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Contract- Business Law

Contract- Business Law.

1. Duke decided to sell his car. The car’s muffler had a large hole
in it, and as a result, the care made a loud noise. Before showing the
car to potential buyers, Duke patched the hole with muffler tape to
quiet it. Perry bought the car after test driving it. He later
discovered the faulty muffler and sought to avoid the contract, claiming
fraud. Duke argued that he had not committed fraud because Perry had
not asked about the muffler and Duke had made no representation of fact
concerning it. Is Duke correct? Explain your response. 2. Thomas Silverman, who was elderly and partially disabled, lived
alone on a 25 acre farm. Mr. Silverman called the son of a friend,
Jonathan Smith and said “If you move in with me and take care of the
farm and me, it will be yours when I die.” Mr. Smith did as Mr.
Silverman requested and on Mr. Silverman’s death two years later, Mr.
Smith claimed the farm. Mr. Silverman died without a will and did not
re-title the farm in Mr. Smith’s name before he died. Mr. Silverman’s
next of kin who are handling his estate are contesting Mr. Smith’s claim
to the farm. Is Mr. Smith entitled to the farm? Explain your
reasoning. What additional facts might you want to know in making your
Contract- Business Law

Purdue University The Trials of Gabriel Farnandez Social Work Discussion

Purdue University The Trials of Gabriel Farnandez Social Work Discussion.

Write 1700 words based on the instructions belowNo plagiarism! With this term paper you will be required to watch the Netflix docuseries, “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.” We will be transitioning your volunteer term paper requirements to this docuseries. This term paper is a combination of your research of child welfare social workers, examination of the systems involved in Gabriel’s life, along with reflections of the textbook, class lectures, and small group discussions. In this term paper, please consider the following: were the social workers involved in this case practicing their job duties in alignment with the NASW code of ethics? What do you think you would have done differently if your supervisor instructed you to do something against your ethics? What did this film teach you both personally and professionally and how will you apply this to your role as a future social worker.You are expected to use a minimum of 3 quotations/citations from the Netflix Docuseries “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, “course textbook/outline, to define and support the use of social work theories, approaches, values, and practice methods in this term paper.Please note: All term papers must be word processed in APA format and between 6-7 pages NOT including the Title Page and References. Please see the SAMPLE VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT TERM PAPER on canvas for a reference. Each paper is to address the following:Agency Introduction:Briefly describe the agency and their mission statement. (Apply this to the department of Child and Family Services DCFS in LA County). You will find a lot of information using the following link: (( the target population in detail, including pertinent information related to age, gender, socio-economic status, race, culture, ethnicity, etc. (What population does Department of Child and Family Services Serve)?Does the agency respect self-determination? Describe how the agency does or does not uphold self-determination.Give one specific example to support your point of view.Theories and Interventions1.Social Work Theories and Approaches:Choose two of the following social work theories or approaches and apply them to the work being done at The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). (Which theory do DCFS social workers utilize in their work?) Give at least one specific example for each theory to illustrate your applications.o1) The Strengths Perspective, 2) Ecological Systems Theory, 3) Systems Theory, 4) Person-in-the-Environment2.Social Work Interventions:Choose at least one social work interventions from your observations of the documentary. Based on the documentary and your research of Gabriel’s case, what interventions did the Social Workers utilize? What Interventions would you have utilized to better service him)? List the intervention and give at least one example of the intervention.o1) Individual Casework, 2) Case Management, 3) Individual or family counseling, 4) Group work, 5) Client advocacy, 6) Community organizing (to include outreach work and attempts to change social policy or legislation)3.Effectiveness of the InterventionsWhat was your impression of the social worker’s involved in Gabriel’s case?Were these interventions effective or ineffective? Why or why not? If you listed an intervention you would use for Gabriel, why do you think it would be effective?Be sure to support your statements with at least one example from each of the interventions that you have chosen.Reflections1.Recommendations for the AgencyWhich code of ethic did the social workers not abide by? Provide one example (refer to the NASW code of ethics on canvas).What do you think you would have done differently if your supervisor instructed you to do something against your code of ethics?What changes would you suggest to make this agency (Department of Child and Family Service’s) more successful at delivering services? Give one example.2.Interview with a Social WorkerDiscuss the interview you conducted with your social worker.Provide a brief summary 1-page max of your interview, identify the name of your social worker and credentials. A transcript of your interview with not be accepted.3.Self-ReflectionWhat did you learn about yourself from watching this docuseries?Discuss how you would have demonstrated social work practices and ethics.What did this film teach you both personally and professionally and how will you apply this to your role as a future social worker.Formatting Requirements6-7 pages in lengthFormatting: 1-inch margins, page numbers, double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman and Word processedAPA Specific Format: Title Page with Running Head, Reference page, Quotations/Citations properly formatted, In text citations match Reference page.Organization, Grammar and SpellingSentences convey meaning clearly and are grammatically correctSpelling and punctuation are accurateOrganization with clear introductory and conclusion sentencesPlagiarismPlagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty and will be treated seriously.According to the 2016-2017 Cuyamaca College Catalogue, plagiarism is defined as “the act of taking ideas, words or specific substantive material of another and offering them as one’s own without giving credit to the source.Writers give credit to sources by using citations. According to Richard Nordquist, a citation is a source quoted in an essay, report or book to clarify, illustrate, or substantiate a point ( detailed description of plagiarism and accompanying consequences is available in the Cuyamaca College Catalogue under “Academic Honesty”. Here are some common examples of plagiarism:Submitting a paper with someone else’s ideas, opinions, or research without citing the appropriate sourceParaphrasing without citing the appropriate sourceSubmitting the same paper in more than one classSubmitting a paper as your own work that was written by another student or personSubmitting a paper that was purchased from the Internet or elsewhereWhen in doubt, use a citation!Citations show that you made the effort to do the research for your essay or term paper.Always have a References page at the conclusion of your work.Consult the instructor if you are unsure about an issue related to plagiarism.
Purdue University The Trials of Gabriel Farnandez Social Work Discussion

