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Computer Science homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on Select any three of the five oversight issues in HPSCI and SSCI. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.,Select any three of the five oversight issues in HPSCI and SSCI,Instructions, Assignment C: Leadership and National Oversight (10%),Background:,The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) are the primary intelligence oversight bodies on Capitol Hill. Congressional oversight is the legislative branch’’s responsibility to monitor and indirectly supervise federal programs, agencies, and policies.,Intelligence oversight is very important to ensure the IC is accountable and adhering to constitutional law. Congress’s role in Intelligence oversight is of heightened importance.  The American people expect a  capable Congress committed to meaningful Intelligence oversight. The 9/11 Commission stated “Of all our recommendations, strengthening congressional oversight may be among the most difficult and important. So long as oversight is governed by current congressional rules and resolutions, we believe the American people will not get the security they want and need. The United States needs a strong, stable, and capable congressional committee structure to give America’s national intelligence agencies oversight, support, and leadership.” (9/11 Report, p. 419),In 2014, the former 9/11 Commission chairmen issued a follow-on report that highlighted the lack of action on their recommendations concerning congressional oversight. For example, DHS oversight and oversight of the Intelligence budget process are still prevailing issues.,Select any three of the five oversight issues in HPSCI and SSCI,There is much debate and disagreement on the effectiveness of, IC Congressional oversight, due to a variety of issues that have impacted the Congress’s ability to provide relevant Intelligence oversight:,Firstly, inefficiencies due to a large number of Intelligence committees and sub-committees given the scope of their responsibilities in relation to their size and capabilities., Secondly, ever-increasing bipartisanship has led to the politicization of intelligence matters., Thirdly, too much Congressional and IC focus on appropriations but not enough real oversight., Fourthly, congress’s legislation and oversight powers that have been largely relinquished to an over-powerful and under-responsive Executive Branch., Lastly, congress does not have the necessary resources to do adequate oversight.,Assignment: As an Intelligence leader, select any three of the five oversight issues outlined above. Address and make recommendations for each that could assist in improving or streamlining the Congressional oversight process.  The paper should include a brief background to provide context for the reader and a conclusion of the main takeaways.,Notes:,Your paper should be at least 8-10 pages double-spaced, not including the cover page, introduction, and references., The paper must cite at least one (1) academic or professional reference for each page written, located through the UMGC library., This is an opportunity to be innovative, creative and to use the knowledge you gained in your professions and also throughout your course work., The assignment is worth 15-percent of the total grade., Stay focused on your task.  Use course materials, carefully cite your information, and ensure that the paper is plausible., Be concise.  Longer papers do not fare better if they contain irrelevant material., Inform the reader.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Computer Science homework help
Many African countries and third world countries do not have enough funding to sustain them during war times. This leaves the countries in absolute poverty after spending a lot of finances in wars. To cater for financial needs, the countries involve themselves in huge financial borrowings that result into huge amounts of debts. The inability to repay the loans results into these countries falling prey to the so called “vultures” who buy their debts. These debts are always paid back with large interests at the end by the subject country. The World Bank in relations with the IMF is always generous to give loans to the developing countries which are alternatively taken by the vultures companies during high interest pay outs. These transactions by the third world do not seem to be rewarding. The reason for this is that the developing countries lack a voice for negotiations in international grounds. As much as the global funding helps in times of need, it is blocking room for economic development. The globalization concept involves merged trades unions, open markets and many more developmental goals including the millennium development goals. All these have been benefiting only the developed countries. There are various reasons that certify this argument. For example, representations during global negotiations are majorly by the developed countries. This is because they are economically empowered. Consequently, global priorities have shifted to benefit the developed countries. For instance, the minister for trade worries about numbers in export instead of varying pollution indices, on the other hand, the governor of Central Bank cares about inflation instead of poverty levels. Additionally, issues such as lack of transparency and lack of democracy have negatively influenced globalization, hence, creating high level of disparities in various aspects. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The most striking feature is on the issue of disparity in economic development, political stability and social development. The most important of all is economic stability. Globalization was one positive thing that ever happened to the world. Initially, the impacts of globalization were appreciable and fulfilling. But, as years have gone by, it has been seen as a form of cancer slowly eating into the economy of almost all countries. The developing countries are the main targets. Although the essence of globalization was development, it has been noted that this development has been achieved only partly. For instance, the beneficiaries are from economically empowered states. To turn away from such global vices, it calls for a change in the mindset of representatives of various countries in the global arena. This would start by advocating for reforms in negotiations. The main factors to be considered which goals are of great benefits in achieving globalization include friendly trade agreements across the globe, democracy and environmental care. The environment should be a priority when advocating for better and fruitful reforms in the future. To add to this, the negotiations should revolve around general interests rather than self interests. Governance is a sensitive issue in any grouping or organization. Once the objective of any grouping is lost, the governance too takes a different direction. When there is good cohesion in governance such that there is no shifting of initial objectives, then every organization can be assured of success. Initially, global integration of trade and other economic issues for stability was meant for development. This later turned into market liberalization which was not the initial objective. This did not benefited countries equally even until now. We will write a custom Essay on Globalization: a Blessing in Disguise specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The main reason for such occurrences has been due to lack of a widespread agreement, lack of transparency and poor governance. Having reforms made on democratic grounds would bring fulfilling results into any form of governance for prosperity.
COSO 1221 FSU WK 4 Important Part of Personal and Professional Lives Essay.

