speaker paints on what would happen if she dies before graduating. This style of writing helps even more push the theme of coming of age.What was your response to the poem on first reading? During the first read on this poem I was confused on what the message or theme was. After re reading the poem a couple of times it helped me realize that they are trying to show what teenagers and kids coming of age go through. It also gave me a vibe that the mother doesn’t acknowledge the speaker enough. I came to this conclusion by all the overthinking in the poem and the multiple references of “mommas in the bedroom with the door closed.”The rubric is belowDiscussion RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsDevelopment of Responseview longer description5 ptsResponse is at least two well-developed paragraphs, with specific examples.4 ptsResponse is at least two paragraphs, though it might need additional development to support some points.3 ptsResponse is one well-developed paragraph or response fails to bring in sufficient evidence to support its points.2 ptsResponse is brief, with little explanation or evidence.1 ptsThere is no response or it was posted after Sunday./ 5 ptsDevelopment of Replyview longer description5 ptsReply is at least one very well developed paragraph, with a central point and specific evidence.4 ptsReply is at least one well-developed paragraph, with some evidence presented for a central point but not enough to fully explain or prove the claims.3 ptsReply is one paragraph or less. There is a central point, but the evidence for it is lacking or is in generalities.2 ptsReply is less than one paragraph or is composed of claims with no specific evidence.1 ptsThere is no reply or it was posted after Sunday./ 5 ptsAccuracy of Responseview longer description5 ptsAll statements made are accurate for the literary work and the class concepts. Literary terminology is used correctly. The response directly addresses the discussion question.4 ptsThe response is acccurate for the literary work with perhaps one small misunderstanding. It uses a class concept in a slighty incorrect way. It does not use literary terminology completely correctly. Everything in the response is relevant to the discussion question.3 ptsSome statements made are incorrect for the literary work or misapply the literary concepts, showing a misunderstanding of these. Literary terminology is used incorrectly or is not used when appropriate. Parts of the response don’t address the discussion question or parts of the discussion question were left out.2 ptsResponse is off the topic or makes inaccurate statements about the literary work.1 ptsThere is no response or it was posted after Sunday./ 5 ptsOriginality of Replyview longer description5 ptsThe reply brings in perceptive comments that advance the class discussion in new ways, such as by noting alternative interpretations or new evidence.4 ptsReply brings in new ideas that advance the class discussion but are not strikingly original.3 ptsReply brings in new views but does not connect this well with the ideas in the original response it replies to. Reply might focus primarily on praising the original post or agreeing by simply substituting new words for the original concepts.2 ptsReply praises the original or agrees with it without bringing in new perceptions that advance the class understanding.1 ptsThere is no reply or it was posted after Sunday./ 5 ptsWriting Correctnessview longer description5 ptsThere are no distracting errors.4 ptsThere are a few noticeable errors, but these don’t impede the clarity or distract from the content.3 ptsThe postings are understandable, but there are significant errors or many minor errors, thus taking attention away from the content.2 ptsThe errors in the paper make it hard to read.1 ptsThe errors in the postings make it impossible to figure out some of the claims./ 5 ptsTotal Points: 0Assignment 2 is also a peer review response on there essay, there will be two different classmate essays that you will for each respond to them with the questions in the attachmentI will attach the file.. which is there will be questions and you will respond according to there essay..
ENGL 1220 MCC Hanging Fire Poem Explication Peer Response

ITESM Kelly & Chanelle Chambers US Federal Individual Income Tax Return Report

ITESM Kelly & Chanelle Chambers US Federal Individual Income Tax Return Report.

The following facts are available to help prepare Kelly and Chanelle Chambers U. S. Federal Individual Income Tax Return for their 2020 tax year. Kelly and Chanelle Chambers, ages 47 and 45, are married and live at 584 Thoreau Drive, Durant, Oklahoma, 74701. Kelly’s Social Security number is 254- 93-9483 and Chanelle’s is 374-48-2938. The Chambers have two children: Emma, age 23, and Chet, age 18. Their Social Security numbers are 385-64-8496 and 385-68-9462, respectively. Emma is a single full-time college student and earned $8,000 during the summer. Kelly and Chanelle help Emma through school by paying for her room, board, and tuition. Emma lives at home during the summer. Chet is also single, has a physical handicap (but is not permanently disabled) and lives at home. He attends a local university on a full-time basis and earned $4,000 working part-time for a marketing firm. In sum, Kelly and Chanelle provide more than 50% of both Emma’s and Chet’s total support for the year. Neither child provided more than one-half of his or her own support. If required, both children will file their own tax returns. Kelly is a commercial pilot for a small regional airline, Westward Travels. His salary is $155,000, from which $17,000 of federal income tax and $8,000 of state income tax were withheld. Kelly also pays premiums for health, disability, and life insurance: $2,000 of the premium was for health insurance, $250 for disability, and $400 for life insurance. Kelly’s father passed away during the year. Kelly and Chanelle received $150,000 from the life insurance policy. Neither Kelly nor Chanelle paid any of the premiums. Chet’s physician recommended that he see a physical therapist to help with his disability. Kelly paid the therapist $7,000 during the year because their insurance would not cover the bills. Kelly also paid $2,000 in dentist expenses for the family