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Components of the Research Report Title Page The title of the study (be informative and catchy) The date or

Components of the Research Report

Title Page

The title of the study (be informative and catchy)
The date or period of the study
Table of Contents

List all items in the report and their corresponding page number. This must be in standard format.

List of Tables and Figures

You will need to list tables and figures separately from the table of contents. Include number and titles of tables and figures. This must be in standard format.

Methods (This should be very detailed)

1. Describe sample and sampling method used to gather the quantitative data in the dataset using the attached descriiption of the study’s methodology.

2. List RESEARCH goals and objectives

3. Identify research questions and hypotheses

4. Describe (in detail) the methods used

Quantitative Findings – Based on your analysis of the data provided in the class dataset.

At least two informational graphics (e.g. bar graph, pie chart) should be included
Should discuss findings from univariate and bivariate analysis (include tables)
Although findings are presented numerically, they are reported in narrative form.
Make good use of subheads!
Conclusions and Recommendations (Don’t forget to address limitations)

You will need to conclude your research report by grounding it in the existing literature. How do your results differ or confirm what is already known about the issue? You can begin to discuss and/or suggest recommendations that can be the foundation of your future public relations campaign. You will need to discuss the limitations (e.g. generalizability, reliability, validity, budgetary and/or time) of your data collection efforts.


References must be in APA style. For this document, references are examined and errors will result in deductions from your overall grade.

Case Brief
Every student will review the six case briefs posted in the course space (Lesson 2). These briefs are hypothetical but will guide your work this semester as you analyze and gather data to try to solve some of society’s most pressing issues.

Issue: Young Adults and Nutrition

Client: A fictitious business, Healthcare Tech, is an innovative company devoted to developing technology for human well-being. Recently, the company created a consumer-centric digital health app that can be personalized to help people manage their nutritional intake and eat a healthy diet. Healthcare Tech administered a survey to gain a better understanding of the eating habits of adolescents and how to market its newly created digital health app.

Opportunity: Healthcare Tech would like to “hire” five to six public relations students this semester. In addition to creating a situational analysis, the company will ask students to analyze the survey data about young adults’ nutritional intake (see the data in Lesson 2). The results will be used to help the company understand its target publics’ eating behaviors. Healthcare Tech also has requested that students conduct qualitative interviews with adolescents aged 18 and older. These interviews will provide insight into adolescents’ thoughts and attitudes toward nutrition, healthy eating and consumer-centric digital health apps. This information will provide the context for a public relations campaign plan that will enable the company to market its new digital health app.

Background: More than nine in 10 adults and adolescents do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. In addition, six in 10 young people and five in 10 adults consume a sugary drink on any given day. Research shows that nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy eating increase the risk of chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. To learn more about research on nutrition and health, please visit: (Links to an external site.)

Research shows that 60% of Americans between the ages of 26 and 34 agree that using nutrition digital apps increases their motivation to eat a healthy diet; and 51% agree that using nutrition apps increases their ability to achieve their healthy diet goals (West et al., 2017). These results provide evidence of the benefits of using nutrition apps for human well-being. It is therefore well-established that nutrition apps can help people effectively manage and monitor their diet and health.

Timeline of the campaign: One-year campaign

Budget: $15,000

I did a situational Analysis before this paper would you like that?

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care – ARTICLE is “Undignified Care.pdf”

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care – ARTICLE is “Undignified Care.pdf”.

 Ethical Decision Making in Health Care  Presentation: Each student will be assigned a peer-reviewed journal article, the article is: Undignified Care.pdf .The article should be read and the main points and argument reduced to a PowerPoint presentation *with audio*. There are various ways of doing this, but the easiest is on the “Insert” tab of PowerPoint to the far right is an audio feature (w/a speaker icon) that will allow you to record a few minutes of audio for each slide. Include also information or insight on the subject area from the chapter of the text which covers that subject area as indicated above. In addition, proper and accurate citations and reference in APA format should be included.