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Week 4 Journal 1
Although the research for this class is formal APA documented research, much of the research you have done, or do on a regular basis, may be informal (i.e. you may look up medical symptoms on WebMD, or you may research car models and dealers before you buy).
Write a journal entry in which you:

Reflect on your past and present research: academic, business/ work related, and/or personal. Suggestions for inclusion:

Description or summary or overview of specific formal research.
Description or summary or overview of informal research.

Consider your research goals for this class. Suggestions for inclusion:

What do you hope to learn from and about formal research?
What are your concerns?                            Week 4 Journal 2
For the past few weeks, you have been working on finding and evaluating sources for your Informative Research paper, and as of this week, you should be organizing the information, making your point, and beginning to write the paper (due next week).Write a journal entry in which you:

Reflect on your paper so far:

At what point is your research – are you still searching for sources? Have you satisfied the source requirements for the paper (number and kinds of sources)?
At what point is your writing – have you started to write the paper, or are you at the organization stage?

Reflect on your research and writing process so far:

Is the assignment “on track”?
What parts of the research and writing process have gone smoothly?
What parts of the research and writing process have had “glitches” or setbacks?

Ask questions or discuss concerns.McGraw-Hill Connect Assignment
McGraw-Hill Connect has been adopted for the RMU Communications Skills classes to help students improve their grammar and punctuation. The RMU Communications Skills Grammar Trainer assignments are based on the errors that students are most likely to make in their writing (see the Top 20+ Errors handout posted under START HERE/ Course Documents, Handouts). The online program assesses students’ competency with grammar and punctuation as they work through the program and automatically creates a personalized learning experience to address identified deficiencies.The assignment is linked in the Week 4 folder, but you are welcome to begin once you have registered — registration information is given in a Word.doc linked under START HERE, and linked below.The assignment is worth 100 pts. A column in the Bb grade center will register your points when the program acknowledges “mastery” of an assignment. Successful completion/ mastery of the entire assignment will yield the full 100 pts.Click on the link below for registration instructions:  The file down here

COSO 1221 FSU WK 4 Important Part of Personal and Professional Lives Essay

Storing Digital Information Forum Week 3 and Two Response to Classmates.

In this week’s lesson, you explored two (2) different types of cloud-based information storage–Google Drive and Dropbox.Now search for and review two (2) more cloud-based storage options, preferably different than your classmates’ posts. Consider the privacy and security issues that could go along with publicly posting one’s own work. Of the four (4) storage options you now know about, which cloud-based storage would you choose? Why? What are some of the solution’s strengths and weaknesses?Consider reading user reviews as part of your research this week. Be thinking about how the reviewers present their thoughts–do user reviews impact your own analysis of the storage solution? Why or why not? To round out your objective analysis, mention what you discovered from user reviews?Share the links of the two new storage solutions you researched.Call on the rubric (linked below) to ensure you are meeting participation expectations. Please make sure you do the following:Post your initial post no later than 11:55 PM Thursday.Respond to a minimum of 2 peers including at least 1 of the following:offering advice or strategyposing a question,providing an alternative point-of-view,acknowledging similar experiencessharing a resourceManage your own thread throughout the entire week by responding to your instructor and your classmates.
Storing Digital Information Forum Week 3 and Two Response to Classmates

