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Continuous Improvement Plans for School and Learning Organizations

Synthesize Current Research Related to Continuous Improvement Plans for School and Learning Organizations This week assignment requires that I perform as an organizational leader. My task is to take charge of handling changes and forming major improvement inside my organization. My first change is to evaluate all existing scholarly studies that are connected to the problem at hand. My strategy plan will be to require regular research for effective improvement. However, making improvement changes are important to increases students’ growth and maintain excellent outcomes in my learning organization. My learning organization will be targeting strategies that will target growth and constantly improvement overtime and not overnight. My plan consists some basic changes and instructions for ongoing routines for improvement to take place. The changes will merely become effective for the terms and conditions of everyone considerations and dedication that has the same goal in mind. My strategy plans consist of four factors that will contribute to the change and improvement for my learning organization. The plan will also require that all accountable staffs and teachers must involve themselves in the process of the school improvement plan. These are most likely everyone that will be working with students. Everyone will need to attend scheduled development trainings. The teachers and other staff members must review student’s data and target those low performance students that would need more help and certain areas. Teachers will be able to review student’s prior data from last year to current year and monitor the update benchmark date to that will show any growth. I will be looking for growth during the improvement plan. It is very important that all stakeholders know that authentic improvement takes happens in classrooms. What is continuous Improvement? What is the background of improvement planning? In my position continuous improvement in my learning organization is related to student’s educational process which unwraps or unpack gradually over a short period of time. According to (Berwick, 2013), continuous improvement is closing up the achievement gap so that everyone is able to succeed and grow successfully. The background of an educational improvement planning in my organization will include standardized testing that will provide test taking strategies. My ultimate plan will continue to provide each student with a high quality of learning. Our background has also include working with the district guidelines and state standards to develop a vision and staying focus on student achievements and growth. We have met and will continue to meet all district and state standards. Therefore, through our trails and error those that are in leadership positions will continue to read the community and perform at professionalism level in and out of the organization. The schoolclimate and morale will continue to be supportive for our families and the involvement of our communities. My background plan is based off of data and school and community culture from last year’s data. What leadership behaviors support continuous improvement? I believe that a transformation leader behavior supports continuous improvement because they strongly identify and support the changes that targets their vision. It is important to be very supportive when in a leadership position. This will allow employees to enjoy coming to work with a good attitude. In my experience, being supportive is a critical task and all leaders should behave in such a manner. When building a culture of a company or organization it is important to leave room for improvement and making sure, everything is well balanced within the organization. What role do data collection and analysis play in this process? The role of data collection and analysis plays a big part in collecting proven data. Once data is collected improvement can be governing to revamp students thinking process and set goals improve on student’s growth. In order to move forward with any type of improvement collecting data must be gather and analyzed. Leaders must analyze data by clarifying and using different approaches to arrive at the same goal as others. As I stated early everyone is accountable and must focus on students learning process. What are some models and best practices for continuous improvement? I think that doing the early stage of developing a continuous improvement plan everyone task should be planned and assigned. This is something that everyone should have knowledge of when implementing rigorous ideas. The best practices make enquiries to recognizes leadership abilities to successfully implement the recovery procedure. Best practice is the groundwork for the need of improvement. It emphasizes on student’s achievement compare to all the schools in the district to show growth. Growth is the key to learning and attain materials. This may also influence students’ culture. School is a safe heaven for students and should engage and encourage students to want to learn. Students must be willingly to take part in their learning process as well as participate in the classroom. Therefore, teachers must also manage students conduct. What are the drawbacks or challenges associated with continuous improvement plans? The drawbacks and challenges that is associated with the continuous improvement plans may consist of consistency that will show responsibility and dedication. A constantly improving plan is insistently improving repetitively. As I implement the new improvement system to progress more at limited time, I will train teachers to work toward one goal in mind. That goal is to raise student scores and be ready for promotion without forgetting the material next year. Another advantage is that teachers are rewarded with teacher of month for six weeks would be rewarded for their dedication and hard work. Dedicated teacher is those that don’t just show up for work to get a job done. These dedicated teacher makes teaching their passion to teach students and offers the best education. According to (Argyril, 2010), when the continuous plan is in place the organization is able to put in perspectives best practices to repeatedly assess and formulate the necessary changes for everyone to benefit from it. These techniques will give me organization the ways to promote student’s success. With the improvement plan in place their should not be any or very few challenges that may occur. However, most of the time when the improvement plan is in place minor challenges are very limited. The improvement plan is a strategy to illustration adjustments and growth throughout the school year. The continuous improvement is generally applied as an incremental procedure in which improvements are made gradually according to familiar expectations. Having a proper continuous improvement plan in place, my staff will be able to describe and model meaningful objectives that will set the classroom expectations for students learning process. However, the improvement plan reflects on data and the accountability of everyone to play their part in the process. In any workplace when you have improvement plan in place the business will always improve for the better. It also depend on hard work that will determined the growth of student’s success. For example, leveling and change may include morning and afterschool tutoring and some Saturday School from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Extra work will pay off in the long run. In conclusion, as an organization leadership my contribution to managing change and making improvement will create a foundation that will emphasis on student’s achievement. My plan will also gather data and analyze student’s assessment to target their growth. When choosing a rigorous approach, the structure patterns off the district expectations that will accelerate growth and a lasting achievement. I would like to mention the no child left behind act of will guide all district to work out an improvement to that will close the gap of students being left behind. This act makes sure that everyone is accountable for students’ achievement. Without an improvement plan companies and other organization would not stand. The state is the one that will shut the doors to many companies if they do not rank a certain percentile. References Argyris, C. Single-loop and double-loop models in research on decision-making. Administered Education Quarterly 21(3), 2010, pp 363-375. Berwick, D. “The science of improvement.” Journal of the American Medical Association, 299(10), 2013. Grogan, M. (Ed.). (2013). The Jossey-Bas reader on educational leadership. 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can someone fix errors to this rough draft

