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Constitutional Rights and Liberties Discussion Questions

Constitutional Rights and Liberties Discussion Questions.

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Choose just ONE of the questions below and answer it in essay form. At the beginning of your essay, please include the question that you have chosen to answer for this. This essay should cover at least 3 single- spaced typewritten full pages with a 12 point, Times New Roman font. Essays that are just summaries of the course material will not do well. I want an organized, well-written, and clearly expressed essay led by your thesis position, made by your arguments, and supported by course content as evidence. (NO OTHER REFERENCES EXCEPT FOR COURSE CONTENT).ESSAY QUESTIONSRead the questions carefully to figure out exactly what I am asking you to answer.Considering all those who could be affected, is it an overall benefit or detriment for the rights of everyone in the country for a court to be able to use the “exclusionary rule” and the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine” to exclude illegally obtained evidence? In Lochner v. New York, Justice Peckham disagreed with the viewpoint of the New York State Legislature that a law regulating sanitary conditions and working hours for a bakery legitimately related to the safety or health of a community. Do you think that our Constitutional rights and liberties are better protected if a Court can substitute its policy judgment in place of a competing one made by a Legislature or if a Court restricts itself to deciding whether a law is expressly consistent with the Constitution? (You can use the Lochner case as an example in your essay, but you may use other cases as well.)3) Imagine that a state legislature passes a law requiring everyone in that state to receive one of the COVID-19 vaccines. What kind of a) penalties for the people and b) limitations to the law would have to be included for you to consider it Constitutional?4) In Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court required that a state law claiming to regulate public health and safety must be necessary and reasonable for it to survive a valid citizen claim that the law affected their Constitutional rights. However, not every Court uses those two limitations. When a Court does not use them, does it allow the concept of State Police Power to extend the reach of the Tenth Amendment too far?5) Do you agree with the majority in Kelo v. City of New London that the “public use” requirement from the “Takings” clause of the 5th Amendment can be properly satisfied if the government had a legitimate “public purpose” in using eminent domain to take the private property from one private citizen and give it to a private company to own?6) Should Copyright be considered as a right with a similarly high level of importance and protection as the fundamental rights expressly recognized in our Amendments rather than as an incentivized privilege that the government only grants for a limited time?7) One purpose of Trademark law is to protect consumers from confusion as to which company a product or service comes from. Therefore, is it an overall benefit or detriment to consumers when a very well-known brand name for a company or its product/service loses its legal status as a valid Trademark due to a finding of “Genericide” by a court?8) There are five pairs of words below. The first word is a brand name, and the second word is a product type. The legal strength of each brand name fits into one of the five different categories of the “distinctiveness spectrum” of Trademark. For this question you need to do 2 things: A) Name the spectrum category that you think applies to each brand name, B) Explain why the category that you choose for each name is appropriate based on the legal description of the category and level of protection that category gets.a) “Blanket” hamburgersb) “Sodium Chloride” seasoningc) “Illuminating” lampsd) “Flryzx” watchese) “Atlas” mattresses
Constitutional Rights and Liberties Discussion Questions

Supporting Attachment. I need support with this Sociology question so I can learn better.

Read the article Supporting healthy relationships between young children and their parents. Examine the function of attachment in both the family and childcare setting. Specifically, how can the early childhood educator support attachment in the childcare setting, while reassuring and supporting the child’s attachment to family? Be sure to support your discussion with information from the text and at least one other scholarly resource.
Supporting Attachment

Florida National University Nursing Decision Making Leadership Discussion.

Discussion Topic:The assumption that people working in health care are shallow, single-minded, materialistic, and socially unfettered is consistent with Newtonian science. These beliefs support the practice of attracting new employees by giving them sign-on bonuses. Please answer the questions below:1. Do you agree or disagree with this rationale?2. What are the effects, positive and negative, of this approach to recruitment on quality, productivity, and cost?Required: 1 initial post and 1 reply to your pear (total of 2 posts). There must be at least 2 paragraphs for all initial posts, and initial discussion must be posted by Wednesday. Reply is to be posted on different days to receive full credit. All posts must be written in APA 6th ed format. Please support your work with at least 2 peer reviewed articles published within the past 5 years.
Florida National University Nursing Decision Making Leadership Discussion

