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“Confessions” a Book by St. Augustine Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Content and Analysis Confessions from the Point of the Seven Dimensions of Religion Conclusion Works Cited Introduction In Confessions by St. Augustine, we can follow the path which St. Augustine went through in his philosophical and religious views. “The work is a tour de force of confession, a highly intimate and often lyrical confession of praises and of thanksgiving, of sins, and of faith, by a mortal man speaking to his omnipotent and omniscient God” (Kotzé 197). Content and Analysis The second book starts from the desire of St. Augustine to recall of his memories from the past in order to recognize the rottenness of his past life once again and to love the God. He confesses that the passion rules his actions and that he sin a lot. “But, fool that I was, I foamed in my wickedness as the sea and, forsaking thee, followed the rushing of my own tide, and burst out of all thy bounds. But I did not escape thy scourges” (St. Augustine par. 5). In the second book of Confessions, St. Augustine told us about his life when he was sixteen years old. At that time he did not recognize his mistakes and he achieved the understanding and recognitions of his actions later when he had adhered to Christianity. In Chapter 5 of Book II, we get to know the reasons and consequences of people sins explained by St. Augustine on the examples of his own life. He also tells us that the God has forgiven his sins and rescued his soul. “When, therefore, we inquire why a crime was committed, we do not accept the explanation unless it appears that there was the desire to obtain some of those values which we designate inferior, or else a fear of losing them. For truly they are beautiful and comely, though in comparison with the superior and celestial goods they are abject and contemptible” (St. Augusitine par. 15). In Book VII, we see how long path St. Augustine has gone to become a Christian. In the search of the answers to his questions, he turned to Neo-Platonism and other philosophical movements. However, in Christianity, he obtained a real recognition of his life and actions. In the first chapter, he mentions that his youth, which has been malicious and criminal, has come to the past, and he has entered in the mature age acquiring the life wisdom and true faith to God. The content of the seventh book gives us an understanding of how difficult it was for St. Augustine to repent sincerely and to become a true Christian. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In his search of the God, he analyzed his actions, his life, and his thoughts. In Chapter 7, he tells us how his minds and world perception has been changing. Eventually, he concludes that it is impossible to imagine something better that the God and the God is the highest virtue. He recognizes that as the God is the highest virtue, what the God wants and makes is also the highest virtue and the Word of the God is the highest value. At this period of his life, although he was close to the Christian teachings, he mentioned that his thoughts were still unclear and he did not found the answers to all of his questions. In Book IX, St. Augustine tells that his recognition of the God and the Christian values became deeper. The first chapter of the book starts from the quotes from the Psalms when the King David mentions that the God was the rescue to his soul. Confessions from the Point of the Seven Dimensions of Religion Ninian Smart, one of the outstanding religious scholars, introduced seven dimensions of religion. According to his seven dimensions model, the formation of any ideology of the religion can be described on the basis of the analysis of the formation and changing of the world perception. Smart insisted that the religious experience was the starting point of any religion formation. From the standpoint of his theory, Confessions of St. Augustine represent the bright example of the religious experience role in the development of the stable religious beliefs and views. In particular, the doctrinal and philosophical dimension is clearly observed in the work of St. Augustine as he formulates his ideas and philosophical views coherently. Besides, the emotional and experimental dimension characterizes Confessions of St. Augustine. This dimension implies the expression of the personal feelings and emotions in the process of search of the answers to the religious questions. St. Augustine not only states which view he has adhered to in the particular period of his life