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Correctional System and practice

What areas of prison health care in womens’ prisons need improvement?Complete the following short essay questions for Chapter 8:Discuss the significance of the Prison Litigation Reform Act.Discuss two critical issues involving Solitary Confinement.Complete the following short essay questions for Chapter 9:Explain three types of insight therapies and the goals of each.What educational possibilities are available to inmates in prison and how valuable is educational programming for offenders?Submission Requirements:

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover.

Finish 5 pages research paper and add one more paper for paper bibliography for all sources with MLA. Whole reacherch paper are MLA. Research paper about Herbert Hoover ( president of the United States ) Create a bibliography from the sources you will use.As you start your research, remember very source you use you must cite in your bibliography.The bibliography should be in MLA Form.Your paper shouldbe 5 pages in length, double spaced, with no more than a 12-pointfont.All quotes must be cited in your bibliography and belimited to two sentences, (No block quotes). Your bibliography should be separate.

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The Failure and Success of Reverse Logistics in the Military.

Correctional System and practice The Failure and Success of Reverse Logistics in the Military..

Picking up from your annotated bibliography and outline submitted in earlier weeks, prepare a final research paper on the topic you choose. The paper should be 2500 words in length and include a cover page and Reference list. All papers should be submitted in APA format. Please include a minimum of 10 references (see your annotated bibliography).

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Select a article of your choice and summarize using APA

For this discussion, you will demonstrate how to use a source within a text. Select an article of your choice and read through it a few times. Then, post the link and the following :
A summary of the article (a strong paragraph for this is adequate) 250 words and less than 300 words
A paraphrase of a part of the article, according to APA guidelines
A direct quote, taken from the section that you paraphrased, according to APA guidelines
These are three formats for including your source within your writings. Use the APA guidelines, the APA 7th edition manual, or online resources to assist you with proper formatting.
Here is the Purdue OWL guide for APA: (Links to an external site.)
Here is an APA citation generator: (Links to an external site.)

Here are a few writing tips when finding and quoting sources:Do NOT use “the article talks about,” or, “the article says,” or “in the article, it states.” Use the author’s names instead. The article isn’t discussing anything; the writer of the article is.Make sure you introduce your source before quoting it. For example, you would say something like, “Author First Name

Aviation – Thesis Type Research Project

Aviation – Thesis Type Research Project.

Topic Aviation – Thesis Type Research Projec

Paper details

Introduction According to an article published in 2017 by the UK Telegraph, there are an estimated 23,600 aircraft in service. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a United Nations (UN) body, says that the “global air transport network” doubles in size at least once every 15 years. Boeing, one of the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers, says that there is a need for 39,620 new planes over the next 20 years, so by 2037 there should be about 63,220 aircraft in the world (minus older ones that slip out of service). In the European Union (EU) the target is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2020, and by 40% in 2030 and by up to 80% in 2050 (all based on 1990 figures) The Project With this in mind, and the fact that the world is committed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a reversal of global warming: Write a research paper (Thesis styled) on the ways in which the aviation as a collective industry can reduce harmful emissions in various aspects of the industry. This can include Airlines, Airports, Manufacturers and Maintenance Organisations. Also look at Rules and Regulations that can be enforced by Regulatory bodies worldwide. Introduce yourself and interview at least one company (or companies) to find out if they are aware of, and if so, what they are doing long term to improve their internal processes and assist in reducing harmful environmental waste. Guidelines 1. “The purpose of a thesis paper is to identify an issue, establish what your stand is on a particular aspect of that issue, and to present compelling evidence in the form of interview quotes, statistics, comparative studies and detailed analysis that support your position. The biggest mistake that most students make in their development of thesis papers is in retelling facts that have already been assembled by others instead of putting those facts under deeper scrutiny in order to derive their own conclusions about whether the actions/outcomes were right or wrong. Source:

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