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Concept of Instructional Strategies in Nursing Report

Table of Contents Introduction Three Instructional Learning Strategies Three Appropriate Learning Strategies Instructional Message for the Content Learning Objective: Two Delivery Strategies Instructional Context: Two Delivery Strategies Instructional Strategies: Two Delivery Strategies Conclusion References Introduction Creating clear and concise instructions that learners could follow is a critical part of a framework for promoting education among nurses. Furthermore, due to the promotion of cross-disciplinary communication, one will have to make instructions accessible to all participants and make the learning process effective in the multidisciplinary environment. Thus, one will have to select the approaches that foster the active processing of new data, as well as the skill of compromising and resolving emergent conflicts fast. Since the learning strategies that nurses will have to follow will embrace the ideas of working under significant pressure, it will be critical to introduce the delivery strategies that will focus on promoting the acquisition of the respective skills. Three Instructional Learning Strategies Practicing the nursing language should be seen as a crucial instructional learning strategy (ILS) that swill need to be applied to the learning context. The specified approach will allow teaching the target demographic about the critical methods of information sharing and transfer. The knowledge of the nursing language will advance the quality of care through a more effective data management process. Therefore, the proposed strategy should be seen as a critical part of nursing education. The promotion of inclusive caring is another step toward improved care. Students should be aware of the methods of expanding their range of nursing techniques and address the needs of diverse groups, especially the ones that are typically deemed as vulnerable. For this purpose, the adoption of a learning strategy based on inclusive caring should be regarded as an important step. The specified ILS will assist students in understanding the needs of the target population. It is also critical to use visual items that help illustrate a specific point or explain a certain process to students. Thus, the use of visuals is the third ILS that an educator should incorporate into the learning process. The resulting rise in the levels of understanding among students will justify the selection of the specified tools. Three Appropriate Learning Strategies In addition to being given crucial information about handling nursing responsibilities, students will require the learning strategies (LS) that will help them acquire new knowledge easily and train the recently developed abilities successfully. Furthermore, given the necessity for a nurse to develop new skills regularly, it will be important for students to have lifelong learning skills as well. For this purpose, an educator should promote the LS of need-based learning (Qalehsari, Khaghanizadeh,
Emergency Preparedness During Covid-19. Paper details   Development an outline for your research topic, ” Emergency Preparedness During Covid-19″. Make sure your outline is formatted in APA style. outline: Should have an introduction followed by 3 sections that will discuss 3 main points that defend your thesis and end with conclusions. Introduction: Highlights key background points and presents your thesis Body: Details the main ideas that support your thesis Conclusion: Briefly reiterates your main points and clarifies how these ideas support your final positionEmergency Preparedness During Covid-19

The Red Stapler Club

The Red Stapler Club. Paper details Read the short story, “The Red Stapler Club,” from the book: The 52nd Floor: Thinking Deeply About leadership. What is your impression about this culture? Would you like to work in this organization? Why or Why not? I will attach the story in the form of a word document.The Red Stapler Club

microbiology unknown project

write my term paper microbiology unknown project. Paper details HI. so this is a unknown project and my data for unknown is #1 this is 20% of my overall garde which is very very important. there are a few papers i will be submiting here. which one has a instruction of how to to the project and one will help you for the answer. there should be NO outside source. thansk microbiology unknown project