Effect of Colief Infants Drops Lactose on Intolerant Babies

essay help online free Effect of Colief Infants Drops Lactose on Intolerant Babies. Lactose, which is a disaccharide naturally found in milk and dairy products, supplies about 40% energy needs for human babies. However, due to a lack of lactase enzyme in the digestive system, lactose cannot be broken down in the small intestine and then will ferment in the large intestine, producing lactic acid and hydrogen gas. This results in severe discomfort, cramps, bloating, wind, and diarrhoea. Lactose intolerance can lead to serious complications in an infant, such as persistent diarrhoea and failure to gain weight. Infants often suffer from transient lactose intolerance, especially after an infection. According to recent studies in the Department of Paediatrics, Guy’s Hospital, London, and a report on the British Journal of Community Nurses have shown that nearly half the babies suffered colic due to lactose intolerance. In most cases, temporary lactose intolerance resolves itself within four weeks, although some infants take up to eight weeks to fully recover. Following research at Guys Hospital, which successfully identified transient lactase deficiency as one possible cause of Colic, Colief® Infant Drops are increasingly being prescribed by Doctors on the NHS. Nonetheless, many parents have reported that Colief® does not seem to work on their babies. (sjfksjd) RESEARCH AND RATIONALE: The investigation is to test whether Colief works or not. Briefly, lactase breaks lactose into glucose and galactose: I would measure the changes in lactose concentration after adding the enzyme into milk solutions but in fact I did not have the equipments to measure lactose content. Therefore a blood glucose meter was used instead. Concentration of glucose formed due to lactose was broken down can be then determined by the meter. However, the meter needed to be checked that it was functioning well. Planning: Equipment: ACCU-CHEK Aviva blood glucose meter from Roche. Test trips for Accu-chek Aviva Normal semi-skimmed milk Solgar Lactase 3500 tablets Colief® Infant Drops Thermometer (to maintain the temperature) Measuring syringes Electric Balance Measuring cylinders Method Diluted the milk solution by adding water to milk until a point, where a suitable glucose concentration is reached- in reading range of the meter. Every time the milk was diluted, the glucose concentration was checked. Put the milk solution in a glass beaker. Then place the beaker in a water bath (in this case – was a jug) Keep topping up hot water to the jug to maintain the temperature (at 370C). A mercury thermometer was used to check the temperature in between. Glucose concentration of milk solutions were tested before and after adding the enzyme. Carefully dipped the top of the test strip into the solution. The data was recorded every one minute up to the fifth minute and every five minutes up to the 35th or 40th minute. Plot the data. The change in the concentrations would prove whether lactose had been broken down and the enzyme did worked. Risk assessments: I used the boiling water to add to the jug to keep the temperature the same – I had to be very careful when doing that. I did take everything unnecessary that can accidentally be broken. Glass beakers were use instead of the plastic ones – because the plastic ones’ are heat insulate – make the milk solution’s temperature different. I also had to be very careful when doing this. Otherwise I might have broken the beaker. It also needed to be extremely careful when working with the thermometer as when it broken the mercury can leak out which is very dangerous and toxic. Practical: A trial experiment was carried out to make sure the meter worked and to find out the suitable measure