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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Writing an Incident/Trouble ReportMany businesses require employees to submit an incident report for any accidents that occur in the workplace. In addition, public safety officials (firefighters, police officers, emergency medical employees) as well as medical workers (doctors, nurses, technicians) have to keep detailed records of incidents and accidents that occur.Use the following situation to write an incident report:You are a technical writer for ABC Software, a technology company that creates educational software. While at work one day, you walk into the shared break area to find a fire inside the microwave. Since the microwave is still going (14 minutes remaining), you turn it off immediately. You find a fire extinguisher on the wall, and use it to douse the flames in the microwave. As the smoke clears, you see that a bag of microwave popcorn caught fire and exploded. Knowing that you will have to write a report, you jot down some quick notes:?ÿ Tuesday, October 5, 2008?ÿ Generic brand popcorn (open box is on the counter next to the microwave)?ÿ 2-minute recommended popping time?ÿ 14 minutes remaining on microwave timer?ÿ Bob Smith (Accounting Department) put the popcorn in the oven.?ÿ Frequently makes popcorn at his 2:25 p.m. break?ÿ Thought that he set the timer for 2 minutes.?ÿ Went outside to smoke a cigarette while the popcorn cooked?ÿ You walk into the break area 2:34 p.m. (clock on the wall)?ÿ Fire extinguisher on the wall next to the microwave?ÿ Charred remains in the microwave?ÿ Smoke extends throughout the building with a charred smell?ÿ Firefighters called at 2:38 p.m.?ÿ Firefighters arrive at 2:43 p.m. from fire station one block away?ÿ Alan Martin (Programming Dept.) and Dennis Alcott (Programming Dept.) reported difficulty breathing?ÿ Taken by ambulance to General Hospital at 3:00 p.m.Use the accident/incident report guidelines in your textbook to plan your report:What happened?How did it happen?When did it happen?Why did it happen?Who was involved?Organize the report (in memo format) in a way that communicates the information clearly and succinctly.Computer Science homework help
Walden University Psychology Gender Identity Analysis.

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Males typically identify with the male gender and females with the feminine gender. The question for many researchers today and for this Discussion is: How does this gender identification occur? How do individuals come to identify with and accept themselves as either one gender or the other? This concept is termed gender identity in psychology.There are two terms associated with gender identity that are important to highlight: gender stability and gender consistency. Gender stability means that gender is a stable personal characteristic and does not change with age or the situation or the environment. Gender consistency means that you identify with your gender regardless of how you are behaving. If you are a male and put on a pink dress, you show gender consistency if you still identify with being male, even though you are behaving like a female.In this Discussion, you will explore some of the significant factors that influence gender identity and how these influencing factors impact society as a whole.Review Chapter 6 in the course text, Gender: Psychological Perspectives. Focus on how different factors influence gender identity. Read “Demographic and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Psychological Distress and Resilience Among TransgenderIndividuals” and “Cross-Cultural Analysis of Gender Roles: Indian and US Advertisements.”Watch a few different TV shows, sitcoms, commercials, or news reports. Also, look at a popular magazine and peruse the ads. Think about how these media sources 1) influence and or reinforce gender identity and 2) play a part in influencing gender bias. Focus on specific examples.Using yourself or your child (or someone else’s child with whom you are close), think about the most important influential factors on gender identity, including biological, environmental, family, peer group, and cultural.Post your thoughts on how biology, environment, culture, family, peer group, and the media impact gender identity in the United States. Briefly describe how this influence on gender identity is accomplished. Then, describe the reasons individuals may experience gender dysphoria. Finally, provide some examples for how you think that society can best support the transgendered community. Be sure to support your examples with evidence from your research.Cite sources in text. In depth explanation
Walden University Psychology Gender Identity Analysis

Florida Institute of Technology Drafting Annual Reports for Express Tours Letter.

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Real AssignmentsRewrite the following and add any information needed. Use the correct format for the emailand business letter (full block format).1. Real email (rewrite the following)Thank you for agreeing to draft the annual report for Express Tours. Before you begin you’re work. Let me outline the initial steps. First, its essential for you to include brief profiles of top management. Early next week, I’ll provide profiles for all managers accept Samuel Heath, who’s bio information is being revised. You should edit these profiles carefully, than format them according to the enclosed instructions. We may ask you to include other employee’s profiles at some point.Second, you should arrange to get complete financial information for fiscal year 2021 from our comptroller, Richard Chang (Helen Boyes, to, can provide the necessary figures.) When you get this information, precede according to the plans we discuss in yesterday’s meeting. By the way, you will notice from the figures that the sale of our Charterhouse division did not significantly effect net profits.Third, you should submit first draft of the report by July 1. Of coarse, you should proofread you writing. I am quietpleased that you can take on this project. If I or anyone else at Express Tours can answers questions, don’t hesitate to call. The file has a Sample
Florida Institute of Technology Drafting Annual Reports for Express Tours Letter

University of Cumberlands Managing in Global Environment Political Economy Discussion

University of Cumberlands Managing in Global Environment Political Economy Discussion.

