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Complete the Study Guide in the attachments

Complete the Study Guide in the attachments.

1) Complete the Study Guide in the attachments 2) Discuss the importance of trance rituals found in Indonesia and cite examples that are covered in the text and in the lecture presentation. What is the purpose of participating in trance rituals? What insights or information can one gain from “communicating” with the spirit world? How has tourism, particularly in Bali, affected these rituals? ( The lecture presentation is in the attachments) 3) Write a helpful response in first person When I read The music of Indonesia. I found that Indonesia is an island nation, and it is home over 350 different ethnic groups. Also, I saw before (1600-1945) arts and music are seen as high status and flourished during the Dutch Colonize. On the other hand, the history and layering of religions in Indonesia were Mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. I think today the majority are Muslim, and they still practice Hindu and Buddhist, This means the people in Indonesia belief and participate in Mystic spirit possession and trance rituals. Indonesian gamelan means the based on Colotomic structure like music organized into cycles. Bali is the home of many ritual performances, and they are mostly religious rituals and full of magical meaning to their performers and spectators. In these rituals, we found dance and theatre are always made to serve religious and magical purposes. The most sacred dances are seen as an act of worship or a sign of devotion. Also, they are usually performed in the inner temple courtyards in connection with calendar feasts. Bali easily accessible to tourists from around world. However, tourism in Bali has had an extensive history and can be traced back to the landing of the Dutch on the island 1597. Other rituals changed for tourist consumption, such as the Kejak or “Monkey Dance” and a welcoming dance for divine spirits, but now preformed at the airport to welcome government officials or other celebrities. Tourism has affected the performance practices, which has led to a number of essential changes. Anyway, this is first time I read and hear music of Indonesia. I have just know that Indonesia country has live most of Muslim people, and always it has earthquakes, maybe because it is island. Thank you4) Indonesia and write a 150 word journal about Javanese Gamelan: Bubaran “Udan Mas”. Include information about the audio example including the genre or style, instruments and form. What culture creates this music? What behaviors or activities are associated with this music? Also include your personal thoughts or feelings about your chosen audio example. Do you like it/dislike it? Why did you choose this particular example?
Complete the Study Guide in the attachments

University of California San Diego Written Responses to Questions Discussion.

Questions on Roundtable Discussion: (question 3-5 please see ReligionandConflict_IsraelPalestine.pdf)Are the nationalist movements in Israel and Palestine secular or religious? What are the different views articulated on this question by the Roundtable participants?How do the participants in this Roundtable view the role of religion versus material factors like territory and settlements in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute?Why, according to AbuZayyad, was Hamas established? (p. 133)What does Diab mean when he says that the line between ethnicity and religion is blurred in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity? (p. 134)Would you agree with Bandel’s statement that Judaism is the only religion, which is not only a faith but also a peoplehood? (p. 135)Discussion Questions on Readings for Week 1Compare and contrast the views of the Jewish and Islamic traditions on questions of conquest, settlement, sale-purchase, inheritance, and secession. Identify what you viewed as interesting and remarkable.Based on your reading of these two traditions, how do you think they affect the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians?
University of California San Diego Written Responses to Questions Discussion

750-1000 word argumentation/persuasion essay. I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

Argumentation Essay

Write a 750-1000 word argumentation/persuasion essay using any approach as a method of development.

Save your papers as DOC or DOCX so I can grade and offer feedback.
An effective argumentative essay must have evidence to make its case; most arguments that occur in daily life happen in the heat of the moment and are more likely directed toward saving one’s own pride than toward giving clear and supportive proof to one’s claims.

Writing Approach

Knowing how to brainstorm is going to save you from writing a weak essay. Also, knowing how to support your claims with evidence from outside sources will further strengthen your essay. For that reason, this assignment requires the use of two references. In addition, you will add a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Finally, your Works Cited page will be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format so that all information provided will be easy for your reader to find.
Before attempting this essay:

Review all of the chapter sections located in Lessons 6 and 7.
Review the available documents and sources located at the Helpful Resources folder on the course menu.

Writing Assignment

Purpose: to persuade
Method of Development: your choice
Choose your own topic, but make sure that it is something that can actually be argued. You cannot argue something that is a fact. You can argue for or against something. Some examples are:

Should teenagers be able to play violent video games?
Should cellphones be allowed in the classroom?
Is social media destroying the way we communicate?
The above items can be argued but there are many others to choose from. The choice is yours. If you have something in mind but you are unsure if it will work as an argumentative/persuasive essay, please send me a message through the Messages link for assistance.


Brainstorm for topics.
Choose one topic, choose a method of development, and organize all details accordingly.
Research for appropriate evidence to support your argument. While you are researching, be sure to note all information necessary to fill out your Works Cited page for that entry.
Remember your conclusion and your Works Cited page in MLA format.
Apply MLA formatting, including parenthetical documentation and a works cited page, to an argumentation essay.