and $800 for eyeglasses for Emma. They have no medical mileage and no medical insurance reimbursements. On October 17, 2018, Kelly and Chanelle went to the Choctaw Casino in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and won $5,000 at the blackjack table. The next night, they lost $6,000 at the slot machines. They have receipts for both their wins and losses. Kelly and Chanelle gave $1,000 cash to the First Church of Durant, OK during the year. They also had the following other income and expenses: Second Income Tax Return Project – Acct 3315 -003 (Spring Semester 2021) – Page 4 ● Real estate taxes on their personal residence $12,000 ● Property taxes on cars (determined by value) $700 ● Home mortgage interest (home purchased in 2017; mortgage balance at end of year: $700,000) $9,000 ● Personal Credit card finance charges $4,300 ● Tax return preparation fees ($600 is allocable to Chanelle’s business) $1,200 ● Sales tax on major purchases during the year $6,300 ● Interest income from a Bank of Durant savings account $900 ● Interest income from City of Durant Bonds $800 ● Dividend income (Qualified and Ordinary) from 3M stock $1,500 Chanelle owns Chamber Networks (EIN 74-1234567), a cash-basis sole proprietorship that does network consulting. The business premises are located at 2301 Walden Way, Durant, Oklahoma, 74701. During the year, Chanelle’s gross revenues were $75,000. She incurred the following expenses in her business during 2020: ● Business Insurance $900 ● Rent payments $2,500 ● Telephone/cable expense $1,000 ● Utility expense $500 ● Software rental $5,400 ● Business journals and magazines $150 ● Training seminars $1,200 ● Supplies $1,100 ● Donations to a national political campaign fund $700 ● Estimated federal income tax payments $5,000 ● Estimated state income tax payment $1,000 In her office, she has computer equipment of $10,000 and office furniture and fixtures of $15,000, all of which was purchased in November 1, 2019. She elected to expense these assets immediately rather than depreciating them. She has no employees. On August 1, 2020, a tornado passed over Durant. Kelly’s sports car was completely destroyed during the storm when a tree fell on it. At the time of the tornado, the car had a FMV of $90,000 with a cost of $60,000 (purchased on September 1, 2018). Although an insurance claim was filed, the insurance company did not reimburse Kelly. The tornado was declared a federal disaster. FEMA disaster declaration number: AB-1235. Complete Form 1040 and accompanying schedules for Kelly and Chanelle’s federal income tax return for 2020 year. Use all rates, deductions, expense, credits, etc. that are applicable for 2020. Ignore any Alternative Minimum Tax, Additional Medicare Tax, Net Investment Income Tax, and penalties.I need these forms filled out for the project. – Form 1040 Schedule 1 – Form 1040 Schedule 4 – Form 1040 Schedule 5 – Form 1040 Schedule A (Form 1040) Schedule B (Form 1040) Schedule C (Form 1040) Schedule SE (Form 1040) Form 4684 -Form 8995 Tax Computation Worksheet (worksheet as to how tax was computed – no special form is required) Notes to Tax Return (list any items in the problem either not used or only partially used with an explanation)
ITESM Kelly & Chanelle Chambers US Federal Individual Income Tax Return Report

The corporate mission and business strategy Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle. In 1987, Howard Schultz took over Starbucks coffee and expansion over America. Decade, the revenues of the firm increased rapidly to $1.3 billion from about $10 million. In 2007, the coffee company gained profit about $9.4 billion in the worldwide stores. This report will announce Starbuck’s mission that concerns with the product, partners, customers, stores, neighbors and environment. Also, using differentiates and focusing strategies of Porter’s generic model analyzes Starbuck’s business strategies. Moreover, the coffee company can apply Porter’s five forces to analyze structure of industry. SWOT analysis can be used for analysis about internal and external factors which associate with the growth of company. Core competencies can be explained in three main points of the company such as the product, Social, Environment and Economic responsibility and human resource of the organization and using Porter’s generic strategies to gain advantage from competitors. In addition, this report will provide recommendation strategies and potential fallout to forecast possible negative points that will be resulted of recommendations. II. Identify the corporate mission and its business strategy The corporate mission of Starbucks According to Starbucks website, Starbucks Coffee Company mission (2010) has stated that “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”. It can mean that the company tries to select the best quality of coffee that know well as Arabica beans in Latin American, Africa and Asia to serve their customers. Moreover, roasting coffee beans operation has been contributed by Starbucks experts who have lots of knowledge and experience about coffee roasting along time. Therefore, the company is more confident in flavor of coffee bean that is different from others and it can satisfy their customers. Furthermore, the employees of company whom are called partners are a necessary engine to make the coffee industry working. The company treats them as they are the same family. Therefore, the company is not only to support them by money but it is also looks after their health and knowledge by providing some programs to treat the partners with respect and dignity to achieve their standard. Looking at the customers, the company gives a high importance about human relationship between staffs and customers. Due to human connection at few times, it can create the customer engaged with the shop and enhance the lives of customers. Moreover, the stores environment can make the customers break from the worries or stress outside after work. The place can be the centre point to meeting with friends or colleagues and enjoyable in their lives. Besides, the coffee stores distinguish that they are the part of society. Thus, the company has to attend neighbors with good thing. What is more, the company tries to do the right way to achieve success and recompenses