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is a copy of the week’s research terms. Topics will be selected on a
first come first serve basis. To claim a topic, go to this week’s
discussion forum (below) and check what topics remain available. Select
an available topic and start a new discussion thread by placing ONLY
the topic in the Subject Line (do not put your name or anything else
here). Leave the body of the thread blank and save the post. In weeks
where there are insufficient topics for everyone; once all topics have
been selected you may then start selecting from the entire list again.
But there should never be three posts on the same topic – if so the last
one posted will receive no credit. After
your topic selection, research your selected topic in the university’s
electronic library from only academic (refereed) journals. You will
need at least three journal references and the textbook. Start your
research with the textbook so it always grounds your topic. When your
research is complete post it in the discussion forum below. Structure your paper as follows:
Cover pageOverview describing the importance of the research topic to current business and professional practice in your own words.Purpose of Research should
reflect the potential benefit of the topic to the current business and
professional practice and the larger body of research.Review of the Literature summarized
in your own words. Note that this should not be a “copy and paste” of
literature content, nor should this section be substantially filled with
direct quotes from the article. A literature review is a summary of the
major points and findings of each of the selected articles (with
appropriate citations). Direct quotations should be used sparingly.
Normally, this will be the largest section of your paper (this is not a
requirement; just a general observation).Practical Application of
the literature. Describe how your findings from the relevant research
literature can shape, inform, and improve current business and
professional practice related to your chosen topic.Conclusion in your own wordsReferences formatted according to APA style requirements
University of Cumberlands Managing in Global Environment Political Economy Discussion

The Role of a Health care Manager Reflection

term paper help The Role of a Health care Manager Reflection.

As you finish the Health Care Management course, refer back to The Role of a Health Care Manager worksheet. As you create your reflection, think about the following proposed topics as well as how your opinion and definitions have changed as a result of the material covered in class.Write a 350- to 700-word paper summarizing your thoughts and reflection on your perspective of what are the roles and responsibilities of a health care manager. It may help to reflect on the following:Has your definition of a health care manager changed based on this course? Why or why not? Discuss your rationale.What skills and knowledge do you need to develop to prepare yourself to become a health care manager?Then: 1) Write on the effects of Communication Organizational structure on communication 2 Describe the effects of financial and human resource management controls.Format your summary according to APA guidelines.
The Role of a Health care Manager Reflection

ESLN 042 Troubled Waters Show the Effects of Pollution and Climate Change Essay

ESLN 042 Troubled Waters Show the Effects of Pollution and Climate Change Essay.

write a genuine response that lets me know in general how you felt about the content.Your response should be at least one full page, MLA format at a minimum. Questions to answer if you need some guidance:What is a summary of the film?How did it make you feel?What is/are the Film’s goal(s)?Who is the intended audience?What did you learn (if anything)?Did you find any interest in the film), or did it bore you?How can you take something you learned or an idea that sparked while watching, and enhance your own upcoming Imagined Spaces project?
ESLN 042 Troubled Waters Show the Effects of Pollution and Climate Change Essay

MGMT 310 American Public University System ?Planning and Control Discussion

MGMT 310 American Public University System ?Planning and Control Discussion.

In need of a 250 words Initial Discussion Forum post. MGMT310 Principles and Theory of Management Topic: Control Go to this website and read about control. Then answer the question: What is the relationship between planning and control? Give an example. Your example could be an opportunity to tell one of those humorous stories that we all have lurking somewhere in our past in which just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong. When viewing the events in retrospect we can immediately see the relationship between planning and control. Have fun with this one. ***I have attached the textbook for this course for this week’s lesson it goes over Chapters 15 and 16. *** Rubrics Content Valid connections to course content are made. Posts are complete with analysis and insight. Critical thinking is evident. Original ideas are presented. All aspects of the discussion question are completely answered. Participation in Learning Community Responses are substantive and encourage discussion by proposing a different point of view supported by an attribution to a source, personal example, or personal application. All responses include related follow up questions to promote continued discussion.
MGMT 310 American Public University System ?Planning and Control Discussion