Order resources that support your thesis.
Produce an argumentation essay utilizing logic, evidence, and emotional appeal to persuade your reader to your viewpoint.
These objectives reflect the important concepts of this lesson and should be used to guide your studies and your preparation for examinations.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Introducing the British Council’s How to Write an Argumentative Essay animated video series. This is the first of five simple and easy to follow videos that will show you how you can improve your writing.
We will look at:
• Planning and question analysis• Writing a paragraph• Introduction and conclusion• Counter paragraph• Editing

750-1000 word argumentation/persuasion essay

HUMA 1315 CTC Treasures of King Tut, Speech Analysis.

Complete this speech analysis, view one of the following speeches from the “Films on Demand” database. Once you’ve viewed the speech, answer the questions below.View SpeechComplete AnalysisNow that you’ve viewed the speech, answer the four questions listed below:What is the central idea of the speech you viewed?How many main points did the speaker use? State the overall idea in each main point.How did the speaker adapt his/her speech to the audience? Think about audience analysis and how the information was presentedWhat type of supporting materials were used in the speech? Be specificEach question should be answered in paragraph form. The analysis should be one page (double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font). At the top of the page, please include the name of the speech you analyzed.Submission Instructions:Complete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365
HUMA 1315 CTC Treasures of King Tut, Speech Analysis

Long-Grass Prairie of the Central USA and Everglades of Southern Florida Essay

The long-grass prairie of the central United States of America and the everglades of southern Florida look quite similar because of the grass vegetation they both have. Secondly, they receive an almost similar Average Yearly Rainfall of 27”. However, it is rainfall that defines the natural vegetation of a particular place. These two ecosystems are however more different than they look similar as they occur at different elevations, hence the vegetation and inhabitants of the same will be different. The tall-grass prairie of Central U.S. is a habitat of top-of-the-food-chain carnivores like the coyote and prairie dog. The vegetation is composed of fields of long grasses like the big bluestem dotted by Burr oak trees which are well adapted to the environment by having big tree trunks that store a lot of water for the plant during the hot and dry spells. It also sheds leaves before summer to conserve even more moisture through reduced photosynthesis activity and reduced evapotranspiration. The birds found here are the American crows which are known to more rapidly and consume more oxygen, therefore, generating more heat and adaptation to survive here. They have high rates of metabolism to regulate water content, temperature, and food distribution in the body. Heat loss is minimized by the reduction and absence of somebody parts e.g. ears, feet, and keratinized toes. The birds in these habitats tend to be torpid at night to avoid heat loss like the heavily barred prairie chicken. The southern Everglades are however at a lower elevation than the tall grass prairies tending more to border the sea and composed of mangrove vegetation and saw grass further up inland. On a local scale, the altitude aspect and closeness of the everglades to a large water body is critical specifically since the vegetation is influenced by moisture available in the area determined by the difference between the rainfall and potential evapotranspiration. Areas such as these with moisture freely available support the mangrove forest. Mangrove trees are perennials densely tufted, with spongy stems at the base. The leaves are thick, broad, and hairy soft to filter out salts during evaporation. They also have aerial roots to aid the tree in breathing and prop roots to support the trees in case of high tide and sea breezes. The faunal composition here is significant of carnivores such as alligators, mangrove snappers, manatees, and aves like the great white heron and fish crow. Considering the marshy nature of the mangrove. Salt bays and mudflats in this habitat, the organisms found here have developed mechanisms of dealing with thermoregulation and metabolism especially to keep the salts at equilibrium in the body and the outside environment. They have developed an adaptation to survive the conditions by conserving more water, through reabsorption in the cloaca during removal of wastes products and absence of a urinary bladder decreases the weight of bird of which most a happen to be migratory birds as flight provides birds with a vast food supply and protection from predators. Biotic and abiotic factors control populations in different environments. Biotic factors considered in these habitats include parasitism, predation, competition, and diseases which are the factors that tend to regulate the survival of a certain species. Interspecific factors seen here include competition, predation, and mutualism. While abiotic factors are more extrinsic physical factors independent of a population e.g drought, floods. Both the ecosystems have multiple food chains making a large food web. From the coyote in the tallgrass prairie and the alligator in the everglades to the crows at the bottom of the food chain which might also entwine the web by crossing the system. The above two ecosystems would be classified in one of the world’s biomes where communities in these ecosystems are classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterized by the adaptation of organisms to that environment (Hannon, 1997 p.30). The long grass prairies in the central U.S. are classified as grasslands a while the southern Florida everglades are classified as Marine. Human activities have altered these biomes and are fast diminishing due to activities such as grazing agriculture and settlement. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More References Bruce Hannon (1997). Modeling Dynamic Biological systems. Nicholson and P. Bailey Host predator model. pg. 30. Springer.

Writer’s Choice Essay

custom essay Writer’s Choice Essay. Credentials:Please read Greenes’ chapter 13, “Big Data and Population-Based Decision Support” section and “Report to the President, Big Data and Privacy: A Technological Perspective” document. Please discuss value of data versus health privacy, and the ways to resolve the conflict. Share some case studies about the differences between the privacy laws in the EU and the US and how this affects health care. Always support your point with case studies or articles. Textbook: Clinical Decision Support: The Road to Broad Adoption, Edition: 2 Author: Robert A. Greenes ISBN: 9780123984760 Publisher: Elsevier Science. Please uses three referencesPaper Details:Paper needs to be in APA, not MLA formatWriter’s Choice Essay

ECN400 CSUGlobal Mangerial Economics Gross Domestic Product

ECN400 CSUGlobal Mangerial Economics Gross Domestic Product.