but also expresses which feelings he experienced at that time. Conclusion Confessions of St. Augustine represent an interesting theme for studying in the Religious Studies and Theology. From his work, it becomes clear how difficult way St. Augustine has gone through in his life to become spiritually mature personality with the stable religious views and the world perception. We will write a custom Essay on “Confessions” a Book by St. Augustine specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His work is rather interesting in context of the analysis of the seven dimensions of religion suggested by Ninian Smart. The doctrinal and philosophical as well as experimental and emotional dimensions are clearly observed in his work. Works Cited Kotzé, Annemaré. Augustine’s Confessions: Communicative Purpose and Audience, Boston: Brill, 2004. Print. St. Augustine n.d., Confessions. 10 Oct. 2013.
Initial Response The National Health Service is the organization responsible for the realization of the program of continuous quality improvement in the United Kingdom. Several key issues regarding the problem can be determined nowadays. In particular, the NHS has undertaken financial reform, which influences the realization of its programs. “Key elements of the delivery structure today include an emphasis on local decision-making” (SteelFisher, 2005, p.2). Besides, the NHS intends to implement the changes in regulatory standards. It also makes efforts to improve the evaluation methods of healthcare services quality. The enhancement of the system of data monitoring is one of the key issues on the organization’s agenda. Furthermore, the NHS recognizes the necessity of improvement of the support of primary care physicians and makes efforts in this direction. The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is an important initiative undertaken in the United Kingdom with the purpose of the improvement of healthcare services in the country. It is based on the scoring system. However, the framework has its strengths and weaknesses. The initiative allowed creating an effective framework for the assessment of the healthcare system. Besides, it contributed to the cost-efficiency of the continuous quality improvement program. The motivation of the hospital personnel is one more advantage of QOF. At the same time, some scholars argue that the framework is not very effective in prevention methods. Response Posts To Ellen Ferguson Hi, Ellen, Very good post! I think that you have uncovered all the problems without information overload. I agree with you that the QOF indicators still need improvement, though they are really helpful for the healthcare system in the United Kingdom. Besides, you have mentioned that the transparency and independence of the indicators reviewing process require improvements. Alike you I hold the opinion that the monitoring process is not perfect nowadays. The transparency and objectivity of the QOF are the characteristics of its quality. Essentially, they are the keys to the efficiency of any project. The NHS recognizes this fact and makes efforts to improve these characteristics. To Howard Patterson Hello, Howard, Very interesting opinion! As I see you have touched upon the important aspect of the National Health Care Strategy. I guess you have tried to focus our attention on the economic background of the health care problems. I also emphasize this aspect in my post. The economic downturn influences the direction of the NHS work. It should be noted that “the NHS accounts for 88 percent of health expenditures” (SteelFisher, 2005, p.2). This means that the economic distress puts pressure on the ability of the organization to fund its projects and the QOF, in particular. The funding should satisfy all the financial needs of health care institutions. The significant cut in spending will restrain the opportunities of hospitals to improve the quality of their services and to implement effective measures for the prevention of diseases. Also, the decrease in funding will affect all six dimensions, through which quality is expressed. Undoubtedly, such dimensions as effectiveness and efficiency will be affected the most. Overall, I should admit that we have very similar opinions. It will be great if you read my post and respond to it. It is interesting for me to know your view on my answers. Reference SteelFisher, G.K. (2005). International innovations in health care: quality improvements in the United Kingdom. Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More
COLT UOregon Transgender Film Scholar Natasha Troop Some Like It Hot Discussion.