Is Globalization Good or Bad Essay

Is Globalization Good or Bad Essay. Through the global interconnectedness among people, globalization has been appeared. Globalization refers the integration of global economies, societies and cultures through the communication, transportation and trade. During this period of this process, one question has been raised whether is globalization bad or good? And according to this question, it is proved that globalization is playing a fundamental role to make progress to many sections including economies, culture and religion, public services and living standard, and technology. In economics, Globalization refers to the increasing interdependence of world economies as a result of the growing scale of cross-border trade of commodities and services, flow of international capital and wide and rapid spread of technologies. It shows the market expansion and integration, and it is an unchangeable tendency for international economic development. In economy, globalization is playing a significant role to make advancement to this sector over the world. Globalization has created widely the international economy, integration of markets and the flow or movement in the world, all of which make escalations in global movement. There are many importance of globalization on economy for many years. Improvement in technology has a essential effect in decreasing the costs of transportation, communication and commodity also lowering the price of data processing and information storage. There is a sign of the modern technology like electric mail, the internet, and World Wide Web. And with technological development, laptop computer in contemporary time is more powerful than the very large powerful computer in twenty five years ago and the price level in 1990 was only about 1/125 compared to that in 1960. Later on in 1998, the computer price wars reduced about 80% more. Furthermore, because of the advancement of technological innovation, we see that the price of ocean transportation is only a half compared to that in 1930, recent aircraft transportation 1/6, and cost only 1% in telecommunication today. At the same time, the price of international trade and investment are decreased by the effect of improvement of technological creativity. Thus, global production is available to manage and coordinate. For instance, Ford’s Lyman car is designed in Germany, its gearing system made in Korea, pump in USA and machine in Australia. It is undeniable that the development of technology make available of these global commodity. Moreover, a large number of enterprises are grown rapidly with the progressing of networking-based economy, making unimportant of the principle of national boundaries and distance of economic action (Michael, 2003). Globalization makes trade liberalization or economic liberalization available and this has reduced the trade protection and become liberal world economic system. In World War II and the Great Depression this process has been delayed severely. And later on, after the end of World War II through the tendency to trade liberalization and the participation of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT) that has developed into the World Trade Organization (WTO), this trade liberalization happened again. With this reemergence, the tax and many barriers were decreased to make ease to the goods transportation and services. Furthermore, liberalization has a active role to increase the capital flow and production movement. It has been recommended by some economists and historians that world economy in this contemporary time is not better than that in late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. During that period of time, many economic countries relied on the international trade and business as part of colonial system. As a result, with the openness of the border, there was a great migration of people and large international capital movements. This is an opinion of British scholars during the British occupation as a colonial power over world economy. However, in this late nineteenth century did not prove the advancement of technology that makes the world economy globalized like today (Michael, 2003). Globalization has made important effects on national economies. First is the development of foreign direct investment (FDI) at the incredible rate that is more significant than the growing of international trade. In fact, the technological movement, industrial organizing and the creation of world enterprises which have a marvelous effect on national economies have been stimulated by the foreign direct investment. Second is the effect of globalization on the advancement of technology. As indicated before, technological progress acts in an active role in globalization, but technology has become more progressive and widespread rapidly because of globalization and encouragement of marketing competition in foreign direct investment. Third is the acceleration of services, concluding financial, legal, managerial and information services. And this has become the most important section of the international business. In 1970, the service exportation in foreign direct investment was less than compared to that today and it is anticipated to increase further in the future. During the growth of services in national and international market, some people called this period “the age of competence” that underline the educational significance and human capital business in economic sector of every countries. However, globalization also makes some problems on international economies. Globalization creates regional or world economic fragility and vulnerability because of mutual interconnectedness of economies on the world. For instance, downturn in finances and exchange rate that started from Thailand 1997 had a bad impact on Southeast Asian economies and even Southeast Korea. But this problem above can be solved effectively by the improvement of new institution, many organization and international cooperation. Many institutions especially the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could mitigate even address efficiently on this problem through the promotion to the countries that have faced or discovered the national economic fragility and instability. For example, in the period of peso crisis in Mexico, IMF played a critical role to help as well as promote on this nation. Furthermore, during financial recession in East Asia, IMF made an accord to support South Korea. Thus IMF increased substantially its resources to ensure that these problems could be addressed in transparency. International cooperation also plays a valuable role to the practice of Tobin Tax that is a small tax on foreign exchange business. Tobin Tax has an effect on the limitation on the trading of weak currency. Meanwhile, Tobin Tax also allocates the fund to the international organization. Globalization has promoted to the escalation of the marketing competition on the international economies. We see that the marketing competition brings many advantageous purposes in resulted in the