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Community Technology Centers (CTCs)

Components of the Research Report Title Page The title of the study (be informative and catchy) The date or “Community Technology Centers (CTCs) were created to provide access to technology resources to underserved areas.”
1. Identify a community technology center in a named community.
2. Describe the services offered by the selected CTC.
3. Note the specific way/s in which it empowers its users to become digital citizens.

Therapy takes problem gamblers to the brink and back in virtual reality casinos

Therapy takes problem gamblers to the brink and back in virtual reality casinos.

 Written assignment: Students are asked to prepare a report (maximum length 5 pages; 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins) on a newspaper article that describes a published research paper on gambling. A significant part of this exercise lies in searching for, and identifying, an appropriate article. This is an important transferable skill. We will discuss article selection further in class. Selection of articles: i) The newspaper article must cite the research paper, in a way that the research paper can be located in its published form (e.g. on PubMed or GoogleScholar). The research paper must have been published in a journal. Government reports, prevalence surveys, blogposts, are not acceptable. ii) The research paper should be an original article, not a review or opinion piece. This means that the original article must have generated some new experimental data. iii) The research paper should have been published since 2010. iv) Newspaper articles should have been published (online) in a reputable news outlet e.g. New York Times, BBC, CBC, Vancouver Sun, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, The Guardian. The article should have been written by a journalist; please do not choose articles on science websites like and, which simply paraphrase university press releases. Part of the purpose of this exercise is for students to evaluate the journalist’s interpretation of the research. v) The newspaper article and research paper should be relevant to the content of the course: the psychology of gambling, decision-making, problem gambling, behavioural addictions. Begin searching for suitable articles by entering terms like ‘gambling’ ‘psychology’ ‘research’ in search engines on some of the news sites. The written assignment is scheduled after the midterm exam (see dates in the Lecture and Reading Schedule). One lecture will give an overview of the objectives and requirements of the written assignment. The newspaper article and research paper should be uploaded (as pdfs) to Canvas by start of class on 29 Oct. The Instructor/TA will inform students of any ineligible articles by 1 Nov. Students are welcome to email the Instructor links to the articles ahead of the deadline to get provisional approval – if you do this, please take a copy (pdf or screenshot) of my reply and upload it with your article submission in Canvas. The deadline for the Report is start of class on Nov 14; Reports should be uploaded to Canvas.

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Case Study Analysis – Typhoid in Tajikistan.

Case Study Analysis – Typhoid in Tajikistan..

Working in your groups you will review the Case Study – Typhoid in Tajikistan. Review Mermin, J. H., Villar, R., Carpenter, J., Roberts, L., Samaridden, A., Gasanova, L., and Mintz, E. D. (2017, December 7). Typhoid in Tajikistan | Epidemiologic Case Studies | CDC. (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service. [Case Study] This case study is based on a real-life outbreak investigation undertaken in Tajikistan in 1997. The purpose of this case study is to gain an understanding of the complexities associated with maintaining global health security with a specific emphasis on water borne diseases. While the case may be quite technical in areas, Focus to be on the policy and emergency management implications for the Middle East. Instructions: At the end of each section of the case study, there are questions you answer to complete this assignment. Answer all to the best of your ability. Section Questions PART I. OUTBREAK DETECTION Questions 1-3 PART II. HYPOTHESIS GENERATION Question 4-7 PART III. AN EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDY TO TEST THE HYPOTHESIS Questions 8-10 PART IV. ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND WATER SUPPLY INVESTIGATION Questions 11-17 PART V. PREVENTION AND CONTROL MEASURES Questions 18-19

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Web Site Evaluation

Web Site Evaluation.

