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Controversial Question about Abortion Argumentative Essay

Table of Contents Introduction The Arguments about Abortion Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Abortion is an issue that is of a global concern. In the regard, there are two opposing groups of people: the pro-life and pro-choice groups. The groups have opposing lines of arguments that have created a global debate on abortion. One group supports abortion while the other group opposes it. This paper critically examines the views of both groups. In this case, it can be noted that abortion should only be allowed in cases when the life or health of the mother is in danger. The Arguments about Abortion The abortion debate is mainly based on the moral and legal aspects of the society (Soifer 193). One of the arguments advanced by the pro-life group is that aborting children is considered as a crime of murder. In this case, the group that is against abortion tends to reason from the standpoint of morality (Beckwith 129); it is believed that life begins immediately after conception. This implies that the existence of a human being begins immediately after the fertilization process has taken place. Even though the fetus has to depend on the mother, the pro-life group believes it is still a human being whose life should be protected(Beckwith 137). According to the pro-choice group, almost all abortions take place when pregnancies are in the first trimester (Napier 43). Actually, the pro-choice group advances the idea that the act of abortion cannot amount to a crime of murder since the fetuses are still attached to their mothers through the umbilical cords (Napier 43). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Considering the arguments from both sides, some weaknesses can be identified. With respect to the arguments proposed by the pro-life group, it seems that the act of abortion is absolutely unacceptable, irrespective of whether or not the life of the mother is in danger. In the case of the arguments given by the pro-choice, it seems that the baby can be aborted, especially if the mother decides to terminate the pregnancy. To them, this is especially right as long as the fetus is not able to survive or exist independently; this is due to the fact that the baby is still attached to the mother through the umbilical cord. However, this argument can be refuted on the basis that a fetus is always attached to the mother until the time of birth. Hence, justifying abortion on the grounds that a fetus is still attached to the mother suggests that a child can still be aborted few days before the date of birth. The arguments of both pro-choice and pro-life groups tend to be rigid (Napier 43). The fact is that the act of abortion is morally wrong. However, due to certain factors that may put the health of an expectant woman at risk, the termination of a pregnancy may be necessary (Sengupta 571). This is where the law has come in to strike a balance between the need to keep the life of the unborn and the protection of women’s rights and freedom of choice. Conclusion Even though the pro-life and pro-choice groups are somehow right in relation to the subject of abortion, it is important to note that the act of abortion may be necessitated by certain life threatening conditions (Pillitteri 139). We will write a custom Essay on Controversial Question about Abortion specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, the right position is that the act of abortion should be discouraged, except in situations when an expectant woman’s life is at risk. Works Cited Beckwith, Francis. Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice. London, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Print. Napier, Stephen. Persons, Moral Worth, and Embryos: A Critical Analysis of Pro-choice Arguments. New York, US: Springer, 2011. Print. Sengupta, Sree. Gynecologyfor Postgraduate and Practitioners. New Delhi, India: Elsevier India, 2007. Print. Soifer, Eldon. Ethical Issues, third edition: Perspectives for Canadians, Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press, 2009. Print.

Patient Health and Well-being Assessment

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp The purpose of this essay is to focus on the health and wellbeing of the patient that was observed during the writer’s placement, and to Illustrate an understanding of health and wellbeing, the anatomy and physiology and its application on the patient state of health; using ideas from biopsychosocial perspectives and theories. Furthermore, it will outline and give details of: the impact of the illness and how health promotion contributes in enhancing the quality of life; the influence of life experience on the patient physical and psychological health condition and the way they interact in order to promote the health and wellbeing of the patient will be examined. This essay will discuss how pulmonary oedema led to the patient’s type 2 respiratory failures. In line with Nursing and Midwifery Council, (2018) code of conduct, confidentiality was maintained as stipulated by the professional code of conduct; the patient identity was protected and will be referred to as Mr Bowl. Rayner and Lang (2012) using deficit–based approach from the medical point of view defined health and wellbeing as feeling well, with absent of illness or disease in the body. The definition was unable to recognise that good and bad health and wellbeing might co- exist which implies that health and wellbeing can be handled in various aspect such as mental, spiritual, emotional, social and physical procedures (Lang, 2012). However, in line with World Health Organisation, (2015) health and wellbeing is a state of total physical, mental, social wellbeing and not absence of diseases, (Public Health England, 2016). The definition did not consider the biomedical perspective rather; it concentrated more on holistic health and wellbeing perspective. Although, both definitions view health and wellbeing from biomedical and holistic care approach, health and wellbeing is determined on individual’s differences and phases of life to sustain physical and mental stability with positive understanding. Engel, (2012) biopsychosocial model views health and wellbeing from biological, psychological and social aspect of needs and these models can influence individual health which means that the treatment of individual physical disease can be linked with poor environments, such as inadequate social support which might result to emotional and post traumatic disorder (Livingston and Lee, 2014). Mr Bowl is a 57 year old, who lives alone and is a heavy smoker. He presented to the hospital with shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and sporadic confusion and anxiety that started over the past two months. He was admitted in the respiratory ward where the nurse performed an initial assessment to determine Mr Bowls oxygen saturation level which shows 89% room air temperature; cough with unclear sputum. Chest X-ray was carried out and it indicated signs of high increase lung inflammation which contributes to pulmonary oedema that progress to type 2 respiratory failure. Salbutamol inhaler and ipratropium was prescribed by the Doctor. Mr Bowl appears better within one hour but complains of breathlessness and prednisolone oral was given to the patient (Bourker