Online Learning Objectives Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Learning objectives Campus learning Online class References Introduction For effective implementation of learning objectives, there are key contextual factors that come into play. These factors determine whether the teacher can communicate with the students. With the advent of the internet, online courses have sprouted resulting in the debate on the two options, traditional class setting, and the online class. According to Class-Size Reduction: Policy, Politics, and Implications for Equity, (2008) the class size in a traditional setting is essential because, due to the greater possibility of teacher-student interaction, teaching in a smaller classroom is more effective compared to a large classroom. Also, other factors will play a role in determining the outcome of the class. Let us take for instance a geography class with 70 students enrolled in class and 10 of them as online students. For the best outcome of the two scenarios, they will have the same objectives as Adam (2004) explains; at the end of the module, a successful student should achieve them. Learning objectives The learning objectives for the class will be; after the physical geography class, the student will be able to: Explain the relationship between the earth and the sun. How their interconnectivity affects the earth’s physical environment. Summarize the factors that cause natural hazards and explain their effect on human beings. Analyze the effect of human beings on the ecosystem and research on environmental matters such as management of waste, air and water pollution, as well as environmental planning. Analyze legitimate conclusions from the analysis of statistics and maps. Construct diagrams explaining and demonstrating the processes of rock, hydrologic and plate tectonic cycles as earth science. Campus learning The campus class students will attend this class in a medium-size auditorium that harmonizes a good seating arrangement and group work area. The structure of the main assignment is such that students will determine a research topic based on the syllabus; develop questions, and investigate methods. A research paper should be the outcome of the assignment; this should address a specific physical geographic issue while conducting relevant analysis with tangible conclusions. Students will present their research paper to the class at the end of the semester. Focused discussions, which will be done in groups of five and relate to the topic of the day. The discussion groups are forums where students interact with each other. There will be several discussion topics during the semester. Students are required to contribute their opinion and provide new information on topics. Students are also required to comment once a week on a topic and post to other groups to review. Each group will be required to create a log detailing the discussions and submitted at the end of the group session. Field trip will be essential in the geography class. This will aid the students in recognizing the environment as an important geographical topic. There will be one class field trip at the end of the semester where the students will be required to put to use statistical techniques, sampling methods in reporting on an activity that is relevant to physical geography. The students will be required to create a journal of what they observed. During the semester, there will be two examinations, a midterm and a cumulative final. These examinations will consist of two parts (a) question and answer, which will include items such as definitions, brief explanations, listings and identifications (b) essay which will be comparative and not descriptive. Students will have the option of selecting two of three possible essay topics. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Online class In the online class, students will access the geography class portal through the internet and it will contain lessons, messages, forums, assignments, and tests. In the online classroom, there is a link to your lesson this week, it is the most important link in the portal. The studies begin here. This is where the students access their lessons. Also, students will find a summary every week, which outlines their assignments, tutorials, online maps, and forum discussions, and that has deadlines. This online classroom outlines course information, academic calendar, syllabus; the internet portal will also include Study guide that will detail the learning objectives. Study questions. Practice quizzes that are not graded but will be essential to students in helping them find out how well they understand the study material. There will also be other features in the portal to assist online students understand the class materials. There will be an online forum a section where students will interact with fellow students. This is the online version of the discussion groups and will be synchronous at a set time. This forum will also form a blog for students to extend their discussions and more so to facilitate asynchronous discussion. There will be a message icon where the student can send messages privately to the instructor or fellow students. There will be assignments posted in the online classroom. Here, there will be a download icon for longer assignments and an upload icon for the student to use for sending completed assignments. Quizzes will also be available as motivation for the student to keep up with their studies. The student will have practice quizzes with interactive feedback on the portal. These quizzes will be timed, subject to deadlines, graded and results recorded as part of the student’s scores. The online class will avail virtual field trips available as a download. Students will be required to watch a film about one of the topics covered in class, they will also be required to read two to three peer-reviewed articles then compare and contrast how the different media portray the subject matter. In conclusion, even though online learning appear to substitute traditional class, it may not be effective in preparing students for the subject. Online learning is convenient but does not allow the interaction that is key to the student’s career development, according to Montgomery college’s, Online Student Success Center (2006) online courses do create a sense of isolation in the student. Distance Learning,(2005) explains that employers may not acknowledge online learning, so the more favorable option would be to have the two options complement each other. References Adam, S. (2004). Using Learning Outcomes, Report for United Kingdom Bologna Seminar. Edinburgh: Heriot-Watt University. Distance Learning (2005). Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Online Learning Objectives specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Equity in Education Forum Series, Spring 2008. (2008). Class-Size Reduction: Policy, Politics and Imlications for Equity. Web. Montgomery college. (2006). Online Student Success Center. Web.

Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant

Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant.

Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant for a reaction? 1. The extent of a reaction2. Whether the reaction is fast or slow3. Whether the reaction is exothermic or endothermicSelect one:a. I onlyb. 2 onlyc. 3  onlyd. 1, 2, and 3
Which of the following can we predict from an equilibrium constant

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