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Consider why the Tale of Heike was popular during the medieval period.

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Write a brief report in response to the following query:

Consider why the Tale of Heike was so well-known during the Middle Ages.

Consider the intended audience, societal situations, religious aspects, and character descriptions, among other things (of the warriors, women, children).

Based on the given chapters from the story, write your report. To demonstrate your views, provide specific instances from the text.

The following were the chapters that were assigned:

Heike’s Story by Sadler Chapter 1 (p17), Chapter 1V (p23), Chapter V1 (p26-32), Chapter 1V (p326-329), Chapter XVI (p354-355), and Chapter VIII IX (p354-355), all from volume 1; from volume 9: Chapter 1V (p326-329), Chapter V1 (p26-32); and from volume 11: Chapter VIII IX (p354-355) (p416-422).


Present your own views, reflections, and analysis about why the Tale of Heike was popular during the medieval period in one page or 300 words.

Don’t give a summary of the story or chapters!! This isn’t a review or a criticism of Heike’s Tale.

There should be no quotes in this paper because it is only a few pages long and is intended for you to present your own own analysis and opinions.

This report must show that you have a thorough comprehension of the materials and be well-organized.

Descartes believes that, despite the fact that his mind is a non-physical entity, it may causally influence (and be impacted by) his physical brain. Is this conceivable? Justify your response.

This time, your writing must be a proper essay, which means it must be a long piece of English prose with an introduction and conclusion in which you guide your reader through a creative and autonomous consideration of the topic at hand. Try to use the skills you learned while writing your short paper to organize your paper, particularly the skills of extracting ideas and arguments from dense prose and the skills of considering and responding to objections.


The length of your paper should be 5 pages (1500 words). The margins on papers must be suitable (i.e., 1″). Double-spacing and a 12-point typeface are recommended. Please number your pages. In your paper, do not include the quoted passage. There is no cover page!

In addition to office hours, I propose the following for incredibly valuable tips on how to prepare philosophy papers:

”How to Write a Philosophy Paper” at ”How to Write a Philosophy Paper” at ”How

Note: The week readings included in the syllabus are only for reference purposes. Find your own sources for this term paper. ANY, not zero, as a source.

The film that our group chose is “2001: A Space Odessey,” and the cues that I have been given to write about are “requiem for soprano, mezzo-soprano, two mixed choruses, and orchestra,“ by Gy?rgy Ligeti.

The following is a link to the film 2001: A Space Odessey. 20160419

I’m mostly concerned with body number two. and everything I need to write about body 2 is listed below.

Body 2’s Outline: Despite the fact that “Also sprach Zarathustra” is the film’s major theme, it is not the first cue we hear. As a prelude to that classic piece, we hear the opening of Gy?rgy Ligeti’s “Atmosph?res’. During the intermission and during the film, it is also used. Ligeti is a well-known composer whose work is featured prominently in the film.

– bring up Ligeti’s reaction to the film

– Lux Aetena (distinctive features, …)

– Requiem (including basic facts such as musical genre, common application, and emotion elicited)

– include Ligeti not knowing about his piece being in the movie but not the story about how Kubrick found about the Requiem.

– provide the default information about it, such as a requiem is a piece of music written for the deceased that was first composed in ….

– The composition can also be described as discordant, evoking feelings of dread and unease.

By the way, another cue utilized in the film is Lux Aetena, which was also composed by Gy?rgy Ligeti. That is why, given there isn’t much information about “requiem for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and tenor,”I believe it would be better to include that work.

2 mixed choirs and orchestra“““““&#

I did not attach any documents because no documentation are required for this particular job. However, if you want any assistance, please contact me as soon as possible. The source number “2” denotes the presence of two musical pieces in the film.

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