can someone fix errors to this rough draft. I’m studying for my Law class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

should only take 20 minutes or so….. heres teachers feedback. Please add abstract and conclusion, add two more sources for references and include in text in the paper as well.
Great cover page, 
Missing a abstract (150-200 words)
Review APA heading placement.
there needs to be exactly 2 spaces between sentences.
Anytime you have three or more names in a citation there needs to be commas between the names
Example (Name, Name, & Name, 2019).
The abbreviation for the United States is U. S.
When you put a literature review in a research paper you are only summarizing the information you gathered in the original literature review. You should not include all the references – it should definitely not just cut and paste.
You are completely missing a conclusion.
And you do not have the required minimum number of sources.
Most of your references are perfect however the Morris reference needs to be corrected- only the first word, proper nouns, and the first word of the subtitle should be capitalized.



Submit at fully formed initial draft of your paper with a thesis statement and fully developed paragraphs.should include 8-10 scholarly & peer reviewed sources related specifically to your topic.should be approximately 9-15 pages in length.

Paper will have the following:cover page,abstract,fully developed bodyreference page,

Researcher used correct spelling/grammar/ APA formatting for the assignment.


can someone fix errors to this rough draft

Comparing Mary Rowlandson And Harriet Jacobs Narratives English Literature Essay

order essay cheap The notion of captivity and slavery is an unpleasant notion which is examined by Harriet Jacobs and Mary Rowlandson in order to understand the hardships that were however caused in the lives of the enslaved African-Americans and the slaves under the Indian enslavement. The conditions that the slaves lived under, without any doubt can be described as inhumane and intolerable. The slaves who were put under captivity received painful treatment from their masters and it was more unbearable for the women who were under captivity. Harriet Jacob’s Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl and the Mary Rowlandson’s A True History of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson imply that jealous mistresses, sexual abuse, and the loss of children caused the female slaves to be able to endure a hard life and more dreadful in the captivity. The two narratives describe that it is a difficult and a hard predicament to be held in captivity. The situation becomes much worse for the children and women. The two uses clear straightforward and detail language, except at the point where they talk about sexual history, in pursue of explaining what it is to be held in captivity or to be a slave. Harriet’s in particular explains that the Northerners only think of the slavery as the perpetual bondage; this means that they are not in a position to understand the depth of degradation that comes along with the word slavery and captivity. Harriet believes that there is no human being who could truly understand how severe slavery is unless they themselves have gone through it. This book by Harriet explains the hard labor and physical pains that she underwent as a slave. However, she also focuses on the emotional viewpoints on the slavery and also how the position of being under captivity shaped her to what she is now. The motive of Harriet’s writing is clear and it is of political taking. She is able to write through her sufferings and experiences in order to make everything clear to everyone especially the Northerners who are the white women who dwelt in the North, how slavery works and what it really is. Harriet does not require sympathy and she however wants to arouse all women from the North to realize the severity of captivity and slavery (Harriet 2004: 20). These narratives were written in order to appeal to the free white women and to also have these women involve in the antislavery struggle. The narrative by Harriet signals various important departures from the social and literary conventions of the captivity narrative, a genre that has enjoyed widespread acceptance in the U.S. during the period between 1840 and 1850. Harriet struggled for freedom in the intricate network of community, social, and family relationships. Her struggle for real freedom is inextricable from the desire that she had for freedom for the two children that she had. These two writers through the two narratives and also feminist movement were able to seek the gaining of the rights for all women. Many females and feminists during this early 19th century struggled to fight for the ending and abolition of slavery and captivity throughout the whole world. These slave narratives were used as powerful feminist tools especially in this century. The white and black women are objectified and also fictionalized in these slave narratives. The white women are however idealized as angelic, chaste and pure whereas the black women are idealized as exotic women who contained a savage and an uncontrollable sexuality. These two narratives were able to bring out the sexual oppression of the captive black women into a political and public arena (Harriet 2004: 54). The narrative by Harriet is a very powerful statement which unveils the undesirability and impossibility of achieving