Please write a 10 to 12-line comment in response to ONE of the questions below. The questions are based on the reading for UNIT SEVEN (Gender Dynamics in Classical Hollywood Screwball Comedy, film “Some Like It Hot” and documentary film “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen”).2. Read the following short blog by transgender film scholar Natasha Troop on “Some Like it Hot.” She argues “that Jack Lemmon’s Jerry is actually transgender and over the course of the film, goes on a journey of self-discovery.” Do you agree? [5 minute reading time]PLEASE INDICATE AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR COMMENT WHICH QUESTION YOU ARE REPLYING TO.CONCLUDE YOUR COMMENT WITH A QUESTION FOR THE REST OF THE CLASS.BRIEFLY ANSWER ONE OF THE QUESTIONS THAT YOUR CLASSMATES POSTED.
COLT UOregon Transgender Film Scholar Natasha Troop Some Like It Hot Discussion

Middle Tennessee State University Research Proposal and Literature Review Essay

Middle Tennessee State University Research Proposal and Literature Review Essay.

evaluating insights of the disciplines relevant to your research problemStep 1 – Define the Research Problem and Step 5 – Critically Analyze the Disciplinary Insights Into the Problem. The draft will enable you to receive feedback from your instructor before submitting your final research paperThe Step 1 and 5 Draft should include the following elements:1. Title PageInclude an APA-formatted title page opens in new window opens in new window with running head, page numbers, your name, assignment name, and institution.2. Define the Research Problem (Step 1)State the interdisciplinary research problem you are researching. The problem statement should be clear, define the scope of the problem, and include context explaining why it is important to investigate the problem. You should revise your problem statement based on the instructor’s feedback on your Research Proposal and Literature Search assignment. 3. Critically Analyze the Disciplines Insights Into the Problem (Step 5)Your draft of Step 5 will include two parts: presenting disciplinary insights and identifying conflict and agreement between insights.A. PRESENT DISCIPLINARY INSIGHTSExplain each relevant discipline’s overall approach to the problem (3 pages per discipline) based on your research (discuss one discipline at a time). You must support your writing with evidence from all of your sources related to that specific discipline. Your analysis should be based on the insights produced in each of the sources from your literature search.Read your sources carefully and look for what the author discusses as:the scope and magnitude of the problemcauses of the problemeffects of the problemsolutions to the problemtheories related to this problemThis strategy will help you discuss each discipline’s insights about the problem. You may discuss other findings as well.B. IDENTIFY CONFLICT AND AGREEMENT BETWEEN INSIGHTSAfter presenting each discipline’s perspective on, and important insights into, the problem, summarize conflict and/or agreement between insights (approximately 200 – 300 words). Sources must be incorporated and appropriately paraphrased and cited. Refer to Chapter 12 pages 309-322 in the Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies text for descriptions and examples of this step.4. Reference PageProvide an APA-formatted reference page of all sources used in your assignment. Remember that four sources must be peer-reviewed sources and the remaining two (or more) sources may be trade, government, book, or other appropriate sources. All sources should be current and published within the past 10 years.
Middle Tennessee State University Research Proposal and Literature Review Essay

ISU Unexpected Reasons Why the Mistreatment of Women and Girls Continues Discussion

term paper help ISU Unexpected Reasons Why the Mistreatment of Women and Girls Continues Discussion.

Discussion Module 3
5353 unread replies.5353 replies.
With his signature resolve, former US President Jimmy Carter dives into three unexpected reasons why the mistreatment of women and girls continues in so many manifestations in so many parts of the world, both developed and developing. These include the misinterpretation of religion, the excessive resort to violence, and the fact that men really “don’t give a damn” since they hold a privileged position.  Watch the 16:37 minute video from the TED Talk series (you should take notes) and discuss the following:
In America, what are the key abuses Carter discusses, what institutions are responsible, and how can it be changed.”
You must make your first post (minimum 300 words) in order to access other students and then a second & third post in response to another student (minimum 100 words.) The ten points are awarded for the quality and relevance of the first post based upon the question, an engaging response post, and the timeliness and quantity of the posts.
Term paper Module 2
Chapter 9 dives into some of the main challenges in crossing social and cultural borders. First, it discusses religion and religious fundamentalism, particularly Islam and Islamic fundamentalism, as a critical issue of identity. Next, this chapter defines ethnic conflict as another important challenge and illustrates this concept with examples of ethnic cleansing and genocide. The third challenge identified by this chapter is the failed state. It describes how the failed state is determined by the Fund for Peace through their Fragile State Index, and the implications that failed states have for identity. Lastly, this chapter outlines some of the ways that groups are overcoming these challenges through transitional justice efforts, such as truth and reconciliation commissions.
Write an overview of these issues, selecting and outlining what you believe are the majors causes of these problems and possible solutions for the future.
See the Assignments and deadlines section in the Course information Module for the paper requirements and grading rubric.
Term paper requirements are as follows:
The paper has a minimum length of 700 words with at least two outside sources to supplement the text material.
The paper should have a title at the beginning and a citations section at the end which uses common academic citation style. The paper should not begin with a repetition of the question or have your name, my name, the course name, date, etc., as those do not count toward the word total nor does the citation page. The paper should begin with a title to your work and then the material, which should ideally include an opening statement of your thesis, a structured and organized body of work, and a conclusion. There is a rubric attached to each Term paper assignment that indicates the methodology utilized for the grading score. Wikipedia and various encyclopedias are not considered proper sources. The paper should focus on the analysis of the question but it is also fine to put your own opinion and viewpoints into the paper. If you need help writing papers, contact the University Writing and Media Center for assistance: to an external site.
ISU Unexpected Reasons Why the Mistreatment of Women and Girls Continues Discussion

students with emotional and behavioral disorders or an inclusion classroom that contains students with emotional and behavioral

students with emotional and behavioral disorders or an inclusion classroom that contains students with emotional and behavioral. I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.