augmentation of quantity and quality of production. On the market system, Adam Smith and many classical economists stated that the specialization and the division of labor were formed by the marketing expansion the rivalry. With specialization and the division of labor, production is augmented not only in a country, but also in the international basis. Other importance of specialization and division of labor is the decrease of the costs of commodities and services, and this condition allows the continual advancement in economic sector. With the advantage of globalization, both parties such as individuals, firms other organization, nation, trading bloc, continents or other entities can get benefits in the economic exchange. For many years, globalization has promoted the augmentation of productivity through the rationalization of production on a world scale, the technological expansion and creativity-needed competition on the international basis. In general, globalization has formed the marketing competition that has significant influence in enhancing all groups’ position, with the scope of increased yield or better salaries and higher living standard. Thus, with these benefits, the potential of human welfare has been improved worldwide. On the other hand, globalization has been proved as unpleasant impact on the sovereign government. It has been stated that the globalization forces are jeopardizing the sovereign nation because the management of the national economic sector has been changed from national government to other institutions, including multinational or international companies and international institution or organization. This transformation can make a sovereign state lose its capacity to determine on policies of its economies. However, the globalization requires not making loss to the national sovereignty. In fact, sovereignty of a country or state and the proper duty of the political leaders remain stable because of the international cooperation. It is like the side being divided separately into two sides. One side for the governmental leaders and other side for international organization, multinational or international company. Moreover, the presence of these institution in addressing the problems or risks stemming by the globalization forces has supported the government leaders especially in politics to keep and even to determine its position in the world economic society. Furthermore, cooperation between the sovereign state and international institution can lead to the progressing through cooperative action. In general, there are many methods of cooperation in addressing with the problems of globalization. First is the keep the existing organization and institution stable and strong. Second is the formation of new institution, as in the case of the World Trade Organization (WTO), to settle the disagreement especially stemming from the globalization. Third is the foundation of larger institution such as the European Union (EU), G-8 or the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Thus, according to the proof of globalization benefits mentioned above, we can conclude that the process of globalization is really fundamental in promoting the economic advancement not only in a nation but also in the whole world. Globalization also has a lot of impacts on culture and religion around the world. It spreads from countries to another through Medias and import of production. The media, of course, owned by developed countries that tried to introduce their culture into the other countries around the world. This spread of cultural treads is the most effective way than the others. Ex, people amazed, interested, and inspired by the foreign culture through TV, radio, and especially internet; people, especially teenager, around the world quickly adopted the foreign cultures. Globalization also introduced the “Modernization” into developing countries which made them consume more luxury production. Those demands of production required the import of other production into their countries. This trade of production also helped to spread foreign culture into other countries too. Ex, the uses of other production differed from their culture would made them try to adapt to the natural culture of the production, such as the way they eat in luxury restaurant, the use of mobile phone, etc. Moreover, Globalization also suggested “Democracy” to other countries too. Democracy promotes human rights, equality among men and women, freedom of press and expression, and the rights to vote to choose their leaders. Because of these prosperities and freedom of Democracy, it attracted millions of people to realize and demand for justice, freedom, and changes in policy of autocratic states. Ex, In Burma, people hate the autocratic system of government and they love democracy, so they protest against the government to change the system or resign from the position. This spread of foreign cultures also affected the indigenous religions that had been rooted thousands of years ago in most Asian countries. Most people can’t stand the cruel treat of some religion that have done to them, so they wanted to let go of their religion and adopt foreign culture or religion. Ex, In Islamic states, women have to wear mask to hide their face when they go out in public. And other example is that men can marry as many wives as they want too. Most Islamic people in Iraq and Afghanistan believed that become the suicide bomber for the sake of their country will bring them to heaven to live with god. All of these treatment to people is cruel and unfair for them that why people want to change and get away from it. All in all of the effects of globalization in culture helped to promote peace, cooperation and unity among people around them by understanding each other through the same culture. However, some people believed that the spread of globalization gradually made them lost their cultural identities. Of course, the spread of globalization changed some of their culture and belief but globalization didn’t force them to do so. It is all up to people choices to choose their way to live their life. People adapted only the culture that they believed to suit them well and they forbad the inappropriate culture. Some other people continued to argue that globalization made Asian people disrespect the elder and tended to commit more crimes. But these activities got nothing to do with globalization, in fact, controlling the behavior of people and children are the duty of their parents and government. Living standard also promoted by globalization through the education and health care. Education is necessary for people to sharing experiences, skills and intellectual assets. According to Sadegh and Shajar (2006), globalization is creating opportunities for sharing knowledge, technology, social values, and behavioral norms and promoting developments at different level including individual, organization, communities and societies across different countries and culture. Moreover, people can articulate human right through the education. If all people can