the real and ideal brought about by men though maintained by the women. The two women take very great risk in writing their trials as house servants and also fugitives. Slavery and captivity also referred to as “Peculiar Institution” of the South has caused great suffering especially among an innumerable number of people. However, most people are bound to argue that the domestic animal’s life would be far much better than being held under captivity as a slave. This is because the animals at least are not able to feel any emotions. The sufferings countless atrocities, that included beatings, sexual assault, and also murders, these slaves or captors endured a lot more than anyone could imagine that it would be humanly possible. However, the white southern Christians also committed the atrocities, because they believed that their behaviors would be neither immoral nor wrong (Mary 2007: 56). These atrocities make the Christians to be referred to as appalled and Harriet in her own narrative has explained the great hypocrisy of the Christians who lived in the South. This is because these Christians are also slave owners and this shows that Christianity and slavery are not congruent. The Christians should hold on to the truth that all the people are created equal and they are endowed by God who is their creator. When practicing slavery, these Christians do not represent well what they believe in. The two narratives use Bible verses in an attempt to contextualize the plight of Mary and Harriet and also to try and provide both of them with hope. These two women were captives who had the hope of being freed from their bonds. There is a major contrast between the two narratives, in regard to the treatment that the two received from their captors. Harriet on one hand was one of the slaves of the white owners and therefore was seen as an object of their sexual desire. On the other hand, Mary Rowlandson was generally a domestic for the people who owned her, and these were the Native Americans. She mostly worked for women and she did not put it as though she was taken to be an object of sexual desire. When Mary was freed from the captivity, she has her home and a husband that she could return to; she is able to continue with her life which now comes with some level of consistency. On the other hand, when Harriet is freed she had nowhere to go back to because she had no life to return to and she is all by herself. Harriet is only able to start a new life although this was accompanied by a huge amount of fear and uncertainty (Harriet 2004: 40). Mary Rowlandson was returned and also ransomed and therefore nobody would follow her and all the people in her community knew her well and it would be easy for them to trust her. On the contrary, Harriet lives in great fear of retribution and capture and she is not accepted or even trusted by the community that she lives with in the north. The narrative by Mary Rowlandson has a major purpose of glorifying God. Mary is seen to glorify God in all that she did. She was however discouraged by the Indians in an attempt to discourage the faith that she had but she went ahead to depend on the word of God to remove her out of the misery that she was under in the captivity land. Mary had been taken in as an Indian slave (Mary 2007: 10). Harriet was born into slavery in the North Carolina whereas Mary was taken into slavery after a war by the Indians. The captors of the two women and the description that they give concerning slavery, tells their readers what the African Americans go through every day. Theirs is a life full of being ravaged by slavery and also being brutalized. The mother to Harriet passed away when she was still young but the mistress of her mother, who was the half-sister to the mother, took good care of Harriet and also she endowed the great gift of literacy. The real and horrid reality was hidden away from her till the time she became a teen. At this point, her father and also the mistress passed away, and she now had to become a slave in the household of Flint. From this time she lost all her freedom and got into the life of persecution that the slaves go through every day. From the author’s description of slavery, we can conclude that slavery is more to just mere perpetual bondage. In her narrative titled “incidents in the life of a slave girl,” Harriet was able to give the true account of the evils and dangers slavery held for the women in general, an aspect that had in the past remained to be a secret to the general public. She however focused on the subjugation because of race, and gave a real voice subtly to the various kinds of captivity, which the women imposed on all women in spite of of their color in the patriarchal culture of the 19th century. This kind of bondage was not only exacted from women by their fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands but was also propelled by the women themselves (Harriet 2004: 34). Both Mary and Harriet have shown their captors to be inconsiderate. Mary explained her tribulations, sufferings and trials that she underwent in the hands of her captors who were the Algokian Indians. She had to endure hardships and therefore developed an indifferent attitude towards the captors. Work cited Mary Rowlandson. Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. New York: BiblioBazaar, 2007. Harriet Jacobs. Incidents in the life of a slave girl written by herself. New York: Kessinger Publishing, 2004.

