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Composition and Qualities for Wort to Pitch Yeast

Literature Review title: The composition and relevant qualities of a wort that ensures it is suitable for pitching yeast. INTRODUCTION Brewing is one of the oldest known biotechnological processes, with the first records dating the process back to Mesopotamia then Egypt circa 6000BC, during the revolution of hunter-gatherers to farmers and breeders. Kas was the first grained fermented beverage brewed by Sumerians between 3000 to 2800 BCE (Karabín et al., 2017). A sweet and viscous wort is produced by allowing grain to germinate and dry, it is then crushed and mixed with hot water. Fermentation is one of the most important steps in the production of alcohol, and it is greatly influenced by the wort composition. Wort can be defined as ‘an aqueous solution of extract made from grain, intended for fermentation by yeast into beer’ (Craft Beer
Week 6 Disaster Recovery changes since 2008 & Plan Improvements Research Paper.

Disaster RecoveryIn this assignment, you study how disaster recovery plans have evolved over the last decade.Read “EHR Meltdown: How to Protect Your Patient Data,” which is about how, in 2008, team members from a family practice handled the loss of their data and their suggestions.Find articles that cover disaster recovery activities in similar facilities from the last two to three years.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you do the following:Describe what has changed in disaster recovery since 2008.Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited.Format your paper, including reference page, according to APA guidelines.Week 6: Disaster RecoveryContent: 80 points possiblePoints possiblePoints earnedCommentsDescribed how disaster recovery has changed since 200850Shows evidence of research on disaster recovery tactics30Format: 20 points possiblePoints possiblePoints earnedCommentsFormatted assignment, in-text citations and reference page according to APA guidelines10Follows a structure that is clear, concise, and appropriate; is free of errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax10Points earned/possible/100
Week 6 Disaster Recovery changes since 2008 & Plan Improvements Research Paper

Colgate Rochester Crozer Human Relations Racism and Sexism Questions.

Part 1 paper #2 questions 1- What is racism? 56 2- What is prejudice? And how it is different from racism? 56 3- What is red lining? 56 4- According to Christine Sleeter “ white racism present itself in a particular way” what is white racism according to Christine? 288- 294 5- According to MacIntosh, what is white privilege? 294-297 6- According to Seldon “ being color blind is a problem” why? 297 299 7- What is educational racism? 316- 322 8- What is cultural racism? 9- How does racism affect you? Part 2 questions1- What is sexism? 56-57 2- What is patriarchy? 56 3- What is pornography? 56 4- What is sexual harassment? 57 5- What is a women hating culture? 335-347 6- What is femicide? 347-353 7- What are they blaming feminism for? 353-361 8- What is male bashing? Who’s doing the bashing? 361-367 9- Are men oppressed? 367-370? 10- What are stoppers? 373-378
Colgate Rochester Crozer Human Relations Racism and Sexism Questions

