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Concepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics Essay

Concepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics Essay. Introduction As a result of the numerous calls to save ‘mother nature” from destruction and the ever-increasing diversity and complexity of organisations, currently numerous organisations have adopted various mechanisms of reducing the negative effects of their supply chain on the stability and wellbeing of the environment. Majority of organisations have achieved this through establishing strong relationships between logistics, their surrounding ecosystems, and natural resources. The term green logistics was coined in 1980s when the use of advanced technology begun. The implementation of this management system was meant to ensure that the issue of sustainability, particular to the supply chain is dealt with as per the required or established environmental policies. Green technology is a name that is synonymous with sustainability, and it is commonly used in the production and distribution of goods industry with focus on social and environmental factors. It touches on the economy, society and the general environment as a whole. As such, it is not only a company’s CSR policies that determine its direction and way of doing things, but also the effects of its degrading activities on the society and environment play a part. Therefore, sustainable green logistics must comprise measuring the environmental effects of various distribution strategies, seek ways to decrease the usage of energy in logistical undertakings, eliminate or reduce waste, and finally find ways of effectively treating any disposed products (EgleseConcepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics Essay
Makelele Market Audit and Strategic Analysis Feasibility Study.

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Description1) There are two distinct sections to this final assessment. First is the undertaking of a market audit and strategic analysis. The second follows on and is a feasibility study based on the outcome of said audit. 2) In first part Market audit and strategic analysis on an organisation/brand of own choice. The detailed audit and TOWS should be included in the appendix section while in the main body of the report, write an appraisal based on the findings of the audit. 3) Appraisal should be approximately 500 words and should be based on a summary of audit, highlighting what consider to be the most important issues (internal and external), leading to an identification of the strategic priority to be addressed in feasibility section. 4) The second part is a feasibility study which is built upon the findings of market audit. This requires to continue with review of your chosen organisation/brand and in conjunction with the market audit and strategic analysis assess the feasibility of proposed recommendations. This will require you to have completed a market analysis and identified proposed marketing decisions. You are required to present this as a feasibility report that identifies whether the proposed decisions are desirable. The feasibility should consider both the positive and negative aspects of potential business scenarios that will assist you in selecting a marketing strategy. You are NOT required to write a marketing plan. Assume that you are employed by your chosen organisation/brand and that you have been asked by the marketing team to write a feasibility study to support their development of a marketing strategy and plan. For the purposes of this task you should identify the proposed decisions that will shape your feasibility study. Your feasibility report should include: * The identification of proposed decisions and the feasibility of these decisions from market, customer and economic perspectives. * Identification of the desirability of the proposed decisions and key recommendations to the marketing strategy team.Sources: -Citation Style: Harvard4.5 pages / 2520 words (Single spacing)
Makelele Market Audit and Strategic Analysis Feasibility Study

ISM 4300 USF Vital Skills for IT Professionals Discussion.

1. Read and Review “The Requisite Variety of Skills for IT Professionals” Communications of the ACM, June 2010 (Allow 45 minutes)What are the skills most critical to recruitment and retention of IT employees?To what extent do they match YOUR skill-set?Who coined the phrase ‘requisite variety’? When?N.B. As always, please try to use the questions above simply to guide your reading: you do not need to specifically ‘answer’ them in your writing…because first, you are again asked to Search for another article that explores employment forecasts and trends or recruitment or other HR issues in IT. Once you have identified an article that relates to one or more aspects of our topic – the skills and competence associated with digital transformation – consider its authority and relevance. Does it offer strong empirical evidence for the arguments or predictions it puts forward? Does it reinforce – or perhaps contradict – what you have read before? Considering these qualities will help you find a potent source! The USF Library is by far the best resource for this phase of your work. Carefully read, analyze and summarize the article you chose and then write a brief review (between 300-600 words) that articulates what you consider to be the key issue(s), and specifically how it (or they) relate to those set out in the lead articles AND how they affect the ‘digital transformation’ of individuals and organizations (Allow 2 hours). Your review will attract a higher grade the more directly it relates to the issues and themes raised in the lead articles – and the extent to which it articulates agreements or disagreements. Using evidence (data) to challenge a view expressed is particularly welcomed. VERY IMPORTANT: Please when you quote from the essays use the full quotation including page number and paragraph number.EVERY direct quotation MUST include a full citation INCLUDING the page or paragraph number. MLA or APA styles are the best suited to our work in the course. This link provides an overview
ISM 4300 USF Vital Skills for IT Professionals Discussion

MIV Cryptography Computer Related Crime & Encryption Algorithms Worksheet

MIV Cryptography Computer Related Crime & Encryption Algorithms Worksheet.