PSYCH 106 CSUN Vision Impairment & Symptoms of Menopause Questions

PSYCH 106 CSUN Vision Impairment & Symptoms of Menopause Questions.

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

answer questions in full sentencesDescribe how vision and hearing decline in midlife and explain the reasons for these declines.What are some of the major health concerns in midlife and what factors can increase or decrease the risks of these conditions impairing out health throughout life? Please note any gender differences that may apply.Describe the symptoms of menopause, natural treatments that may be available and the benefits and risks associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy.With regard to cancer, what are the most common cancers in midlife, and what are their survival rates? Also, consider the most critical factors in reducing your risks and improving your survival rates for these illnesses.Compare and contrast the changes in fluid versus crystallized intelligence in midlife.Explain why expertise peaks in midlife and the timeframe involved.Describe how memory and perceptual speed may change in middle adulthood.What are some of the major social and emotional changes in midlife and what may contribute to how a person’s sense of self changes as well as their interest in others changes in middle adulthood?What are some of the challenges women who have successful careers may face with regard to their desires for family?What are some of the challenges midlife workers face including any gender differences that may apply?Describe the general pattern of marital satisfaction and the factors that may contribute to changes in satisfaction over time?How might middle-aged adults be affected by divorce?How does sexuality change in midlife and what are some of the problems experienced by men and women?
PSYCH 106 CSUN Vision Impairment & Symptoms of Menopause Questions

report, calculations already provided (lab is completed only need the report written)

Phys 37 – Activity A. Introduction to Using Pivot Interactives: The Ping-Pong Ball Bazooka Your full grade for this lab will be from your submission on Canvas. Pivot will be used for you to complete the lab. For all Pivot Interactives labs, you are expected to work together in a lab group. Follow the instructions for each Pivot assignment and submit your lab report by the due date. A complete lab will contain the following: 1. TITLE and DATE on the top. 2. Theory: Take brief notes on the introductory material from the lab handout or Pivot Interactives. 3. Briefly write the PURPOSE or objectives of the lab in your own words. 4. Briefly discuss the PROCEDURE of the lab. 5. Record all DATA using table format to keep your data organized. You can take screen shots of computer generated or Pivot Interactives data tables to paste into the report. Include diagrams of the equipment and setup if necessary. 6. Use your data to perform the CALCULATIONS and exercises. Work together, but do your own work. Include graphs. Graphs should be large to maximize precision. Be sure to label the axes, specify units, and title your graphs. You can take screenshots of computer generated or Pivot interactives graphs to paste into your report. 7. At the end of the lab, write a CONCLUSION. Briefly explain its relevance and how the data and calculations pertain to the introductory lecture. Include values from your results to support your claims.