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(Figure 1. 0. Conceptual Framework of the PUPSMBC Student Council Voting System through SMS) The proponents used the Input Process Output Diagram (IPO) as their Conceptual Framework of the study which guides while undergoing the study. The Input (I), the Process (P), and the Output (O), these variables are the component of inquiry. The Input as the source of information, the Process as the procedure undergoes and the Output showed the result of the process information and the target system.

This helps the proposed study to determine the boundaries of the most applicable quality tools to attain quality of the system. The researchers gathered the sources composed of Registration Card of the Students Authenticate Voters, Registered Voters, and the list of the candidates to be able to build the proposed system. The required Visual Basic . NET 2008 to build the source code, Adobe Photoshop CS4 for editing interfaces and graphical designs, Microsoft Access 2007 for the database and Windows XP Service Pack 2 for the Operating System of the proposed System.

The computer hardware application required to build the proposed system. LAN Cable is needed to provide a connection from the server to client. The GSM/GPRS Module is needed to provide a connection to the computer and mobile registration, Mobile Phone for the user to send, transmit and receive SMS through the proposed system. ———————– OUTPUT PUPSMBC Student Council Voting System through SMS PROCESS A. Determine Application B. Design, Code and Develop the System C. Configuration LAN Requirements

D. Install System Configuration and Deploy E. Test and Improve the System INPUT A. Knowledge Requirement a. Registration Card b. Authentication of the Registered Voter of Candidates c. Voting System B. Software Requirement a. Visual Basic . NET 2008 b. Adobe Photoshop CS4 c. Microsoft Access 2007 d. Windows XP Service Pack 2 C. Hardware Requirement a. Computer b. LAN Cable c. GSM/GPRS MODEM d. Mobile Phone Evaluation ———————– System Software Development

Cereal Marketing

Cereal Marketing.

b) Cereal Marketing Project

A major manufacturer of cereal has hired you to develop a brand new cold breakfast cereal. The company wants to sell this product to 3 to 6 year-old children. As a marketing specialist you have to: Part 1 – Identify your target market by utilizing segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies.Part 1 should be 2-3 pages of content and 1 page of references. You must apply APA formatting style only for in-text citations and references. Do not include a cover page. Submit each paper as a Microsoft Office Word file (if you use a Mac, make sure to change your format to be compatible with Word). Use Times New Roman size 12, double-spaced. Do not cite Wikipedia. It is not a reliable resource. Wikipedia, however, may help lead you to other credible sources. Do not include useless facts and statistics for the sole purpose of reaching a page limit. Part 1 should cite the book and have a minimum of 3 external sources

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