know clearly about human right, it will decrease the violation in the country. As Sadegh and Dhajar stated that, education also means that populations became aware of their right and obligation as citizens and management of life in their communities. In addition, globalization leads to have modern materials for people to study. Nowadays, people can search books or any topic of assignments through the internet, it facilitates student to reduce time for going to the libraries. By using LCD, it can make teachers to explain more easily and it doesn’t waste time to write on white board. As well as, globalization can increase access to education for women and poor people, unlike the history that women cannot go to school or go outside, they can do only housework. According to United Nations, to follow the role of UNDP, government ought to build up human capital through education and ensuring that the poor have access to education (2001). But Bloom said that, the need for higher education in developing countries is going largely unmet. In much of the developing world, higher education delivery is woefully unsuited to the demands of globalization (2002). Furthermore, another point that can improve living standard is health care service. Because of globalization, people can get advance technology of surgery ad innovative medical.  When the health care increase, people can consult for their health easily, improve treatment and prevention of all kinds of illness and disease. These also lead to increase life expectancy. Moreover, through globalization, the country open freely for all organization to set up there. Some organizations are providing health care to people like WHO. The World Health Organization aims to assist government to strengthen health service and its role is promoting health to all men kind by providing technical support and building sustainable institutional capacity. However, some author stated that globalization promoted health care for people, but it’s also the one who spread diseases. Like Woodward, Drager, Beaglehole and Lipson response that globalization offers the potential both to improve the health effects of globalization itself and to provide broader benefits to health worldwide. Thus, education and health care offers vast potential for improving living standard through globalization. As we move further and further into the 21st century, we can clearly see that technology is changing into a new dimension. Technology plays an important and significant role of globalization through its many ways. Technology promotes the development of a global telecommunications infrastructure and greater cross-border data flow by using Internet, communication satellites, fiber optic cable and wireless technology. We can see the advantages of globalization in the Internet. The integration and merging the people of the world have been emerged over the past decade and make the true global communication exist through the Internet technology. For example, someone in the United States can talk or email to someone in Cambodia. “…the emergence of the Internet as a tool of low-cost global connectivity…This sudden revolution in connectivity constituted a major flattening force” (Friedman, 2007). Internet allows us to take our own digital contents and send it anywhere at very low cost or sometimes for free so that people around the world could share whatever they want to share to the world. Through the Internet technology, social media such as social networking and online conference also bring a big impact on globalization. Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter has integrated people around the world and their community with many advantages for them. For instance, some people have formed new business, enhanced their existing business and sold products through marketing on social networking. Some people also received assistance from their friends or others when they are in trouble, and they also make new friends and improve the friendship through chatting, commenting, posting, calling and video calling. They could also read news and join any contests available on the social media. In addition, the impacts of technology on globalization also include modernization and business field on a global base (Zunairah, 2008). The process of electronic transaction is being improved with business integration, and broadcasting of information over the Internet makes people gain instant access to new information and communication technologies. In business, many companies are enjoying many benefits from the technological research and innovation. For example, business meeting or business production process can be communicated through the Internet and it is possible to communicate with other people and companies across the continents and oceans. The Internet turned into an important part of doing business. Instead of face to face meeting with clients, the managers or chairman could see communicate remotely to their clients via the Internet. However, if there are any mistakes on the communication process through the Internet, many people will suffer and lost benefits from their business. According to BBC News, Skype, which is the most dominant software that many companies use it to communicate with their clients, was crashed by the software bugs and server overloading. Millions of Skype users around the world cannot log in for several hours and it was very disappointing to those users because they suffered and lost some process of their business. That’s why the communication through the Internet is very important for business. Open-sourcing also integrates the people of the world. It involves self-organizing communities or groups that modify and improve open software so that it can be accessed by anyone around the world. For example, Wikipedia uses the open-sourcing principle so that anyone is able to add and edit it. Linux or Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is also open source software that is free to download. It also has the power of cooperation that everybody can work together to solve a given problem. However, globalization on technology cannot reach or benefits the less developing countries. They don’t have Internet connection or sometimes telecommunication. Therefore, these disadvantages can be reduced if the flow of the Internet and Information Technology are introduced to those less developing countries and they can develop their progress in the future. There can be a wonderful impact on globalization as communication process between individuals, institutions and states in different areas of the world and promote the political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of a state. In conclusion, globalization has critical effects on the advancement on economies, culture and religion, public services and living standard, and technology not only in a nation but also in the whole world. Although globalization shows a manifestation of disadvantage effects, the benefits of globalization still remain as priority in the international society. Is Globalization Good or Bad Essay

