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considering formats and citations?

considering formats and citations?.

Your boss has a conundrum and has asked you for your input. There is no universal business document design (there are actually many, many designs for each specific company) She is redesigning the company format for official publications and is not sure how to handle the matter of the Oxford Comma (sometimes known as the Serial Comma). She wants your input on the matter in a short document she can submit to the Board of Stockholders. In a minimum 250-word document, use your best thoughts on how to address this situation. Your document should completely support using the Oxford Comma as a company policy or be completely against using it.2) Your document should have at least two references to support your decision. These should be easily found at the end and be in APA reference format. There should be in-text citations for each of these references in the document.3) Please review the suggestions at the Purdue Owl HATS reference at:…
considering formats and citations?

UNA Transformational Businesses Amazon Facebook and Tesla Discussion.

Think of some transformational new businesses such as Starbucks, Blue Apron, or Amazon (please note that these are only examples–you may choose these or other businesses that you see as transformational). Answer the following questions:How was each business different from what came before? What was similar to what came before? Scale them in terms of “newness” from truly transformational (5) to substantial (1). Explain your rationale.Was there an innovator advantage? Explain your answer. If there was an innovator advantage, how long did it last? Where did the idea for the business come from? If you can’t find this information, speculate.
UNA Transformational Businesses Amazon Facebook and Tesla Discussion

Read one of the four topics from “Quality, Cost and Value” article:.

Week Discussion: Review Institute for Health Care Improvement website at Read one of the four topics from “Quality, Cost and Value” article: How the Largest US Safety-Net Health System Built a High-Performing Medicare ACO The Highest Quality at a Lower Cost? We Don’t Have That Yet Using Telemedicine to Improve Care Access in Both Rural and Urban Settings Measuring Value: How to Harness Data in an Outcomes-Driven Paradigm Provide a summary of the selected topic, considering how an interdisciplinary approach to the issue allows healthcare professionals to achieve the expected benchmarks and listing the consequences for a healthcare organization failing to participate or perform in a themed field (ACO, improving quality, telemedicine, or outcomes.
Read one of the four topics from “Quality, Cost and Value” article:

Social Science: Global Poverty, Global Inequality and Other World Social Problems. Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

Select five countries around the world. Choose two or three that are at the top end in the development/wealth scale –i.e., countries that we would describe as ‘rich’– and two or three that are towards the bottom –or what we would refer as ‘poor’ countries. While there is no one definitive method for ranking countries on a poverty scale, you will find that the various methods –whether it is gross nation income (GNI), per capita gross domestic product (GDP), human poverty indicator (HPI), etc– come up with surprisingly similar results. So don’t worry about this too much. Just choose countries that are clearly and consistently at either the top or bottom of the rankings.
To find out how the countries of the world are ranked, visit the following website and locate the ‘Ranking tables’. Look at a couple of those tables and then select your five countries:

You can find this information at: (Links to an external site.) [Choose the format you prefer on the “Resources” box on the right side]
You can also look at: (Links to an external site.)
Or you can do your own Google search and find a similar list on the web.

Look at the following three social problems discussed in Chapter 3 of your book and, using the internet or other sources try to find data these problems for each of the five countries you chose. Describe how prevalent these problems are in the specific countries and how the prevalence of these problems compares between the five countries. The three problems you should address are:

The HIV and AIDS pandemic
The “new slavery”
High birth rates

Using your “sociological imagination” try to explain how does poverty and inequality create, exacerbate and/or maintain these problems; AND how these problems, in turn, create, exacerbate and/or maintain poverty and inequality. Remember that you have a license to speculate –think and try to uncover connection, and remember what Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

APA no word min or max
Social Science: Global Poverty, Global Inequality and Other World Social Problems

A 24.0-V potential difference is applied to these plates, homework help

A 24.0-V potential difference is applied to these plates, homework help.

An air-filled capacitor consists of two parallel plates, each with an area of 7.60 cm2, separated by a distance of1.45 mm. A 24.0-V potential difference is applied to these plates.(a) Calculate the electric field between the plates.(b) Calculate the surface charge density.(c) Calculate the capacitance.(d) Calculate the charge on each plate.
A 24.0-V potential difference is applied to these plates, homework help

Colorado Technical University Online Processes and Readiness Discussion

assignment writer Colorado Technical University Online Processes and Readiness Discussion.