Virgin Blue: Marketing the corporate plan Case Study

Introduction Virgin Blue which is currently known as Virgin Australia is an airline company situated in Australia (Ranson, 2006). Analysis of literature has shown that this is the second largest airline in the country. The company is also based in Queensland, Brisbane and Bowen Hills (Raggatt, 2009). These are the numerous brands which were founded by Virgin Blue’s Chief Executive Officer Sir Godfrey Brett. The airline was established in 2000 and was later expanded in 2001(Ranson, 2006). Since then, the airline has developed numerous brands located in some of the cities in Australia. Having operated for several years, the company has established a corporate plan for marketing its services at low cost. Consequently, this has made the airline to become a new world carrier, a factor that has equally improved its competitiveness with other companies of its status within the airline industry (Ranson, 2007). It is against this backdrop that this paper discusses and evaluates the company’s background, marketing plan and numerous changes that have taken place in its operations. Background of the company and its marketing plan After the company was launched officially in 2000, it began its operations with only two single types of Boeing 737aircrafts (Ranson, 2006). This made it possible to make approximately seven flights daily from Brisbane city to Sydney. After a short while, the company expanded the flights by covering all the major cities in Australia. Ranson (2006) observes that the expansion was triggered by stiff competition that existed among sister airlines in Australia. The entry of the brand to the market was a significant development within the Australian market since it replaced the gap left by Ansett Australia which collapsed in 2001. Having replaced the Ansett Australia airline, it effectively dominated the market taking over the already established players, a factor that made it to rank second among the distinguished airlines in Australia. The airline grew rapidly to a point that it was able to access the entire terminus in Australia (Francis, 2006). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In order to increase its marketability, the airline initially acquired new equipment that enabled it to phase-out its old aircrafts. In this case, it replaced the Boeing 737-400 series with 7000 and 8000 series (Ranson, 2007). Moreover, the aircrafts were equipped with winglets, modern glass cockpits and had greater fuel efficiency. It is imperative to note that in terms of flight cost, Virgin Australia faced stiff competition from other airlines (Knibb, 2005). As a matter of fact, it developed new cost models in order to elevate its marketability. For instance, the company adopted the best cost strategy that enabled it to offer differentiated services for relatively low costs than other brands (Anila, 2007). Therefore, the airline marketing strategies experienced a change since it focused on its crews to advertise new operations. From a careful review of history, it is definite that the brand has faced numerous marketing challenges. For instance, as an international and domestic company, it has to devise ways of changing its marketing strategies to make them convenient and compatible with the prevailing market competition (Ranson, 2006). Moreover, the adopted changes had to be attractive to travelers and the market at large bearing in mind that the company could lose its customers’ share. Studies have shown that the marketing changes made in the last five years have not sufficiently hit the target due to the increase in costs and new entrants in the market (Anila, 2007). Notably, the flights conducted by the airline are leisure-based and hence are largely affected by economic crises. Therefore, irrespective of the marketing strategies, there comes a time when consumption declines. At this juncture, the company relies on government agencies, departments and business travelers who rely on travelling as a basic necessity (Raggatt, 2009). For this reason, Virgin Blue airline has ensured that effective marketing is one of its core activities. Describe and evaluate the most recent changes to Virgin Blue which included dropping the Blue part of the Virgin brand and responses by competitors within the Australian market The most recent development noted in the company is the change of its name from Virgin Blue to Virgin Australia. This change occurred in 2011 when its executive officers opted for the new brand name in order to redefine the airlines’ position in the local market. In addition to rebranding the company’s name, the management also opted to modify the staff uniforms and business-class seat (Ranson, 2007). After effecting these changes, it is anticipated that it will help to make the new brand peculiar from other extensions such as Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue (Francis, 2006). It is important to note that before the changes were implanted, the brand name had been fragmented to the extent that it could not be distinguished from other brands. In this case, it is definite that the change was also meant to transform the brand into a business class category which is largely perceived as a benchmark for success of the airline (Anila, 2007). We will write a custom Case Study on Virgin Blue: Marketing the corporate plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Research has shown that this change is stage managed to ease the company from stiff competition. Furthermore, most of its competitors have branded their airlines with similar names. Some of these changes have been executed deliberately in order to attract more travelers who are often undecided on the choice of flight to use. It goes without saying that the competition posed by other brands such as Qatar airlines led to stiff market rivalry (Anila, 2007). Additionally, even the unveiling of a new brand name, logo, staff uniforms and business-class seats led to more rivalry. Notably, the company could not accomplish the intended changes at once and therefore, it had to be implemented in stages. The other companies responded by improving certain features in their brands in order to keep the pace set by the Virgin Blue airline. Evaluate Virgin-Blue’s changes to strategy using Ansoff’s matrix sand their best cost strategy and whether the strategy is being maintained within the present competitive environment, if not how best would you describe any changes? According to Raggatt (2009), Ansoff’s Matrix is a tool that is used to develop marketing strategies in a business. These strategies include improving existing products, pricing and market environment. Therefore, the tool recognizes four major strategies such as market penetration, product development, market development and diversification. It is apparent that Virgin Blue airline has heavily applied the strategy of market penetration to increase its sales (Moynihan, 2003). This has been made possible by product promotion and reduction of prices. It is arguable that the company understands the risks and products required in the market. For example, it has established business-class equipment such as new craft designs and staff uniforms. This has significantly improved the image of the company to become the second best world carrier in Australia (Ranson, 2007). Besides, Virgin Blue has developed its products and services to meet the consumer need in the existing markets. Knibb (2005) notes that product development is one of the medium risks since every business employing this strategy understands or is familiar with marketing new services and goods. In this case, the airline was quite aware that the existing market required new models and efficiently designed aircrafts. This made it easier to replace the Boeing 737-400 series with those of 700 and 800 series (Ranson, 2007). Besides, the company has employed market development strategy in order to maintain its position in the excising market. In this case, it employed the best cost strategy in order to attract more passengers. The company has used this strategy to enhance differentiation of services hence offering quality services at low costs. Nevertheless, the airline has tried to create a balance between differentiation, quality and cost in order to evade price war that might occur due to competition (Raggatt, 2009). This strategy has continued to be maintained even in the current market situation since it has enabled the company to maintain a top position amid its competitors. Therefore, a best-cost strategy is recommended since it guarantees future success of the company. For a business traveler who may traditionally select a legacy/full-service carrier such as Qantas, evaluate how Virgin Australia may present a value proportion that could attract a customer to this airline There are numerous ways through which Virgin Blue airline can present its value proportion to attract customers. For instance, in order to boost its legacy, the airline expresses its value proportion by creating a strong marketing and sales team who are able to market the company’s services directly to the clients. Not sure if you can write a paper on Virgin Blue: Marketing the corporate plan by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to Ranson (2007), this will enable the company to acquire corporate clients who will be extremely important in contributing towards its success. In the process of marketing its products, Virgin Blue should offer discount for given volume of travels and can also partner with other agencies that offer additional services to travelers (Moynihan, 2003). Moreover, the company can also lower costs of operation which is an added advantage for overhead expansion in numerous regions. This will help it to capture corporate clients in diverse destinations. The latter strategy will boost flexibility of travelers in spite of geographical barriers. That notwithstanding, Virgin Blue company can employ or develop superior services and products that will attract large masses of travelers who will prefer the airline to traditional ones (Raggatt, 2009). For instance, if the company can reduce the overall time taken for travelling by disembarking on the use of modern aircrafts, it will not merely attract new clients. It will also ensure that there is a good flow of return customers. A particular attention should be paid on improvement of cabin designs, travel processes, technology and product quality. This will help the company to stand out among other competitors and traditional airlines such as Qantas. Conclusion To recap it all, Virgin Blue has registered considerable success in the past 10 years since it was established in 2000. Moreover, its one-time performance has increased significantly by developing new brands in different cities both in Australia and abroad. Effective marketing strategies have enabled the airline to rank second in Australia. Despite stiff competition facing the airline, it has employed numerous strategies such as development of new products, rebranding and market development. References Anila, A. (2007). Virgin dumps budget image. B