the firm’s shareholders. Lastly, the coffee industry considers seriously that the business is commitment with environment. Therefore, the company should be one of main part to help nature to decrease waste of coffee products, attempting to use friendly environmental product as well as increasing recycle, reuse policy in the organization. (Starbucks Coffee Company mission, 2010) Business strategy According to Starbuck’s case study, it can be analyzed Starbuck’s business strategy by applying Porter’s three generic strategies model: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Porter’s Generic Strategies Target Scope Advantage Low Cost Product Uniqueness Broad (Industry Wide) Cost Leadership Strategy Differentiation Strategy Narrow (Market Segment) Focus Strategy (low cost) Focus Strategy (differentiation) Source: Internet Center for management and business administration, Inc. (n.d.) Differentiation Strategy Looking at three generic strategies, Starbuck’s company can match with differentiation strategy due to this strategy offers “unique attributes that are valued by customers. Customers can perceive the product or service different from the competition”. (Internet Center for management and business administration, Inc. n.d.) Similarly, a cup of coffee was produced from Starbuck coffeehouse; the company can guarantee that both of taste, and value can contribute difference from competitors. According to Starbuck’s case study of Harvard business school, Koehn, Besharov, and Miller (2008) stated that Starbuck was directly concerned with each step of operation process such as seeking coffee-growing areas in East Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia to choose the beans used in its beverages. Moreover, Starbucks strived to select high-quality coffee beans by providing practices and the treatment of farm workforce to improve the product. In addition, the company controlled processing of roasted coffee bean by itself and Starbucks experts make sure the resulting brews satisfied company standard by tasted about 1,000 cups of coffee per day. Moving to Starbuck’s house coffee, the organization has to train staffs to concentrate on service mind with the customer by using human relation because they believe that smile, small talk and remembering name or taste of customer can enhance the product value in customer’s eye. (Koehn, Besharov, and Miller, 2008) What is more, in the part of valuable, some revenue of the company has to pay back to farmers who offered the coffee bean, tea and coco bean to the industry due to the company realize that this money can help farmer workers to improve the quality of life by supporting education and personal finance. (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2010) Moving to the part of environment, the company strives to use friendly environmental products and recycle product such as paper cups to decrease environmental issue. ( Mikulin, n.d.) Therefore, the customers can be confident that they are a part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and helping to decrease global warming when they consume Starbuck’s coffee. It is not surprising why Starbuck’s firm can charge a premium price for the products that full of the value of uniqueness. Refer to all of the reasons that make Starbuck’s company succeed in a differentiation strategy. Although, Starbuck’s firm has succeeded in caffeine world, it has also the risks associated with a differentiation strategy. Refer to Internet Center for management and business administration, Inc.(n.d.), it confirms that differentiation strategy can contribute risk that relates with imitation by competitors and changes in customer tastes. Focus Strategy: differentiation Refer to differentiation strategy; Starbuck’s firm has to create differentiation of the product to rival with competitor. Consequence, it can affect to the price of product that may be higher than competitor due to the firm has to charge premium price to cover all of investment cost. Internet Center for management and business administration, Inc.(n.d.)Therefore, Starbuck’s company can apply focus strategy that focuses on a narrow segment and endeavor that segment to reach unique product. For example, “Originally when Starbucks began they targeted the young college students, with slightly higher than average income levels. After this initial target market Starbucks has since realized that they could target specific neighborhoods and social classes. Different customers are more willing to pay for luxury good now more than ever. With that in mind, through Starbucks aggressive expansion techniques they have begun targeting almost every demographic”. (Smith, 2009) Moreover, customer loyalty can be the most important that Starbuck’s firm has to recognize due to building up brand loyalty can be a strong point to use for future competition of Starbuck. Thus, the firm has to create some programs to attach the customer and pursuit them becoming the loyalty customer. For instance, “Starbucks is rolling out its free Wi-Fi for frequent customers Tuesday, along with a host of other membership benefits designed to encourage customer loyalty. The company also is unveiling more opportunities for free coffee: Customers who join the card rewards program between Tuesday and July 14 get a free drink”. ( James, 2008) Although, Starbuck’s can use focusing strategy effectively, there are some risks of that Internet Center for management and business administration, Inc. (n.d.) used to mention such as imitation and changing the target segments that can threat with the firm. III. Jaxson Smith Level: Basic PLUS Jaxson is a fun loving longboarding business man. Industry structure Starbuck’s company structure can be explained by apply Michael Porter model namely Porter’s Five Forces. Due to this model can help to understand well about the industry context in which the firm operates. There are five factors to consider in that strategy such as rivalry, potential entrants, threat of substitutes, supplier power and buyer power. (Internet Center for management and business administration, Inc. n.d.) Rivalry Refer to Starbuck’s case study; many small specialty coffee shops chains and independent coffee shop was already distributed in worldwide such as – Coffee bean