How one should not report a computer related crime?telephone e-mail using the computertell management in persontell the IT department in personThe encryption algorithm _____ is no longer considered computationally secure.DESRSAAESDiffie-Hellman?Which of the following is not the reason for the difficulties in prosecutions of computer-related crimes?What is not considered as authentication? (1, 2 or 3 or 4)Which is not considered the misuse of information?How does a client machine find the web address associated with a particular URL?It uses translation software in the interpreter.It sends a message to the nearest domain name server.It uses hashing to translate the address.It sends a message to the URL server.What defines the strength of a cryptographic method? it Your choice: Reason: Why you did not select other options Your choice Reason: Why it is not secure give reference? The area of litigation is extremely technical and difficult to understand.Most of the crimes do not fall under any of the current laws The laws themselves are relatively new and untested.The technology is very dynamic, and the tactics of the perpetrators are constantly changing. Your choice Reason: the act of binding an entity to a representation of identitythe act of ensuring that information is being sent securelythe act of ensuring that the receiver of information actually received itthe act of binding a computer system to a network a, c, db, c, d a, b, ca, b, d Your choice ____ Reason: Why it is important? the untimely release of secret information the deletion of information from a systemthe illegal sale of information to rival companiesthe misrepresentation of information Your choice: – Reason: Your choice Reason: Your choice: – Reason: Why does it define the strength? What is the most important benefit of asymmetrical encryption? What piece of legislation allows computer records documenting criminal activity to be used in court?National Infrastructure Protection ActFederal Computer Documents Rule 703(a)Digital Signature Bill Federal Rules of Evidence 803(6)Which part(s) of CAIN is realized through the use of message digest functions and hashes? confidentiality authenticity integrity non-repudiation Your choice: Reason: Contrast with symmetrical encryption Your choice: Reason: Your choice: How it is realized? QII.1Suppose we use key pair K1, K2 (public key and private key) for encryption and key pair K3, K4 (public key and private key) for the digital signature What are the advantages and disadvantages in the following cases? K1 and K2 are the same as K3 and K4, i.e. K3=K1 and K4=K2K1 and K2 are different than K3 and K4{2 pts} This number, put at the end of each message, is an example of what cryptographic item?{2 pts} Does it have the characteristic of being one-way i.e. can you deduce the original message?{4 pts} Is it collision resistant? Why?{7 pts} Can you suggest some other way to indicate that message is from the sender without resorting to encryption? QII.2 Suppose your spy colleague wanted to send you messages that you could be sure came from him (and not an enemy trying to pretend to be him). Your colleague personally tells you: “Whenever I send you a message, the last thing in the message will be a number. That number will be a count of the number of letter E’s in the message. If you get a message, and the number at the end is NOT an accurate count of the number of letter E’s, then that message is from an imposter.” An enterprising group of entrepreneurs is starting a new data storage and retrieval business, SecureStore, Inc. For a fee, the new company will accept digitalized data (text and images, multimedia), and store it on hard drives until needed by the customer. Customer data will be transmitted to and from SecureStore over the Internet.SecureStore guarantees that the confidentiality and integrity of the data will be maintained. SecureStore also envisions certain information assurance requirements for their internal operations. Company employees will need to exchange confidential email and will need a mechanism for verifying the integrity and originator of some email messages. Also, SecureStore intends a daily backup of all customer data to a remote facility via a leased line. They wish to do so as economically as possible, while ensuring the data’s confidentiality and integrity. Describe briefly how they would satisfy Secure Store’s requirements as stated above. How would a successful candidate respond? 1. First, list the requirements derived from the above statements (note the highlighted words); list each requirement.Keep in mind that this business will be operating in the real world, which means please pay attention to economics. {5 points} 2, How would you satisfy each of the above requirements? {15 points}
MIV Cryptography Computer Related Crime & Encryption Algorithms Worksheet

Ten Signs a Company is in Trouble Discussion

research paper help Ten Signs a Company is in Trouble Discussion.