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I have provided you with a variety of educational planning tools below as you will be creating an Educational Plan and Goal Statement that is due next week. It is important for you to have a plan toward your ultimate goal. I want you to plan out what courses you will be taking to reach your goal. Everyone’s goal is unique. Some of you may be looking at certificate programs, associate degrees or transferring. These are all very complicated processes and it is important you know what you are doing. I advise all of you to meet with a college counselor so you can plan and prepare correctly to save you time – making sure you pick the correct classes and program that works for you and your future career. The transfer process has become quite tricky as there are many different types of pathways.Visit the University Transfer website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. What did you discover on this site? How can this site help you with your future plans?The second site I want you to visit is the Assist Website at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. On Assist, I want you to Click on Exploring Majors to look at a variety of majors at the UC and CSU campuses. After exploring this site, did you find any majors you are interested in? Can you tell the class the difference between a CSU and a UC? It is also important to understand more about the ADT (Associate Degrees for Tranfer) at the CSU’s. It is important for you to talk with a counselor about the differences between ASSIST and ADTs for your particular transfer major if you are thinking about transfer. Here is the ADT website: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.There is also a lot of information in Cuyamaca Catalog. It is fully online at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. If you are at Grossmont or another campus, you should become familiar with the catalog at your campus. The catalog provides full course descriptionsand any pre-requisites for courses you plan to take.Why is the catalog important? What information can you find in the catalog? Look at the various associate degree programs and certificate programs in the catalog. What did you learn? Are you interested in any of these programs? If you are at another college, please feel free to use that catalog.Next, look at the Class Schedule at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This is the dynamic class schedule. If the class schedule is not yet ready to view for the next semester in planning your classes, you can look at previous semesters to view what classes and times they were offered. This will help you plan for your classes for the following semester.There are two types of Educational Plans we use with students at Cuyamaca College on the next two bullets below:Comprehensive Educational Plan (planning all your coursework to meet your goals): (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (You can type directly into this document).Abbreviated Educational Plan (One Semester Ed plan): (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Do you have one of these? Can you fill one of these out? What is the difference between the two?Use one or both of these forms to do your educational plan assignment that is due. Fill out one of these documents with the classes you plan to take next semester. If you are not a Cuyamaca College Student, there are other Educational Plan forms in the assignment for Educational Planning that you can choose. Upload your plan so far in this area and summarize it in your own words. If you are a student who has already graduated or still in high school – you still have goals and plans to accomplish, correct? This is where you will explain your unique plans and goals based on what you plan to pursue/do in life! The goal is for you to have a plan next semester and beyond.In this Discussion, share your knowledge and answer the questions I have asked above, depending on your educational goal. Certificate? Associates? Associates and Transfer? Transfer? What have you learned? Upload an Abbreviated (one semester) plan here. That would be the courses you plan to take next semester. Also answer this, “What are your educational goals toward your future career? You can also upload your comprehensive educational plan (six semester ed plan) if you wish. Either plan or both are fine for this Discussion
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Effect of Calpain-calpastatin System in Meat Tenderness