You must arrange to spend a minimum of four hours in a self-contained classroom of students with emotional and behavioral disorders or an inclusion classroom that contains students with emotional and behavioral disorders observing the teacher and the students and interacting with them. Your report of your observation should address the following questions separately and extensively:
Date and Time of the Observation
Description of the Setting:
 Community: Rural, urban, or suburban?
 School: Elementary, middle, or high school? How many total students are served at the school? What percentage of the student body receives special education services?
 Classroom: How is the room arranged? What are on the walls? Are there computers or learning centers in the classroom?
1. Description of Students and Teacher:
 Age, grade level, and gender of the students with emotional and behavioral disorders.
 What were the criteria for placement in this setting?
 What type of emotional or behavioral disorders do these students exhibit?
 Description/background of the teacher and an any other adults working with the students.
 What are their classroom duties of the other adults in the classroom?
2. Curriculum:
 What is the overall approach or combination of approaches being used in the classroom (e.g., Direct Instruction, Collaborative Learning, etc.)?
 What specific strategies are used for academic accommodations to the curriculum
 What specific strategies are evident for behavior management techniques
 Are there any individual behavior intervention plans (BIP) in place?
3. Reflection: (5 points)
 What new information did you learn from this observation?
 What, if any preconceived notions about students with EBD did you have going into this classroom?
 Were your ideas changed by this observation?
 What, if anything might you change or do differently if this was your classroom?
 What new information have you learned from your readings, literature review etc., that you could apply to teaching children with EBD in your future career?
4. Grammar: Punctuation, spelling, APA format, (4 points)
students with emotional and behavioral disorders or an inclusion classroom that contains students with emotional and behavioral

Grossmont College What Are Race and Ethnicity Questions

Grossmont College What Are Race and Ethnicity Questions.

I’m working on a law project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Your lesson plan must include the following:*Learning Goals and Objectives, Assessment Activities, Classroom Environment-Inclusivity.*Course Name:At least six (6) weeks of course material, organized by theme. Each week will have a theme name that relates to what assignments you will assign. Each theme must pertain to social injustice (race and inequality) in the execution of criminal justice. You can choose the chronological timeline. You must include at least two documentaries that you will require students to review in that six-week period. The documentaries should be hosted by different narrators. The documentaries may be produced by the same entity (i.e. National Geographic, PBS, History Channel, Investigation Discovery, etc.) These should be assigned in different weeks to avoid overwhelming the students.You must include at least two (2) readings per week, for each themed week. The readings must be obtained from Open Educational Resources that are either in the public domain or license that allows anyone with free permission to retain, revise, remix, reuse, and redistribute. To sum it up, this is a creative commons license that helps copyright holders give free permission to use their work under certain conditions. They may NOT be from the same author. The authors must be authors from diverse backgrounds with diversity in thought and theory. You will give a full citation of the readings (author, the title of the journal article/book, publisher, publishing city). You must create at least one participation discussion activity that you will assign. This will be in the form of a discussion post (you will detail the direction of this assignment and the posting requirements) that require peer-to-peer participation as part of the grade. List at least four meaningful questions, Group Activity (if it were an in-person class or/ online). This may not be based on your two documentary listings. This may be added to whichever week of assignments you prefer.You must create a rubric for each assignment. Your rubric can be in the form of a chart or pictogram or any other clear means of communicating to students how the assignment will be graded. The rubric must include a score and information for Content/Organization/Grammar( Spelling)I just need an Outline
Grossmont College What Are Race and Ethnicity Questions