Within the Discussion Board area, write 600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.Processes and ReadinessWith all of your experience surrounding change so far, you feel fairly confident in your organizational development (OD) role now. You made an excellent presentation to the executive staff of the parent organization. Now, they have recruited you to not only work with them on their needs and interventions but also with other companies within the larger organization. The larger organization consists of 60 independent companies with differing missions and current strategies. In fact, you are now a vice president of OD at the corporate level. You have higher level responsibilities, including all 60 companies.Discuss the following:Explain the concepts and theories surrounding large-scale change processes and readiness assessment.How will you go about conducting readiness assessments for the entire organization? Be specific and provide a cost example for each item in your proposed readiness assessment.Use a minimum of 1 chart in your analysis or description of a model or strategy being recommended, and use 1 flow chart showing the estimated time that each could entail.What will you say and present to the corporate staff to convince them of your ability to accomplish this mission? Use business return on investment (ROI) and productivity improvement potential as two of the 5 key points that you will develop to win the confidence and trust of your clients to handle this business-focused change intervention.Be sure to use valid graduate-level references and APA format.
Colorado Technical University Online Processes and Readiness Discussion

Ashford University Organizational Strategic Plan and Productivity Presentation

Ashford University Organizational Strategic Plan and Productivity Presentation.

Outline an organizational strategic learning plan in a 10-12 slide presentation with presentation notes that could be presented to the leadership team.At a time when our internal and external environments are being influenced by powerful technological changes, organizations must look at the entirety of their operation. The needs of the organization will require us all to become lifelong learners, and the logical next step is to develop and implement the organization’s broad plan for learning. Ultimately, we need to integrate learning and development activities into a plan that aligns with the organization’s objectives. Whatever the organization’s principal objectives, a learning strategy that reflects human capital needs is essential.
Ashford University Organizational Strategic Plan and Productivity Presentation

NVCC Environmental Impacts of Deep Water Oil and Gas Industry Research Paper

NVCC Environmental Impacts of Deep Water Oil and Gas Industry Research Paper.

I’m working on a English writing question and need support to help me understand better.

