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Computer Junkyards essay help English

A paper on the ethics of computer disposal.

This paper discusses the ethics of discarded computers in relation to the philosophy of John Stuart Mills. It looks at the environmental issues of disposal and Mills’ theory of usefulness. The author contemplates the value of upgrading our computer system instead of exchanging it for a totally new model.
Computer trash is certainly becoming a problem for societies everywhere. Some people try to make use of them by creating art, but that is a miniscule use of the millions of old computers one can see set out for the garbage men or dumped behind computer shops. Society is creating computer junkyards. And it is developing in to a very serious problem for the environment. John Stuart Mill would ask to see proof that this was an environmental issue. Thus, accordingly, there is proof.

CEMEX: Targeting the Low-End Housing Market in Mexico

In a memo of up to 4 pages in length in total including all figures/graphs, please answer

these questions, using analytic ideas from class where appropriate.

1. Describe the demands for service outputs in the housing construction products

market, for (a) the DIY segment versus (b) middle-class homeowners. Comment on

the differences among the SODs of these consumer segments.

2. How are channel flows performed in the current channel used by Cemex to reach the

market? What types of service outputs, and at what levels, is this organization of

channel flows and channel members designed to create? Does the current channel

structure seem well-designed for at least one target segment? Which segment(s)?

3. Would you advise Israel Moreno and his colleague Hector Ureta (managers in charge

of the new DIY targeting initiative) to go forward with their marketing efforts? If

not, why can they not surmount the challenges posed in the case? If so, argue how

they can in fact surmount the challenges posed in the case.