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Conceptualizing a Business Analysis and Mission Statement The New Millennium Gym is a fitness facility offering state-of-the-art workout equipment, instructional training, proper nutrition, and nutritional supplements for its clients. It offers guidance for all ages; from the high school teenager seeking to improve their athletic abilities to senior citizens looking to become more active and fit in their retirement years, and all individuals at different levels of fitness. The fitness service is provided by state certified instructors and nutritionists.

The mission statement of the New Millennium Gym is simple, “To provide the best experience to our clientele on fitness instructions, nutrition, and supplements to assist him or her in reaching their fitness goals. ” The uniqueness of the New Millennium Gym is the philosophy to educate the customer on how to reach their fitness goals. This includes the proper nutritional instruction of which foods to eat, the proper exercise regimen, using the proper technique and form when exercising, and which supplements to take to maximize their workouts.

Our highly trained staff is available to answer questions and provide safe instructions on using the exercise equipment. Without motivation, most people trying to return to an exercise program will find themselves discouraged by the lack of quick results, the soreness of beginning a new exercise program, and the lack of knowledge of which exercise to perform, along with the correct manner of performing the exercise safely. A daycare center is available while our customers are busy working out or receiving his or her training session. Several pricing packages are available to meet the needs of our customers. Analysis and Vision Statement

This organization plans to offer two convenient locations for our customers to workout in meeting their busy schedules. Within five years, the organization will open more locations around the city with the possibility of opening gyms in other cities. This will provide the convenience for our clients to workout in facilities closer to work or home. The New Millennium employees will have personal training certifications qualifying him or her to provide instructions to our clients. Re-certifications will follow state requirements outlined by regulatory agencies. The organization must adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

The vision statement of The New Millennium Gym is to become a major contributor in the fitness service field, to aggressively and ethically increase the membership of each location; and expand by adding five locations within the next five years. Guiding Principles The success of The New Millennium Gym would be accomplished by following these guidelines: culture, ethics, legal compliance, and social responsibility. Culture may not have as big an effect in the fitness field but understanding that our clients may be comprised of different nationalities and cultures is important to the success of the organization.

When educating the customer about nutrition and eating the correct foods, knowing about the cuisine of the customer would ensure the nutritionist would not offend the customer about his or her culture or cuisine. The trainers should learn about gestures or phrases that may be offensive to certain cultures also. The New Millennium Gym will operate in an ethical, legal, and socially responsible manner adhering to the guidelines of the business and doing our part in society. The organization will obtain all required licenses and certifications for the trainers and nutritionists.

The organization will also provide any financial statements in compliance with the laws and regulations as defined by the city and state agencies. In doing our part in being social responsible to the planet and other people sharing the planet with us, the organization will use recycled material whenever possible and recycle all material that can be recycled. Other ways that the organization can give back to the community is by sponsoring fitness events or activities for kids and adults, igniting the fitness participation and awareness of our citizens.

Helping the needy by providing collection boxes and drop off points is another option for helping our community. Strategic Direction The mission statement for The New Millennium Gym provides the organization with the understanding of why the gym exists. The mission statement provides a purpose for the organization to focus upon so decisions will not lead the organization astray. The strategic plan provides the long-term goals and perspectives of the organization, which if followed ensure the right decisions are made aligning the decisions with the organization’s goals.

The vision statement is a roadmap of where the organization wants to be in the future. It provides a goal for the strategic plan and some actions needed to research those goals. When the organization knows the direction it wants to take and where it wants to be in the future, the strategic plan is clearer and goal driven. The mission and vision statements provides The New Millennium Gym attainable goals and prevents the organization from taking action that could jeopardize their existence in the community. Achieving a Competitive Advantage The New Millennium Gym addresses its customer’s needs in several ways.

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