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construction management

To complete this assessment, you will have to think back to a past negotiation/dispute you have had and reflect on it. This includes identifying negotiation techniques that we have learnt in class and the personalities involved. Your selected negotiation does not have to involve the construction industry and could be as simple as reasoning with your parents to go out for the night or buy a new car. For this assessment, do not include real names; you must substitute with fake names.
You will refer to the word template which is attached below which outlines how many words and what is required under each heading and how many words for each heading is required and what is required.The microsoft word template is very clear as to what is required.You will also have to refer to the powerpoint slide presentations to refer to the DISC personality chart
1. Negotiation Background (200 words)Provides a description of the dispute. The easier it is to understand, the better you will do for this section. Make sure to remove real names and replace them with fake ones.2. Parties Personality Type (200 words)According to the DISC personality chart, you must identify each parties’ personality type; people are all a combination of dominance, influence, conscientiousness, or steadiness. This will help you to identify what type of negotiator they are, which can be split into three main categories analytical, assertive, or accommodating. Describe these negotiation styles. Make sure you use Harvard referencing to back up your findings, it is important in the marking criteria.3. Parties Emotional State (150 words)Comment on every one’s emotional state. Was anyone acting irrational due to a heightened emotional state. Did an emotion change the course of the negotiation for better or worse? Explain how emotion effected the dispute.4. Negotiation Techniques Used (300 words)Identify and explain the negotiation techniques used. Maybe you or the other party used the techniques we have learnt about in past tutorials. You can also find techniques used via additional research. The techniques do not have to be the best (they could even be bad), but you must identify them, explain what they are and how they were used. Make sure you reference these techniques Harvard style.5. Negotiation Outcome (150 words)Explain the outcome of the negotiation and if you achieved what you wanted at the beginning. Reflect on the negotiation and outline if you could have done anything better. This could include using newly learnt negotiation techniques or the removal of negative emotions. 6. ReferencesReferencing correctly in Harvard will increase your grade.Everything that needs to be done is outlined and highlighted in the template attached below. Also you need to go through the powerpoint presentation to refer to the DISC personality chart for section 2 – Parties personality type. Every section has to be referred back to the dispute.If you just read that word template you can see every section has to be referred back to the initial dispute. The word document could not be any clearer. Please read it carefully as it breaks down what is required exactly for each section
There must be a relation to the dispute that you have writing about