Essay 3 – 4 pages, Times New Roman—12 pt font, 1 inch margins on all sides, MLA formatting. Due by the end of this unit. Writing Task The purpose of this paper is for you to provide your evaluation of a Web site. Think of the paper as a critique of the strengths and weaknesses of a certain Web site. As an evaluator you need to express the usefulness and limits of the site, and you can only analyze Web pages that end in .com (a business or corporate site), .biz (an alternate business or corporate site), or .org (a nonprofit organization or advocacy group site). This paper will obviously entail browsing the Web and finding an appropriate, rhetorically rich Web site. This is not a summary paper, but your essay should provide a concise summary of the Web site early on to orient your reader. Throughout the essay you will also need to acknowledge important aspects of the Web page through description, paraphrase, and a few direct quotations. The heart of the essay should present and develop your own “take” about the Web site using appropriate criteria for evaluation (see “Criteria for Evaluating a Web Site”), and you must support that take with strong reflection, reasoning, and details. State your judgment clearly and support it with persuasive points that could influence your reader to your way of thinking or at least have your reader see your viewpoint clearly. Here are some basic questions that will help you evaluate a Web site: Ethos—How credible or authoritative is the author or sponsor? Does the site seem fair- minded in that it permits alternative perspectives, or does the site only offer one frame of reference on issues or problems? Are different perspectives considered? Is the site one- sided? Is it biased in any way? Pathos—How does the site use emotional examples or visual images to persuade? Is this done ethically? How does the site appeal to certain values and beliefs of its target audience? Could those appeals distance some readers? Logos—How does the site use evidence? What is used to support the author or sponsor’s rhetorical purpose: personal experience, field research, outside sources, statistics, hard evidence, anecdotes, real-life experiences, hypothetical experiences? Does the Web site use any specific argumentative modes like cause-effect reasoning, definitional claims, appeals to ethics/morals, resemblance arguments, proposals? Are these used effectively? Where are the flaws in reasoning or logic? This essay involves working with a source, so you need to use quotation, paraphrase, or display of information using the MLA Style of referencing source material. The essay should also provide a separate Works Cited page that provides information about the article. Audience Address your paper to peer-scholars who might be interested in your subject and could be interested in your analysis and/or findings. But also imagine your audience as somewhat informed but undecided people who might take an opposing viewpoint from your own.

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Describe the manner in which Coetzee’s novel Foe demonstrates key aspects of intertextuality, realism and the classic

Describe the manner in which Coetzee’s novel Foe demonstrates key aspects of intertextuality, realism and the classic.

For your final paper, describe the manner in which Coetzee’s novel Foe demonstrates key aspects of intertextuality, realism and the classic. Your analysis can focus on: authorship, gender, metafiction, the double, or colonialism/the figure of Friday (pick one main concern) and present a clear argument that relies on textual evidence. Your paper should incorporate (at least) two other texts we have discussed in class (i will attach the syllabus in the files)

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Martin Luther King JR Speech

Martin Luther King JR Speech.

Martin Luther King JR Speech

Paper details This essay has to have at least 4 to 5 sources about how Martin Luther Kings Speech is relevant to today. Please include the sources in the essay. It has to be 4 pages at lease and a work cited page with all the sources in MLA. The whole essay has to be in MLA format. Please write a thesis in the first paragraph then later will be in the body paragraphs like a normal essay. And transition words and sentences to make the essay flow.

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Critical Approach on “Church Going” by Philip Larkin

Critical Approach on “Church Going” by Philip Larkin.

