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Doris Savron Introduction A control system is a system model in an organization that allows for a manager to monitor business activities, measure performance through planning and targeting which can unsatisfactory performance of individuals or changing organizational plans and targets as a whole. In this case the team is deciding how the types of control measures would be efficient and effective to employees at a call center for timeshare vacations.

A control system ensures that the performance of employees is n line with all organizational plans as well as in response to any changing factors. With a model control system a manger would have guidelines to monitor employees efficiency in operations, and friendliness in customer service. These guidelines would set the stage for a successful operation, and if there were a problem there would be a professional ability to diagnose the problem. The process of control would consist of establishing performance standards through strategy and goals.

These strategy and goals would then be a guideline for a call center management to monitor performance. These performances could be paved as workable behavioral standards. 0This could help to monitor inappropriate behavior from frontline staff as well. Measuring the performance in a call center should consist of assessing employee performances on a regular bases. This is where defining a healthy performance comes in because having a guideline to compare what is exceptional and not expectable. You could measure the performance of the individual and take steps to creating a diagnoses of the problem.

Effective Quality Control Measures Controls monitor the performance of employees and assist management in etermining the effectiveness of their departments. Effective quality control monitoring often requires a robust plan, which should be fluid and align with the organizations current strategies and goals. An effective call center program should performance of the employee, improve the quality of communication with the customer, identify training needs, detect processes that frustrate customers and ultimately improve the customer’s experience (Aspect, 2009. When reviewing the most effective control measures for a vacation timeshare call center, monitoring should not only detect problems and improvement strategies, it should also ecognize and include positive communication. “Even in todays technologically sophisticated contact centres, a simple thank you’ can work wonders (LeRoth, 2009, para. l). Call centers frequently employ large numbers of staff that work in close proximately to each other. The pace is rapid and the need to remain calm and pleasant in difficult situations in essential.

We will explore control measures that ensure the services provided at a vacation timeshare call center are consistent, reliable and positively impact the success of both the organization and its employees. Control Measure Recommendations Providing excellent customer service is vital to nearly every business and impacts the individual employee and the organization as they work together towards a common goal. In order to improve service, control measure categories recommended for the individual employee include the following; productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency related to the physical environment.

We recommend a 30 second respite period after each call to allow the sales person the regain their composure and relax. A concurrent control measure related to productivity includes evaluating the amount of ime each client is on hold after the call is answered. Allowing too much time to pass could cause the call, and a potential sale, to be lost. A second form of concurrent controlling involves monitoring sales calls to ensure that scripts are adhered to which demonstrates that policies and procedures are being followed.

Using secret callers to test the employee with challenging scenarios is another control method that would allow managers to determine areas of strength and weakness. As a form of feedback control, we would evaluate the salesperson with a post-call survey and provide raining and re-education based on the results. To evaluate the entire call center’s effectiveness, we would use a feedforward control related to the physical environment. For some companies, the use of furniture actually increases their efficiency.

Employees are happier and more productive when they have control over their work area (Miller, 2008. ) “Technology that promises to increase agent efficiency often gets first consideration. But the look and layout of the physical space occupied by call centers merits equal attention” (Miller, 2008 p 2. ) In addition to using urniture that increases the centers effectiveness, we would use systems that reduce noise, provide adjustable chairs and monitor screens and utilize natural light.

All of these environmental controls lead to greater Job satisfaction and improved effectiveness. Control measures are needed in any office setting. Without them there would be no order in which a company is run. We use these controls to make sure that our office is on the same page with efficiency. The call center proves that you seed a set amount of rules in order to keep sales flowing in. It also affects the morale of the employees. With the measures in which we suggest, each employee should receive the proper training and fairness as the next.

Closely looked at would be the 30 second down time and the appearance of the office as these things affect to keep order as well as to maintain employee cooperation. Every stage of control measurements is necessary. Feedback controls would be where the call center went wrong and sought out to make the proper improvements. Sometimes it is better to let the mistakes happens so company can see where they fall short. Feed forward controls help alleviate any problems before they start and concurrent controls help s maintain our flow of work.

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