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This does not have to be within the 25 hours recommended time. ; You will need to complete and sign a Candidate Record Form which your teacher will provide. Information You will also be marked on your use of English. It Is Important to: ; ; ; ; ; make sure that all your work is legible use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar use a style of writing which suits the person you are writing for organize your information clearly, so that you make yourself understood use Computer Science terms where they are needed. 2 Scenario 4: Flash Card Quiz Flash cards are a well-known tool for learning and revision.They normally consist of a piece of card with a keyword on one side and the definition of the keynoted on the other side, for example: Keyword Cellulose Definition Tough substance that makes up the cell walls of green plants A teacher wants her students to use a computerized version of a flash card quiz to help them remember Key Stage 3 Biology definitions.

The program should display a series of keywords to a student and ask them to choose the correct definition for each keyword. The quiz is completed once a student has matched each keyword with its function twice.An external file containing the keywords and definitions to be used in the quiz will be provided by your teacher. Tasks 1) Develop the part of the program that loads the keywords and definitions from the external file your teacher has given you. 2) Develop the part of the program that displays a randomly chosen keyword and three possible definitions (all taken from the data you have been given). The three definitions must include the correct one and two other randomly chosen definitions. The three definitions shown to the student must be different from each other.

Develop the part of the program that will allow the student to choose one of the definitions. A. If they choose the correct definition a ‘success’ message is displayed. B. If they choose an incorrect definition, they are told they are wrong and are shown the correct definition. 4) Develop the program so that tasks 2 and 3 are repeated continuously until the student has correctly matched every keyword with its definition exactly twice. A.

Once the keyword has been correctly matched with its definition twice, it should not be displayed again. B. The three definitions should be displayed in a random order each time.This is to make sure that the correct definition is not easily identified by its position. 5) Extend the program so that when the student has identified all keywords correctly twice the following information is displayed. A. The total number of incorrect attempts at matching keywords with their definitions.

B. The total time, displayed in minutes and seconds, it took for the student to complete the quiz. C. The student should be given the option to either start the quiz again or exit the program. Scenario 4 3 Keywords and definitions to be used in the Flash Card Quiz Keyword CelluloseRespiration Hemoglobin Ventilation Cartilage Cytoplasm Nucleus Alveoli Amino acids Virus White blood cells Photosynthesis Stomata Vaccine Fiber Definition Tough substance that makes up the cell walls of green plants A chemical reaction that causes energy to be released from glucose A substance which Joins to oxygen and carries it round the body in the blood Breathing Tough, smooth substance covering the ends of bones to protect them Jelly-like part of a cell where chemical reactions proteins are digested The smallest type of microbe Can engulf bacteria or make antibodies The process of turning carbon dioxide, water and light into glucose and oxygen Small holes in the underside of a leaf Dead or inactive forms of a microorganism A nutrient that cannot be digested Turn over for information on organizing your portfolio Turn over 4 In addition 1 . Your Portfolio Remember that you are looking to provide an application that will meet the needs of the Biology teacher.You are free to use whatever software tools and techniques are available to you.

What your teacher will be looking for and how to provide that evidence for your Portfolio In preparing you for this unit of work, your teacher will have provided you with more information about the section headings below. Part 1 – Design of solution Design of solution (0-9 marks available) What you must do ; ; Show an understanding of what the problem involves with reference to the user’s needs. Produce an overview plan that shows how the problem is to be solved. Produce pseudo code (or suitable alternative) showing the main blocks within the proposed solution.Part 2 – Solution development Solution development (0-9 marks available) What you must do ; Show evidence of an understanding of how the final solution meets the needs of the user. Produce annotated code that demonstrates an understanding of the programming techniques used. Part 3 – Programming techniques used Programming techniques used (0-36 marks) What you must do ; ; Show an understanding of the programming techniques used and how the different parts of the solution work together.

Explain/Justify the choice of programming techniques used to create a solution that has been coded efficiently. Show evidence for the purpose and use of data structures.Show the techniques used (appropriate to the language used) within the code to make the solution robust. Part 4 – Testing and evaluation Testing and evaluation (0-9 marks available) What you must do ; ; Produce a test plan hat shows the expected tests, test data and expected results. Show that the planned tests have been carried out and provide a record of the actions taken. Evaluate how the final solution meets the needs of the user. 5 2.

Organizing your Portfolio of work Your Portfolio is where you keep the evidence that you have produced. You should imagine that the Portfolio is to be used by another person who is interested in how you produced your solution.

Discussion OD

Choose 1 organizations (large Or small) and create the 3 (Level Diagnostic Model) of each organization.
Large Organization:
Organization level:
Group level:
Individual level:
Small Organization:
Organization level:
Group level:
Individual level:
Write your answer with your own ideas and ways.
Don’t choose our classroom’s examples of organization.