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This paper discusses contemporary trends of modern poetry, giving examples of Michael Wigglesworth and Anne Bradstreet’s works.

This paper provides a look at trends in poetry today. It focuses on two British poets, Michael Wigglesworth and Anne Bradstreet giving examples of their work and analyzing why they themselves are examples of these trends.
From the paper:

Writing is one of the most time-honored forms of self-expression and entertainment for readers and writers alike. Among all the forms of writing: play writing; essay writing; journalism; fiction; poetry is the most personal style and although one reveals something about themselves in everything they write poetry is the most straight forward and self expressive. Through the years there have been hundreds of different styles of poetry and even more poets to fit the form.

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Preparative steps and procedures are designed to improve the outcome of a surgery process and minimize any chances for complications. This ensures that the surgical process is effective and safe as possible.

Patients receive general anesthesia, and which renders them unconscious and they must refrain from drinking or eating for at least eight before the process. The doctor administering anesthesia must carry out brief physical check up, obtain patient history and any data in regard to the medication the patient has been using in regular basis, prior adverse reactions to the anesthesia and other drug allergies.

Patients are often advised to eat after midnight to prevent risks of nausea and vomiting postoperatively. Patients are also advised to conduct their primary care providers in case they become ill shortly a day before the surgery process depending on the policies of the institution. Applications for lotions, powders, and perfumes before surgery are also prohibited as they can interfere with the monitoring equipments and also it might be allergic to some staff and other patients (Roberts, Timothy & et al, 2013).

Work cited

Roberts, Timothy V., et al. “Surgical outcomes and safety of femtosecond laser cataract surgery: a prospective study of 1500 consecutive cases.” Ophthalmology 120.2 (2013): 227-233.