range of the meter. Using semi-skimmed milk. Dilution of milk Meter’s Reading Neat Too high 1 in 2 (5 ml milk 5 ml water) Too high 1 in 4 (5 ml milk 15 ml water) Too high 1 in 8 (5 ml milk 35 ml water) 26.0 mmol/l 1 in 16 (5 ml milk 75 ml water) 13.5 mmol/l 1 in 32 (5 ml milk 155 ml water) 07.2 mmol/l A further step was needed to check whether the meter was measuring specifically the glucose itself or included glucose in the disaccharides, too. Sucrose, which is also a disaccharide, is made of glucose and galactose. A solution of sucrose was tested with the meter. A negative result of 0 mmol/l proved that the meter only measured glucose in milk. (Protein – 0.1ml = 20.6mg) 7 ml = 160 drops. 4 drops each time = 0.175ml – milk has been diluted – 0.1ml is used instead. The second trial was to estimate how long it would take for the enzyme to break down all the lactose: A ground Soglar tablet was added into milk solution. From the two trials, we knew that milk solution needed to be diluted and the measuring time for each solution was about 40 minutes. Results: With Lactose-free milk: as The readings following were recorded at 200C As the result, dilution of 1 in 16 was used. The apparatus was set up exactly the same as the previous one. Temperature was kept at 370C. I decided to stop at the 15th minute as the glucose concentration seemed not to change anymore. There should have been no change in glucose concentration in this milk solution because it is lactose-free, which means no lactose would have been broken down by the enzyme – no glucose made. However, the result showed there was a slight change in glucose concentration. This may be due to systematic error of the meter. Semi-skimmed milk Firstly, the milk was diluted. Dilution of semi-skimmed milk Glucose concentration 5ml milk 5ml water 26.6 mmol/l 5ml milk 15 ml water 18.1 mmol/l 5ml milk 35 ml water 8.9 mmol/l As the result, the dilution 1 in 8 was applied to another two procedures. Comment: Combine the results of two experiments; When I ground and added the tablet to the milk solutions, the tablet only partially dissolved. In addition, the amount of enzyme calculated in one Soglar tablet is much more than in 0.1ml of Colief. we can see that the tablet is not suggested to give to babies as it is not as effective as the Colief liquid. The results of these experiments with SMA formula baby milk were unexpected. The glucose concentration kept fluctuating. This led to questions: Was there any problem with the meter, was there anything that interfered the meter? Or was the enzyme inhibited? ………………………. In the experiments, the temperature was kept at 37oC – this is apt for human temperature and meets the required temperature for the Colief to work properly. About the pH, milk displays innate ability to resist the changes in the pH – its buffering capacity (this is mainly due to the presence of amino acid residues of caseins and whey protein and colloidal salts) . Therefore I did not worry to maintain the pH as the milk could do it itself. The results can prove that Colief is not really effective – and this could be the reason why high proportions of parents having colicky babies (cause by transient lactose intolerance) have reported Colief did not work for their babies. During the research I came across some products that were also recommended for colicky babies as Infacol, Lactase Enzyme Liquid. I will do other experiments with low pH – like in our stomach environment – then I can know whether the enzyme will work in adult’s stomach when tablet (like Soglar) is swallowed Effect of Colief Infants Drops Lactose on Intolerant Babies

Carlos Albizu Week 4 Strategic Planning & Organizational Management Discussion

Carlos Albizu Week 4 Strategic Planning & Organizational Management Discussion.