ENT 301 CUNYLC Wk 7 Entrepreneurship Mastering the Art of Selling Essay

best essay writers ENT 301 CUNYLC Wk 7 Entrepreneurship Mastering the Art of Selling Essay.

Author Tom Hopkins explains how to be a better salesperson in this video. The video is long, so feel free to watch as much as you feel you need to answer the following question.1. Summarize the key points of this video. How can you apply this information in a real-world way?2. Do all entrepreneurs and/or business people need to be salespeople? If so, what if they do not sell directly to the customers? What does everyone think?Please provide at least one citation/reference to support your argument. Your submission should be a minimum of one page of content in length. Please type the question as well as your answer. Properly cite any references utilized in APA format.
ENT 301 CUNYLC Wk 7 Entrepreneurship Mastering the Art of Selling Essay

Family Business Employees and Theory of Needs Report

Table of Contents Introduction Needs-Related Theory Conclusion Reference List Introduction A family business is rather difficult to run due to the unique relationships between its employees. Specifically, the relationships of family members and the regular staff that is not related to the owner directly may involve tension due to the possibility of unfairness and biased judgment on the side of managers. Applying the theories of needs to the described scenario suggests that the creation of a family business in which independent employees are hired along with relatives will need a rigid system of ethical standards and an unbiased approach toward assessing each employee’s input in order to reduce the threat of conflicts. Needs-Related Theory In order to embrace the challenges that different types of employees face in the context of a family business, one will have to apply a needs-related theory. By utilizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one will realize that in the environment of a family business, employees that are not related to the owner are typically satisfied only when it comes to the first two levels of needs (physiological and safety-related ones) (Vargas-Hernandez

Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. This is an essay that is focusing on the proposed strategy of education in Malaysia Higher Education. The strategy is basically focusing on the equipment of skills and knowledge to the students.,The proposed strategy of education in Malaysia Higher Education,Essay Writing, In this essay you are required to focus keenly on the Future ready curriculum that was produced by the Malaysian Higher Education.,Malaysia Higher Education has released Future Ready Curriculum to gear towards producing future proof student. In another angle Klaus Schwab in his keynote during ,World Economic Forum, (WEF) 2016 had given an overview of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) that change the landscape of information technology into digitalization technology era. Hence, as we are marching into the IR 4.0 phase, the roles of educators need to be positioned from Teacher Centered to Student Centered learning. Malaysia,Write a 5 pages essay, a)      expressing your critical opinion on how to equip the new skills and knowledge in the aspect of education in this era of IR 4.0 to embrace the new landscape of education in Malaysia Higher Education. Please also suggest new and creative teaching strategies and technique that will enhance and empower students’ learning. (20 Marks),b)     Implementing Blending Learning faced an obstacles or constraints Please debate on these issues. Also, propose a strategic idea towards solving problems in conducting Blended Learning. Please consider to mix and blend the Web 2.0 teaching tools, augmented reality, mobile learning etcetera that will later strengthen and construct students’ new knowledge. (30 Marks),Below are the writing guidelines that are to be in the essay paper., –  In writing the essay, please use the APA References and include at least three sources. The sources should be clearly and properly done using the APA formatting and citation guidelines.,– Use the Arial Font and the font should be Size 12.,–  The overall spacing guideline for the whole essay should be 1.5.,.Psychology homework help

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