The History and Perception of Mental Health Nursing

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Mental health nursing, also called psychiatric nursing, is among the newest of the recognized fields within the nursing profession. While cases of “possession” and “witchcraft” date back from the beginning of written record, cases of nurses caring for the mentally ill only date back a few centuries. Even then, psychiatric-mental health nursing only began to become the legitimized profession that it is today in the 1800s. This paper explores the history of mental health nursing with specific emphasis on the post-Florence Nightingale era. This paper will also delve into what it means to be a psychiatric-mental health nurse today and the impact that different cultures can have on the view of mental health to medical professionals. History of Mental Health Nursing Mental health nursing focuses on those patients who have mental distresses. Patients come from all ages and economic backgrounds. Psychiatric nursing is a specialty that has changed throughout history and has drastically changed through time. Mental health nursing originally dates back to the 8th Century. In 13th century Europe, psychiatric hospitals were used to house the insane, but were not run by psychiatric nurses (Neugebauer, 1979). Compassionate care for the mentally ill was seldom given. These psychiatric hospitals were used simply as living quarters. During the climax of Christianity in Europe, hospitals suggested religious interventions. The patients were partnered with “soul friends” to help patients adjust to exist within society. Soul friends are considered the first modern psychiatric nurses (Neugebauer, 1979). In the early United States, witchcraft and devil possession were considered an explanation for mental illness, which resulted in hangings or burnings at the stake. In the 1700s, people with mental illnesses were considered dangerous and kept in cages or jailed. These people were pronounced as lunatics possessed by the devil. Many times, relatives would hide their “insane” family member or hire someone to care for them. Some mentally ill were sold into slavery, while others were forced out of their communities (Leupo, 2009). In 1752, the first “lunatic ward” opened its doors at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. The treatment of mentally ill patients was comparable to the other patients of the hospital with clean rooms and fresh air. The modern medicine at the time included ice baths until patients lost consciousness or shocks to the brain. Purging the afflicted meant driving out crisis from the patient. Bleeding was also an infamous form of treatment for patients. Bad blood was drained from the patient, which usually ended up in death (Leupo, 2009). Dorothea Dix was a major contributor in reforming the treatment of the mentally ill. In 1841, she first visited prisons and was shocked to see the horrid conditions in which prisoners lived. She was also horrified to see mentally ill living amongst the felons (Hurd, Drewry, Dewey, Pilgram, Blumer,

Troy University Echo Global Logistics Inc Business Level Strategy Analysis Report

essay order Troy University Echo Global Logistics Inc Business Level Strategy Analysis Report.

This is a group task, five articles have been completed, and my group task is to integrate the five articles. So you only need to integrate the articles as required, and make slight modifications where needed.This is my group’s homework requirements: For this assignment, the Group will analyze the assigned Company’s current condition. You will use the text chapters 4 through 6 as your framework for the analysis, and will incorporate information from external sources including the company and other credible sites. Your Group deliverable will be presented in APA format, will include appropriate topical headings to organize and segment the paper, with correctly formatted citations and references. This deliverable is due at 11:59 PM CT Sunday, at the end of Week 5.Minimally the report will include the following:Business-Level Strategy Competitor AnalysisCompetitive DynamicsCorporate-Level Strategy Industry Environment Analysis (Five Forces Analysis)
Troy University Echo Global Logistics Inc Business Level Strategy Analysis Report

Park University Business Communication Skills Discussion

Park University Business Communication Skills Discussion.

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Post your answer to the following topics by Thursday. Respond to two or more fellow classmates (2 posts) by Sunday. When crafting your posts, be considerate, resourceful, and pay special attention to the advancement of the discussion.Consider the following quote:“Excellence is going far and beyond the call of duty, and doing more than others expect. It comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, and looking after the smallest detail. Excellence means doing your very best. In everything. In every way.” —AnonymousWhat business communication skills have you acquired in this course that you can use to demonstrate excellence in your professional and personal endeavors? Provide examples that connect to specific content from this course. Students must demonstrate their understanding of the course content by providing responses that reflect evidence-based responses. Make sure that you cite the textbook in APA format and provide in-text citations for all paraphrased material used in your discussion post. Initial discussion posts should directly address all parts of the discussion requirement and 200 word count. A minimum of two response posts to your classmates is required. Responses to your classmates or instructor should provide thoughtful insight into the topic, include information that directly relates to the course content, and moves the group discussion forward in an effective manner. Each response post should include a minimum of 100 words. Each post must demonstrate proper grammar, spelling, word usage, and effective communication practices.
Park University Business Communication Skills Discussion

Writer’s Choice Essay

Writer’s Choice Essay. Read Chapter 7-9 of The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller PHD Answer the following questions 1/2 page each 1. Pick one of the 6 spiritual strengths that the author speaks about and share why that strength stood out to you. Are there other strengths you think should have been included that were not mentioned? 2. Why is adolescence described as the “window of spiritual awakening?” What “quest” are adolescents on that the author speaks about? Please share your thought on these two questions and something that stood out to you while reading these two chapters on adolescence.Writer’s Choice Essay