Write a paper describing the effects of stress on asthma, and then apply what you have learned to Julia’s Essay

custom essay Write a paper describing the effects of stress on asthma, and then apply what you have learned to Julia’s situation. In your paper, be sure to answer the following: Define stressor, stress response, and distress. How do they apply to this situation? If Julia were to do a primary and secondary appraisal of her situation, what might the results of this be? What stressors are exacerbating Julia’s asthma? What challenges is her immune system facing? Identify at least three coping mechanisms Julia could utilize to help herself better manage her asthma symptoms for the future. What could her doctor have done from the outset to help her be better informed about her asthma symptoms and care? Your case study must be a minimum of one page in length. You must use your textbook and at least one other academic source. All sources used, including your textbook, must be cited and referenced correctly using APA style, and your paper should be formatted in APA style to include a title and reference pages.

Key Elements to Address Before a Sales Call Essay

Key Elements to Address Before a Sales Call Essay.

The link below will take you to some audio segments from the second part of The One Minute Salesperson audiobook. Each team member should listen, hint: reading along with the closed captioning (CC) helps, and take notes on the key things you hear. There are a couple of summary slides at the end.…After listening, address the following, single-spaced, minimum of two pages total.Explain the key elements to address Before the Sales Call. Explain the importance of preparing and asking the right questions During the Sales Call.Describe and explain the difference between Active Listening and just not talking. Give examples of how can you demonstrate to the other person that you are Actively Listening.After the Sales Call, what do you think of the concept of using One Minute Praisings? What does the author say this will lead to?
Key Elements to Address Before a Sales Call Essay

BUS 100 Strayer Univeristy Product Life Cycle and Development Questions

BUS 100 Strayer Univeristy Product Life Cycle and Development Questions.

Question 1: product life cycle What phase of the product life cycle is the Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo currently in? Introduction.Maturity.Growth.Decline. The Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo is currently placed in the Decline Stage of the product life cycle. Describe why you selected that phase using sales report data and what you know about the product life cycle in the box below: Question 2: product changes What recommendations do you have for Alikay Naturals to improve or replace Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo? Please support your recommendations utilizing data from the User Survey Summary: Question 3: new product development If you had to recommend one product, which product would you recommend they create? Underline or highlight your answer: Organic Bloom Shampoo.Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo with Dandruff Control.Coconut Protein Shampoo and Conditioner. Explain your decision. Provide examples of the customer feedback that informed your choice. question 4: Innovation Determine which type of innovation your new product represents from among the four main types discussed this week. Underline or highlight your selection: Sustainable (eco-friendly).Frugal.Sustaining.Disruptive. Briefly explain why you chose that type of innovation. Question 5: Production Methods Based on the product you chose in Question 3, determine which production method is most appropriate for the production of this product. Underline or highlight your answer: Job Production.Batch Production.Flow Production.Mass production. Explain your decision below:
BUS 100 Strayer Univeristy Product Life Cycle and Development Questions