PurposeDeveloping a framed outline (thesis and topic sentences) before you draft a full sentence outline will provide you with focus and guidance as you write your full sentence outline.DirectionsAfter you have completed your research and your Annotated Bibliography for your Argument Research Essay, use your thesis statement to create a topic sentence outline for your argument essay on fracking or offshore oil drilling. Review the readings, Argument (Links to an external site.) and Thesis Statements. (Links to an external site.)Check to make sure your thesis includes the subject/topic, your claim/stance about that subject/topic, and a list of supports/main ideas that you will use to prove that claim/stance. Check to make sure your list of supporting/main ideas in your thesis exhibits parallel (Links to an external site.) structure. Write potential topic sentences that support your thesis, and make sure the thesis and topic sentences have unity (Links to an external site.).Remember to use transitional words or phrases to connect ideas and to add coherence between topic sentences. The Sample Topic Sentence Outline below is an example of a topic sentence outline that shows parallelism, transitions, and unity. Like the annotated bibliography, this topic sentence outline discusses child beauty pageants. This topic sentence outline also shows you how to create a topic sentence idea into more than one body paragraph.Imagine you have A LOT to discuss about a child’s self-image, the main idea presented in Topic Sentence 1 below. Rather than creating a paragraph that fills an entire page, consider dividing this information into more than one body paragraph.To create more than one body paragraph for this information, begin each sub-point paragraph with a transitional word or phrase to link it back to the previous paragraph and to connect the idea back to the topic sentence idea. For example, in Topic Sentence 1 below, note how the repeated phrase “self-image can change” links Sub-point Sentence A to Topic Sentence 1, and the repetition of Sub-point Sentence A’s key term “attractiveness” is used in Sub-point Sentence B as a way to link B to A. Likewise, note how Sub-point Sentence C repeats several key concepts from the ideas that precede it: self-image, distortion, and overemphasis on beauty. This links Sub-point Sentence C to ideas shared in A and B, which in turn link ideas back to Topic Sentence 1. This sort of linking of ideas creates unity and coherence of ideas in an essay. Sample Topic Sentence OutlineThesis: Child beauty pageants should be banned because they distort a child’s self-image, put a child’s health at risk, and ruin a child’s formative years.Topic Sentence 1: When a child participates in beauty pageants, her self-image can change.Sub-point Sentence A: Self image can change when children learn that the only characteristic that is important is their attractiveness. Evidence: According to Marina M. Cartwright in her article titled “Child Beauty Pageant: What Are We Teaching Our Girls?” found in Psychology Today, young girls who retire from the pageant scene often struggle “with perfection, dieting, eating disorders and body image….” (1). Analysis: Young girls need to experience environments where they can think and act based on who they are so their self-image is founded on their whole being rather than solely on their outside appearance. Sub-point Sentence B: Instead of obsessing about their attractiveness, young people need to be taught to love what they see in the mirror each morning before they put on makeup and fake hair.Evidence:Analysis:Sub-point Sentence C: To prevent possible self-image distortion and overemphasis on beauty, some governments are banning beauty pageants.Evidence:Analysis: Topic Sentence 2: It is a shame that parents put the health of their children at risk because of a crown.Topic Sentence 3: Children need time to play, learn, and grow, and little of this is possible if they participate in the beauty pageant circuit.NOTE: The pattern for providing supporting ideas for each topic sentence is shown for topic sentence 1. When using this sample sentence outline to write an essay, each topic sentence may need more than a single body paragraph to provide adequate support. That means the essay that this sample topic sentence outline represents could have more than three body paragraphs.GradingThis activity is an ungraded assignment, but it is a crucial step to writing the full sentence outline for your Argument Research Essay, which is a graded assignment. The graded assignmentPurposeAfter completing your framed thesis/topic sentence outline, you will develop your outline into a full sentence outline that includes the supporting ideas. This assignment requires you to organize your thesis and supporting evidence to write a 3-4 page essay (plus a separate works cited page) on fracking or offshore drilling. Writing a thesis and sentence outline enables you to clarify and organize your thoughts, strengthen the structure of your argument, and cite your sources. This assignment also requires you to organize your sources into a proper MLA formatted works cited page. For a review of MLA formatting, integration of sources, and MLA documentation, return to the videos for MLA Basics in Student Resources in the main menu.DirectionsOpen this Outline Template for Research Argument Essay and use it as a template to create your sentence outline for your research paper on fracking or offshore drilling. (Remove direction sentences as you complete your sentence outline.)Review the thesis statement you created for the Annotated Bibliography assignment. Refine your thesis statement as needed. Make sure it includes your topic, a clear key argument (claim) and 2-4 focused main ideas that prove the argument.Using your thesis create a topic sentence for each main idea in your thesis. This creates unity (Links to an external site.) in your outline.Once you have unity between your thesis and topic sentences, develop each topic sentence idea using adequate supporting evidence from your research and explanation/analysis from your own thinking. Make sure your quotes are integrated as modeled in the quote sandwich (Links to an external site.).Remember, if you have a great deal to say about one main idea in your thesis, you might consider developing more than one paragraph for this main idea when you write your essay. So pay attention to the amount of evidence you have for each main idea as you develop your outline.Your outline and your essay should include in text citations to document evidence from all FIVE sources you used in your annotated bibliography. (You may use more sources if you like.) Finally, create a Works Cited (Links to an external site.) page based on the sources you researched and annotated. Your works cited must have the five required sources from your Annotated Bibliography, but without the annotations. (Note: if you use more sources, remember to include them in the works cited.)For the citations check punctuation marks, italics, and spacing in the MLA format. Each error will impact your grade. Refer to the MLA 8 Rules and Understanding Plagiarism materials in Student Resources or to the Purdue OWL’s MLA Citation Guide (Links to an external site.) to determine proper citation style for your sources.Submit your sentence outline and corresponding works cited as a docx file. GradingThis assignment is worth 60 points towards your course grade. I will grade this assignment on how effectively your body points reflect the thesis, as well as how well you organize your points and develop them by integrating sources and providing explanation/analysis. I will also take into account the quality of the sources you cite and proper MLA style documentation. PreviousNext
NVCC Environmental Impacts of Deep Water Oil and Gas Industry Research Paper