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The concert that I watched on the cyberspace was a full concert that took topographic point in Freiburg. Germany in 1987 and was presented by two of the best authoritative guitar players of all-time Francisco Sanchez Gomez better known as Paco de Lucia from Spain and John McLaughlin from England.

The music that they play is all classical music in its pureness and between the submitted vocals which were largely vocals composed by themselves some pieces belong to other celebrated creative persons such as Egberto Sigmonti and Chick Korea. Personally. I truly liked really much this concert I. I think that the combination of these two guitar players is one of the best combinations of classical guitar creative persons. For illustration I have seen some other presentations of Paco de Lucia as soloist and other creative persons attach toing him but ne’er had looked an creative person attach toing Paco de Lucia so good as John McLauhlin that could demo off and foreground both manners in one.

The guitars used for this concert. of class were the original wood authoritative guitar with nylon strings. The techniques used by Paco de Lucia were largely finger manner and the techniques of John were largely arpeggios and rhythmic utilizing the choice. The first piece of music which the concert began is called “Spain” by a worldwide known piano player Armando Anthony Corea or best good known as “Chick corea” . This is a piece of music a small long and really reasonably. The bulk of the vocal was merely the finger manner of Paco de Lucia and arpeggios and picking technique by John. Actually in this vocal John could demo off more accomplishments than Paco de Lucia.

The 2nd musical piece is called “Chiquito” and it was created by Paco de Lucia. a vocal with a fantastic tune. This vocal has a beat that is ever traveling up and down ; starts decelerate and so begins to raise the beat faster and faster. A funny note in this vocal I saw. was the manner that John guitar played his guitar. for illustration the motions for non losing the beat and clip. The funny motion that John was making consists on traveling his right pes as making circles. and so continued with the other pes giving little blows to the floor.

The 3rd vocal is called “Florianopolis” and it was written by John McLaughlin. This is a really fast piece. since the beginning starts with a really fast solo touring all stews of the guitar. Paco de Lucia was making arpeggios and finger manner. while John was adorning the piece with his magnificent fast picking technique. . The terminal of the vocal went much faster and with a really curious beat. for illustration John while playing his guitar besides gave a few blows on guitar to make or tag a few pauses several times and so kept playing the same tune. The 4th vocal is called “Cana de Azucar” written by Paco de Lucia. This vocal is a short piece but with a really fast tune. The techniques used are reasonably much the same techniques used in the other vocals. at the terminal of the vocal both creative persons speed up the tune and continued with merely arpeggios until the terminal.

The fifth vocal is called “Frevo Rasgado” and was written by Egberto Gismonti. a really old Brazilian piano player and guitar player. Actually he is recognized as one of the most of import modern-day composers in the universe. embracing different musical manners that pass from Brazilian popular music. wind and classical music. This song sounds more like flamenco and has really difficult and fast tunes. The techniques used were finger manner. arpeggios and picking technique by John. besides making once more blows on the guitar to adorn and tag little intermissions in the vocal.

The 6th and last vocal performed is called “David” and written by John McLaughlin. This is a really relaxed and comfy vocal. It starts really slow with light sounds and slow tunes. but as the vocal continues the tune starts to travel faster and faster until the terminal that finishes with really fast tune.

In decision. I truly liked al the public presentations from the beginning until the terminal. Without a uncertainty is one of the best couple of classical guitar I’ve of all time seen because these two guitar players are recognized around the universe as some of the best. The techniques of each creative person fit absolutely to make some really keen and interesting tunes. Both creative persons did a great public presentation that dark. and all the people were really amazed with their public presentation.

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