Construct a multi-paragraph written response in which you compare the themes of “Burning a Book”

” Consider the differing perspectives of the speakers in each text and the primary concerns of each speaker. You may wish to discuss how you think Kurt Vonnegut might respond to the speaker in “Burning a Book.” Your response must be based on the ideas that can be found in the texts.[supanova_question]

Internet job sites available to Canadians

Internet job sites available to Canadians.

Investigate three major Internet job sites available to Canadians that could be used by Ryerson business school graduates to find a job. Write an Informal analytic report to me for distribution to students and include a recommendation of the best site for Ryerson business students to use in their own job search. Provide an analysis of the major features of each and a review of each site’s comprehensiveness and ease of use. Compare and contrast the sites on what you consider to be the three most important features. Include at least one original, relevant, properly labeled graph (not table) within your report. Remember to refer to your graph(s) within your report. Copying a graphic from the Internet is not an original graph. Your report should contain 4 references using a minimum of three different sources. Use one long quote (four lines or more), two or three short quotes, and one or more paraphrased statements.

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