2-3 Paragraphs each responseEagle EyeWeek 4ReplyStrategic Planning and Organizational Management in Healthcare APA Style ReplyMany tech companies, notably Amazon, Apple, and Google, have entered the healthcare field. Do you think this is a good thing? Why or why not? Reply to each Peer about their post.Many tech companies, notably Amazon, Apple, and Google, have entered the healthcare field. Do you think this is a good thing? Why or why not? Reply 1 to Martina):For this week’s discussion, we evaluate the impact of an external environment on services and products on organizations. External factors may impact an organization in different ways but may also vary. Additionally, changes in an external environment may influence how care is provided. An external environment can change constantly which may include policies (local, state, and federal), advances in technology, global influence, social influence, environmental regulation, and updates in healthcare demands. Furthermore, organizations rely on external environmental factors to develop additional effective strategies. Based on the article, tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google have entered the healthcare field. I do not think this is a good idea as I think a breach of information and HIPAA could be risked, and health information could be inaccurate. Also, I do not think it is a good idea as these tech companies should stay separate from healthcare companies. For example, “In 2018, updated its Apple Health app so that it could display medical records from 39 hospitals” (Chen, 2019). So with all these developments in these tech companies, I think it could also make it easier for hackers to steal information. If you were to compare specific healthcare companies to tech companies, there is more protection of information without tech companies interfering. Additionally, if any changes were to be impacted in these tech companies, changes to the healthcare aspect could be drastically impacted. ReferencesChen, A. (2019). As tech companies move into health care, here’s what to watch in 2019. The Verge. Retrieved from S. L. (2018). Strategic healthcare management: Planning and execution (2nd ed.). Health Administration Press.Many tech companies, notably Amazon, Apple, and Google, have entered the healthcare field. Do you think this is a good thing? Why or why not? Reply to Priscilla :In healthcare, the external environment can have a huge impact on organizations. The external environment “comprises many interactive and complex factors important for effective strategic thinking” (Watson, 2018, p. 153). Organizations must be able to understand their relationship to the external environment in order to create effective and successful strategies. Furthermore, it is important for organizations to determine and analyze the external environment factors so that they will be able to identify any uncertainties that they are facing. As mentioned in the article, many tech companies, notably Amazon, Apple, and Google, have entered the healthcare field. This is a good thing because they can help to give the benefit to not only their employees but also to people around the world. Based on the article, Amazon purchased online pharmacy startup PillPack and proclaimed plans to sell software that will be able to read medical records (Chen, 2019). Similarly to Amazon, Apple also focused on medical records and opened an on-site clinic for its employees, and they received FDA clearance for a new Apple Watch feature called the electrocardiogram (EKG) (Chen, 2019). On the other hand, Google focused its attention on health research instead of focusing on health care like Amazon and Apple (Chen, 2019). Even though there are risks or concerns associated with data breach, there are many benefits that come from having these three tech companies enter the healthcare field. By having tech companies enter the healthcare field, it “may allow more patient treatment in outpatient settings” (Watson, 2018, p. 152). Furthermore, tech companies can help to improve quality of life, improve quality of care, reduce healthcare costs, offer a better experience for customers, and increase efficiency.ReferencesChen, A. (2019). As tech companies move into health care, here’s what to watch in 2019. The Verge. S. L. (2018). Strategic healthcare management: Planning and execution (2nd ed.). Health Administration Press.
Carlos Albizu Week 4 Strategic Planning & Organizational Management Discussion

Big Five Personality Traits in the workplace and how managers deal with them

Big Five Personality Traits in the workplace and how managers deal with them.

Class: Business Management 105Topic: Big Five Personality Traits in the workplace and how managers deal with them. I need a couple of rough paragraphs to submit tonight but will extend the project if i’s satisfied to complete the entire project in a couple of weeks.Final Project Instructions The topic for your Final Project can be anything covered in this course. Choose something that really interested you, something you would like to explore more fully, or something you might like to debate in class The product of your Final Project is up to you. You can write a paper, create a narrated PowerPoint or produce some other product that demonstrates your understanding of the subject you selected. Whatever option you choose, you must have at least three (3) properly cited references. (Note: a url, a link to a website, is not a proper citation.) Instructions for each option are detailed below. Write a Research PaperCreate a Narrated PowerPoint. Other: Come up with any presentation method you like, but you MUST connect with your instructor to get approval. Some options to consider are Prezi, webcast, formal outline, audio recording, infographic, etc. Your Final Project will be submitted in two parts. Part 1 in Session 12, and Part 2 in Session 14. To submit your Final Project, click on the link above. Scroll down to Section 2 (“Assignment Materials”) and then click “Browse My Computer” to find and attach your .doc or .docx file. Write any comments to your instructor in the “Comments” box. Click “Submit”. After you submit your project, you can tell it has been received by clicking on “My Grades” in the main menu of the course. You will see a “!” in the grade book. After your instructor grades the assignment, you will see a score instead of the “!” Instructions for each project option: Write a Research Paper Your assignment should be 4-5 pages long (excluding cover page, attachments, etc.), double-spaced, using 12-point font and 1-inch margins. If your paper integrates information from published sources and/or you build on the work of others, you must be careful not to plagiarize. You can find information about plagiarism at the website; a link to this website has been provided under the “Resources” tab in the main menu of the course. Please also see the rubric posted under the “Resources” tab in the main menu of the course for additional guidelines on grading. Please note: Your assignment must be submitted as a .doc or .docx file. If you fail to do this, your instructor may be unable to open or grade your assignment. See the rubric for a guide to follow.
Big Five Personality Traits in the workplace and how managers deal with them

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