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Consumer Challenges with Healthcare Informatics

How can nurses assist patients/consumers in overcoming these challenges? ExpectationsInitial Post:Length: 150 – 250 WordsA minimum of 2 references (not older than 5 years) with corresponding in text citations using APA format

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Term Paper 12-20 pages enough.
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General Instructions:
Line Spacing: double spacing
Font: Times New Roman or another clear, easy to read font, size 12Margins: 2.5 cm on all sides
Alignment: left-aligned, do not justifyParagraphs: indent every first line (1 tab or 5 spaces)
Quotations: blocked (justified and indented on both sides)
Page numbers: consecutive numbers, top/bottom right.
Header: Running head (title of paper) top left. (Use Header for this)
Table of Contents: must be numbered on multiple levels and these numbers must be followed in the text.
When you preview your sources and when you begin critically reading your sources, you should ANNOTATE them. Each article should have many annotations.