Critical approach for my research paper on the poem “Church going” by Philip Larkin. The approach on it has to a historical/cultural approach. Many people wonder why churches and religion are such a big aspect of so many peoples lives, even for me.Bring about the historical outlook on the story and how the author to see how his story came to be. Here are the instructions for the research paper… “Here is an opportunity to do some original research into a topic that interests you. The final draft of the essay,  runs 5 to 7 pages along with a Works Cited Page, all formatted according to MLA guidelines. Then select your critical approach all of which are described near to the end of our text (see the Table of Contents for the pages covering Formalist/New Criticism, Biographical, Psychological, Reader-Response, Historical, Gender, and Cultural). Begin with a thesis question. Develop a sentence outline in which you answer the question using textual support to add to the evidence. Think of the research paper as being composed of three essays (each 3 to 5 paragraphs) plus an introduction and conclusion. Thus, for your outline, try to come up with three answers to the question (thus I, II and III of your outline), and support each answer with your own reasoning and evidence from the text. Whenever you quote from a secondary source, include within parentheses after the quote the last name and the page number of each source. Important: Avoid Wikipedia, Schmoop and other unreliable sources (which will be disallowed once you transfer to the university/state college). Stay focused on reliable, authoritative sources. Hint: Begin by consulting the web site devoted to your author. This is maintained by experts in your area and will offer links to many helpful sources. Also, our campus library has a wide collection of books and journal articles on each of the authors.” Here is my rough outline… Thesis: Through its contrasting scenes of church and religious rituals, Larkin’s Church Going suggests that there is no religion in the world, however one must believe some things exist. There is a huge dilemma-like skepticism present today with faith/culture and it is something that affects many people today. There is also the historical aspect of religion that seems muddled. Larkin’s precision of words and language help us understand and work us through the confusion of what religion really is. I. Larkins view on religion a. Early Life b. Atheism 1. Obeyed fathers’ belief “Never believe in God!” 2. Phycological struggles linked with belief in atheism II. Culture and religion a. British Culture and Religion 1. After the reformation, religion importance declined for many of the British culture i. Advances in science led to disbelief III. Significance of Churches a. Religion will survive b. Opinion of churches 1. Religion will still be prevalent if churches fall i. “marriage, and birth, and death.” 2. Church unimportant/outdated in a modern society Sources: “Theme of Religion in Philip Larkin’s Church Going – A-Level English – Marked by” Marked by Teachers, These are rough sources, you can use them if you want. It is noted by my professor to avoid the sites “wikipedia” and “shmoop.” MLA format is necessary so here is my headings. 15 December 2018 Title: Approach on Church Going.

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Chlamydia! STI

Chlamydia! STI.

1. Focus on surveillance project attached for the topic flow. 2. READ THE PAPERS I ATTACHED AS A CONTINUATION of my thoughts! To build on assignment papers that are related and extended topics to help write current. 3. attached is an APA format to ensure you follow strickly, and IN TEXT CITATIONS at the end of the sentenced use, not at the end of the paragraph as we lose points for not doing this correctly too. 4. I have attached sources for citations that are required to include.

Please check for those attachments, plus add your own to make the total citations needed please. 5. Please use PARAGRAPH TOPIC LINES to show what the content of the paragraph is about , professor requires this. Analyze data sources that are or might be used to monitor the disease or condition. Then identify three data sources that you think are useful indicators of an event or trend related to the disease or condition you have selected.

By Day 4 Disease focus is chlamydia! STI, thanks

Post a description of the disease/condition you selected and the data sources you would use. Justify your selection of each of the data sources you identified. Briefly address the case protocol (if appropriate) for the data sources and describe how the accuracy of that data might influence the disease surveillance. Respond to a colleague from the other group (infectious or chronic). REquired referenes: plus your own Zhang, X., Fiedler, R., & Popovich, M. (2004). A biointelligence system for identifying potential disease outbreaks. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 23(1), 58–64.

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Discuss how the ideas of hegemony and counter-hegemony relate to the study of race/racism in popular culture

Discuss how the ideas of hegemony and counter-hegemony relate to the study of race/racism in popular culture.

Discuss how the ideas of hegemony and counter-hegemony relate to the study of race/racism in popular culture. What does the idea of hegemony tell us about how racism is reflected in popular culture? What might it mean to also think of popular culture as a site of “cultural struggle”, as the scholar Stuart Hall once suggested, and what kinds of counter- hegemonic expressions might we find in popular culture? Make use of specific examples in your responses.

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