Effect of Calpain-calpastatin System in Meat Tenderness. 1.0 Introduction Meat quality is the freshness of the meat. This is the most crucial things which supplier always find and think in order to fulfill the high demand from the customer. This shows researcher play an important role in increasing the quality of meat because of the high demand from the wholesalers or consumer. The critical point of appraisal of meat quality occurs when the consumer eats the products and they comment on the colour, nutritional value, and price determines the decision to repurchase (Boleman et al., 1997).In addition, consumer evaluation of eating quality is the most determination of meat quality as tenderness, juiciness and flavor of meat are the most important elements (Tarrant, 1998; BindonEffect of Calpain-calpastatin System in Meat Tenderness

MC416 (Representation in the Age of Globalization) – Analysis of Media Representations Related to COVID-19

MC416 (Representation in the Age of Globalization) – Analysis of Media Representations Related to COVID-19.

“Too often, we pour the energy needed for recognising and exploring difference into pretending those differences are insurmountable barriers, or that they do not exist at all.” (Audre Lorde, Age, Race, Class and Sex, 1980, p. 96). Select two media representations (ad, newspaper article, blog, photo, video clip etc.) related to the Covid-19 pandemic that were published/circulated in the last year in the global media. One example should demonstrate Audre Lorde’s critique/warning, and the other present an alternative to the shortcomings identified in the former example. Analyze your selected representations in detail, paying attention to the use of different semiotic features and the wider contexts within which these representations were produced and circulated. The analysis should be informed by theoretical debates and academic literature. I will assist in finding these representations and will post some ideas! Please attach the text(s), image(s), or a link(s) to the selected examples.The essay should not exceed 3,000 words including footnotes but excluding references and appendices.This paper needs to be written in MLA format using examples and references from texts and readings (which I will provide). It should be 3,000 words in length and should also be appropriately and correctly referenced using a standard bibliographic format. I will provide the appropriate slides, readings, etc. as well as multiple readings. Make sure the paragraphs are not a series of quotations; please paraphrase the work of others and elaborate as much as possible on key points. Tips: Argument and understandingclearly define any key concepts or theoretical approaches mentioned in the question and include references to authors.ensure to address all aspects of the question in an even not feel under pressure to agree with the statement but instead weigh up arguments in favour and against the statement and then adopt a position. One-dimensional arguments are always easy to critique.Analysisensure that theory and case/examples are integrated (if applicable to your question).explore potential counterarguments or reflect on the limitations of your argument, and then argue why your original position still holds. This adds nuance to your argument, and will make it more difficult to critique your position.critical engagement/reflection is important for a distinction.Use of case studies and examples (does not apply to all questions)try as much as possible to use fresh case studies (if applicable to your question) instead of drawing on cases from the compulsory readings.If you still decide to use a case from the compulsory readings, then please ensure to do further research on the topic so that your essay does not just replicate what was discussed in class.Originality is an important requirement for a distinction.Organisation of essayintroduce the topic of your essay as well as the structure in the beginning of your essay. You may also wish to state already what you are going to argue in your essay.include a strong conclusion which does not only sum up the key argument of the essay but goes further than that. Step out of your case study and reflect on the broader implications of the points raised (e.g. what does this mean for debates in media and communication studies?) or you can explore potential future areas of research.
MC416 (Representation in the Age of Globalization) – Analysis of Media Representations Related to COVID-19

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