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Hence, it is clear that the PEO was completely lacking the traits of good project manager and he remained in passive role. Thus, the PEO is the person who was responsible for failure of the project. Do you agree with the approaches suggested by authors for the three types of conflicts – interpersonal-based, task-based and process-based? All the types of organizational conflicts that occurred throughout the LAMP-H project resulted cost overrun in terms of people, plan, and process deviations.

Approaches suggested by authors for the three types of conflicts are as under: 1. Interpersonal-based conflict: •Compromise or Collaboration Strategy so that the project manager and the project sponsor are in full agreement about all details regarding the project if a successful outcome is desired.

Post project analysis means identification of various reasons which led to failure of the project and possible mitigation actions which could have been taken to achieve the successful project execution. As a consultant, I would make following recommendations for controlling the project: •Objectives of the projects have to be clearly defined with taking care of interests of all stakeholders. US army failed to firm up the specifications of the proposed LAMP-H. •Avoiding major changes in project team and project scope during mid project.

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Submit a two sentence summary with a link to an article that discusses the development of a pediatric formulation.
Adult and Pediatric Formulation: For this assignment you will pick an existing drug in the market. You will write a report describing how the drug is formulated for adults and pediatrics. You will also have to develop a hypothetical formulation that is dosed through a different route of administration. See the Assignment 3 Instructions handout provided below for additional information regarding this assignment.