In a carefully written paper, complete the following:List the four components of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) and provide an example of each.Explain how each item affects you and the way that you live today Adhere to the following standards:Your paper should be two or three pages in length, not including the title or references pages.Review the grading rubric.Incorporate at least three scholarly references that are not required readings for this module. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.Be sure to follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..Each paper should include an introduction, a body with at least two fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion.
ECN400 CSUGlobal Mangerial Economics Gross Domestic Product

University of Central Florida Entrepreneurship Customer Journey Canvas PPT

University of Central Florida Entrepreneurship Customer Journey Canvas PPT.

The purpose of this assignment is to see if you can go beyond designing a creative solution to designing a delightful experience. As you should know by now, the value a company creates for its customers is based on providing a brand journey where customers become aware of an offering, evaluate it (in relation to alternatives), purchase it, use it, and maintain/repair/dispose/repurchase it. You were recently asked to conduct research on an exiting solution and describe the experiences customers had with that (competing) offering/brand. The goal of that assignment was to identify and gain empathy for points in the journey that create frustration so you could focus on creating new gain creators and pain relievers that improve on this journey/experience.This assignment is your chance to go beyond describing the solution you’ve designed to describing the experience you will create for your customer. You should engage your imagination and creativity at every stage to explain what you’ll try to get people to see, do, and feel throughout their journey with you. You’re goal is to be delightful – to create an experience that they’ll want to enjoy again and may share with others.As before, you must complete both pages of the customer journey template provided below. Unlike your previous effort that asked you to use evidence to characterize a brand journey, your responses to this assignment will be based on your creative design thinking efforts. Begin by setting the stage with descriptions of your customer persona and the situation they are facing (i.e., jobs-to-be-done in some setting). Then describe the five phases of their journey with your offering – when they first become AWARE of your offering, how they ASSESS the quality/helpfulness of your offering (is it easy/hard to evaluate and choose), how they PURCHASE, what the USE EXPERIENCE is like, and what the POST USE experience is like. On the second page you must characterize how the experiences you create make your customer persona feel, and the problem-solution fit you’ve achieved by creating gains and killing pains experienced by your intended customer. Recall this advice from the previous assignment:This is easier if you think of each column like you are filming scenes in a movie – what happens when your customer first becomes aware of this solution? What happens when they use it? etc… If you can use your empathy to “see” the action, facial expressions, emotions, etc., you should be able to fill this out effectively.It’s OK to leave a cell or two blank if you don’t think filling them out makes sense, but you should be able to fill out all or almost all of these if you close your eyes and create “mini-movies” of your customer interacting with the current alternative you selected.InstructionsOpen the revised template linked below (two pages) and follow the instructions for enriching your description of what your customer persona experiences when engaged with YOUR SOLUTION – Customer Journey Template – Your Experience Design.pptx downloadMinimize File PreviewRename and save your file using the naming convention firstnamelastname–experiencedesign.pptx.Upload your file to the assignment.GradingYour grade for this assignment will be assessed using the rubric below.RubricStarter Step Rubric (40 points)Starter Step Rubric (40 points)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity10 ptsExcellentDescriptions are exceptionally specific, vivid, and clear9 ptsGreat8 ptsGoodDescriptions provide adequate clarity but lack detail and richness7 ptsFair6 ptsAverageDescriptions are below expectations, often vague or cryptic5 ptsSlightly Below Average4 ptsBelow AverageDescriptions are far below expectations and difficult to understand3 ptsPoor2 ptsVery PoorDescriptions are unclear, confusing, and inadequate1 ptsUnsatisfactory10 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThoroughness20 ptsExcellentDescriptions are complete and very thorough and thoughtful18 ptsGreat16 ptsGoodDescriptions are complete and somewhat thorough and thoughtful14 ptsFair12 ptsAverageDescriptions are complete but seldom thorough and thoughtful10 ptsSlightly Below Average8 ptsBelow AverageDescriptions are partially incomplete6 ptsPoor4 ptsVery PoorDescriptions are mostly incomplete2 ptsUnsatisfactory20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCreativity10 ptsExcellentDescriptions often reflect creative ideas and proposals9 ptsGreat8 ptsGoodDescriptions occasionally reflect creative ideas and proposals7 ptsFair6 ptsAverageDescriptions seldom reflect creative ideas and proposals5 ptsSlightly Below Average4 ptsBelow AverageDescriptions never offer creative ideas and proposals3 ptsPoor2 ptsVery PoorDescriptions are too poorly presented to assess creativity1 ptsUnsatisfactory10 ptsTotal Points: 40PreviousNext
University of Central Florida Entrepreneurship Customer Journey Canvas PPT

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