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From the early ages of life, humans like other animals played games with each other. Humans played games to relax, build social bonds, increase social status, develop skills and dominance and so on. Since humans have higher brain power than other animals, man kind developed these playing habits into organized games. After the development of the computer, some developers saw the potential of developing games as a means of entertainment. Soon computer games evolved and software companies started to develop games.

At first critics used to say that computer games did not do any good to humans. They went as far as saying that computer games promote violence and made children neglect more “important” work. This was not a totally false accusation, but like many stories there are two sides to this story as well. The first computer games came out as pure sources of entertainment. Needless to say the early computer game did not have the class, elegance or technology of today’s computer games.

But still it was a big hit amongst users because at this time the computer was nothing more than a “dumb machine” which had to be given a lot of commands to get a task completed. So when the early computer games came out it was a source of relaxation and entertainment for professionals who used computers. Unlike today at that time not every household had a computer and computers were used only in universities and major organizations. DISADVANTAGES Some people are under the assumption that playing with computer games is useful for children because it has advantages such as prevent going outside and learning bad things.

Despite the fact that this is true, I completely disagree with the notion that computer games are useful for kids because the drawbacks of this idea certainly outnumber the benefits of playing this kind of games for them. One of the main reasons that I am against playing computer games is that it inactivates children and increases health problem among them. Nowadays over weight and obesity is a significant threat for children because they are over nourished by their parents and are more inactive than before.

For example, when I compare my older brother’s weight, who is really addicted to computer games, to the other one, who does not play it at all and participates in outdoor activities and plays with his friends, I figure out that he is really fatter than my younger brother for his wrong habit. A further considerable disadvantage of playing computer game is that it isolates children, and decreases their communication skills. Kids who play less with computers are more active and socialized, and they can find a lot of friends in their neighborhood who can play with them in parks. Also, it increases their ability to communicate with other people in the future.

For example, they can find a better job because they have better performance in their job interview. The last argument that can be presented against playing computer game is that it increases children violence, and these kids are more stressful than the others in their age group. For instance, I have a younger cosine that played computer games more than five hours in a day. Gradually, he showed some kind of ticks which doctor suggested that it is due to excessive stress for long hours playing with computer and banded computer for him, then after a while he cured totally.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, I think it is better to prohibit computer games for children because it is really harmful for them, and we should encourage them to find other interesting safe entertainment for themselves. ADVANTAGES OF INDOOR AND OUTDOOR Indoor games are of different types, which give more interest when we play inside our campus. Of these, some of the games are used to increase our brain power such as chess, table tennis etc. By thinking, the memory power and way of thing is increased with the help of playing chess.

Then, there are no possibilities for going out side to play. By playing these indoor games, we are safe from the rays of sunlight. For indoor game, there is need to stop for climate change. Table tennis is another game, which gives the practice for alerts at any time. Mostly indoor games are helpful for age out peoples, whom they are eager to play. Most of the indoor games are very much helpful is also low in our indoor games. The advantages are more in indoor games when compared to the outdoor games.

Children spend more time in front of the television than they do playing and exploring the outdoors according to E Magazine. This trend leads to obesity and other negative health issues. Children thrive when they are given the freedom to play outside and discover the world around them. As long as they are properly covered with sunscreen and are under appropriate adult supervision, playing in the great outdoors is one of the best ways for your children to grow and develop Physical Benefits Playing outside as a child leads to a healthy adulthood claims the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Regular physical activity in childhood helps eliminate the development of risk factors that can lead to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The agency encourages youngsters to do moderately intense or vigorously intense physical activities for up to a total of one hour a day. Good activities that help prevent serious health issues include aerobic activities and muscle and bone strengthening exercises. Running, swimming, even climbing play gyms are fun outdoor activities that help kids stay healthy. Children who learn to love outdoor physical activities carry these healthy interests into adulthood.

As adults, they stay fit and continue to lessen their chances of serious illnesses. DISADVANTAGES OF INDOOR AND OUTDOOR if youre talking about video games, then things like expense, eye strain, irritation, difficulty sleeping and even damaged relationships. but if you mean stuff like party games then its mainly theclearing up and breaking things. Some are: cold weather, bad weather, wet conditions can cause surface to be more slippery, a wet ball is harder to hold/catch, sun glare in ball games, many distractions, and sometimes too much space to cover.

Christine Cleary, Rachel, and David Greenberger write about growing old. What differences/similarities in the authors’ attitudes toward old age can be found in these essays?

Christine Cleary, Rachel, and David Greenberger write about growing old. What differences/similarities in the authors’ attitudes toward old age can be found in these essays?.

Essay Topics: 1. Robin Baudier and Andy Blowers turn adversity into what Baudier calls “strange blessings.” Compare and contrast how each author deals with the concept of strange blessings. 2. Tony Hawk a skateboader, Yoland O’Bannon, a secretary, and Dan Tani an astronaut , write about doing what they love. Compare and contrast what it took – the sacrifices each made – to follow their own paths. 3. Christine Cleary, Rachel, and David Greenberger write about growing old. What differences/similarities in the authors’ attitudes toward old age can be found in these essays? FOR CLARITY: For the first topic, you need to identify what the “strange blessings” are to each author. Simply put, both turned tragedy into triumph. Your essay would compare and contrast each author’s strange blessing – what was the tragedy and how did they turn it into triumph? Authoritative sources would be in psychological area. What type of person, how does a person do this while others cannot? For the second topic, Compare and contrast what it took – the sacrifices each made – to follow their own paths in life. You do not have to do all three if two author’s make it stronger for you. Another psychological area. What type personalities have the courage to lead the life they want? For the third topic, What differences in the authors’ attitudes toward old age can be found in these essays? There is a ton of medical information regarding how our society views old age.


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