Required viewing for this week’s Discussion. This video, while not brand new, shows how the firm, Southern Cross got into trouble. You’ll be using this video to come up with ideas to share in this week’s discussion regarding companies that you think are in trouble today.Watch and review the MoneyWeek video, “Ten Signs a Company’s In Trouble”. As you’re watching, brainstorm potential companies that you think might be in trouble based off some or any of the reasons listed in the video. Then, choose your favorite candidate and share your choice and discuss why your company might be a good candidate. Try to be creative with your choice of company. Perhaps look at an industry you either work in or have a particular interest. Extra points for creativity!
Ten Signs a Company is in Trouble Discussion

Budgetary Slack As A Management Control Mechanism Accounting Essay

Budgetary Slack As A Management Control Mechanism Accounting Essay. Introduction Budgeting control system is one of the popular mechanisms in the management control systems that have undergone significant shifts of emphasis in both literature and practices. Budget slack meaning a deliberate underestimation of revenues and overestimation of costs than of actual budget is one of the aspects of budgetary control in the research of contemporary accounting management literature. The conventional wisdom on budgetary slack underlies a negative image of slack creation by the managers to appropriate organizational resources available after optimal utilization of the so called achievable budget targets. Alternative voice is that budgetary slack is often rewarding for the managers and also for the organization, serving as motivation for efficient utilization of resources and meeting the targets of the organization. However, the relationship between budgetary slack and management control mechanism underlies budgetary slack as the outcome of either tight budgeting or lack of budgetary supervision. In addition to that, budgetary slack are also used as management control mechanism. Against this backdrop, the objective of the paper is to review the existing image and practices of budgetary slack as a mechanism of management control and the role of budgetary slack that impact on the behavior of managers. For that end the paper in the beginning details out the conceptual scheme of budgetary slack and the factors and strategies to create budgetary slack. It reviews the linkages between management control mechanism and budgetary slack in the next section. Then, the paper importantly deals with the role of budgetary slack on the behavioral pattern of the managers. Finally the paper ended with discussing some ways to enhance he positive functioning of budgetary slack to control unethical practices and increase accountability and transparency of the management. The Concept of Budgetary Slack Budgetary slack in its simplest form, as in the lexicon of advance accounting, is defined as the difference between an actual budget figure and an easily obtainable budget figure. When a manager controls budget resources more than optimal to accomplish his or her objectives, then the manager creates a condition of budget slack (Kren, 2003). For instance, budget slacking may take the form of underestimated performance capabilities, understated revenues or overstated expenses over a projected period of time. The official terminology of CIMA considers that slack in the budgeting process occurs if there is an intentional underestimation of revenues or overestimation of expenses by the managers (Jia, 2007). Payes (1989) emphasizes on the issue of performance in defining budget slack. According to his perspective, the difference between a division’s expected performance capability and a participatively-set performance standard or target creates budgetary slack. Budget slack is the difference between the resources allocated or available to a division and those resources needed to achieve a budget-set or output target. Becker and Green (1962) and Schiif and Lewin (1970) advocated that for slack to occur participative budgeting is a necessary condition. Budget slack should be distinguished from two related concepts in the accounting management literature: ‘organizational slack’, and ‘budget achievability’. Organizational slack which serves as a positive function by absorbing fluctuations in an uncertain environment refers to the safeguard measures taken by the authorities to reduce the harmful effects of uncertain conditions on which the firms function (Cyert and March, 1963). Quite similarly, ‘budget achievability’ reduces the risk of dysfunctional subordinate behavior by increasing predictability of earnings, and reducing time spent on control of profit center operations (Merchant and Manzoni, 1989). The differences between budget slack and these two concepts is that budget slack is concealed from superiors and exceeds allowable levels. Other views on the definition of budget slack are mostly concerned with managers’ effort to choose a more easily attainable budget standard against which subordinates’ performances will be evaluated (Jawarski and Young, 1989), or with managers’ desire to create protection from uncertainties by absorbing fluctuations (Cyert and March, 1963). Creation of Slacks: Influencing Factors The creation of budget slack is a complicated process that involves managerial agents pursuing diverse motives and creates many opposing consequences. Slack usually is the result of the self-interested behavior of unit managers, but can be created by anyone who prepares the budget (Onsi, 1973). SchiffBudgetary Slack As A Management Control Mechanism Accounting Essay

Below is My Question

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Choose 1 of the 3 questions presented in class and write an essay on the selected topic.. The text must be approximately 2000 words (around 4 pages). Use font: Times New Roman, size: 12, 1,5 spacing.
Be sure to quote and reference correctly. Build a bibliography at the end of the document. There is a section in the forum, where you can ask questions if you need to! Good luck with your work and start reading now as a friendly advice.
Essay topics:
1)Select one of the classical sociological theorists discussed in class (Marx, Weber or Durkheim) and critically assess the selected thinker’s theory from the perspective of political science. Choose a contemporary social problem (on the World, European or National level) and discuss the possible relevance of the selected author’s perspective in addressing the problem.
2)What are the main societal problems of modernity identified in the writings of classical sociological authors discussed in class (all three of them) ? Point out the common ideas and specify the most characteristic point of their individual legacy.
3)What are the relations between individual and society in the writings of Marx, Weber and Durkheim ?
Below is My Question

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