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Complete Social Worker Discussion (WALDEN)

Complete Social Worker Discussion (WALDEN). I’m working on a Sociology exercise and need support.

Discussion 2: Transference and Countertransference
Specific skills and knowledge are essential for a social worker working with children. Understanding transference and countertransference is crucial to a healthy therapeutic relationship. Both transference and countertransference can be evident in any client–therapist relationship, but are especially important in working with children because of a common instinct among adults to protect and nurture the young. The projection or relocation of one’s feelings about one person onto another, otherwise known as transference, is a common response by children (Gil, 1991). Countertransference, a practitioner’s own emotional response to a child, is also common.
For this Discussion, review the Malawista (2004) article.
By Day 4
Post your explanation why transference and countertransference are so common when working with children. Then, identify some strategies you might use to address both transference and countertransference in your work with children.
Complete Social Worker Discussion (WALDEN)

Info tech a global economy. I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

This assignment will be one of several throughout your PhD program that we use to help you prepare for the dissertation process. One of the core competencies necessary to succeed in a doctoral program is the ability to identify other research that pertains to your own. This means you’ll have to identify similar research, read the papers, and assimilate prior work into your own research. An annotated bibliography helps you develop and hone these research skills.
This assignment is listed on the syllabus as “Major research paper” and is worth 30% of your grade. Your paper will be an annotated bibliography, specifically focusing on the topic of using simulations for policy making. The papers you select must address how IT is used to model behavior for policy making.
You paper must be in correct APA format, use correct grammar, and will need to include at five (5) resources, ALL of which must:
1) Be current. Published within the last few years.
2) Be peer-reviewed.
3) Relate directly to using simulations for policy making. The papers you select must address how IT is used to model behavior for policy making.
Remember that an annotation is not the same as an abstract. Abstracts are descriptive. Your annotations are to be evaluative and critical. Give me enough information for me to decide if I’m interested enough to read the paper, and also how you perceive the paper. Don’t go skimpy on these annotations, but DO NOT write too much here. Quality is far more important that quantity. This exercise is for each of you to demonstrate that you can identify, categorize, and digest multiple research papers.
Every resource you choose must be peer reviewed. That means the paper must have undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference. You must ensure that your resources have undergone rigorous reviews. In most cases, you can find out the review process for a conference or journal by visiting the appropriate web site. Do not simply assume that a resource is peer reviewed – check it out.
Here are a few URLs with additional information: (I strongly suggest that you look at these. Really.)…… <<<< Check out the “Rules! rules! rules!” section……
Info tech a global economy

Campbell & Bailyn Boston Office Managing The Reorganization Case Study

Campbell & Bailyn Boston Office Managing The Reorganization Case Study.

I’m working on a management discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

This course is base on a leadership major program.Read the brief case and answer these questions.Using the Structural Frame as your perspective…answer these questions:What changes in its industry and customers were affecting Campbell & Bailyn in 2007?In the light of the changes in the marketplace, was creating KAT a good idea? If not, what should Ken Winston have done?Using the Human Resource Frame as your perspective…answer these questions:How would you describe Ken Winston’s change strategy?How would you assess the effectiveness of those changes?Be sure your answer is supported by concepts and references from relevant materials. 600+words
Campbell & Bailyn Boston Office Managing The Reorganization Case Study

HIS 100R SNHU The American War of Independence and the US Constitution Chart

assignment helper HIS 100R SNHU The American War of Independence and the US Constitution Chart.

InstructionsIdentify two secondary sources from your selected topic. The secondary resources will review two historical events that impacted your research topic. Complete the Historical Context Chart to explore the how these events inform the historical context of your topic and support your thesis statement.To complete this assignment, use this Historical Context Chart Word Document. For more details on this assignment, review the Historical Context Chart Guidelines and Rubric PDF document. BOTH OF THESE DOCUMENTS ARE ATTACHED! My topic is the drafting of the U.S. constitution and I’ve attached 2 sources from my school library to use to complete this worksheet.
HIS 100R SNHU The American War of Independence and the US Constitution Chart

NSG 5002 South University Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research Report

NSG 5002 South University Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research Report.

Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research 
paper should contain the following sections: USE RUBRIC AND PAPER TEMPLATE ATTACHED.

Background: contains two subsections, which includes a brief description of the theorist and the phenomenon of concern in the theory.
Theory Description: a description of each of the concepts in the theory, a diagram of the theory, and a description of how the concepts are related.
An Evaluation of the Theory: a description of the theory’s weaknesses and how the metaparadigms are described in the theory.
Application of the Theory:

Describe two studies that used the theory as a framework for their study, including a description of how they operationalized the concepts.
How could you use the theory to research a phenomenon in your area of clinical practice? How would you operationalize the concepts? 
You MUST use the attached template to complete your paper. 
The paper is to be thoroughly researched and well documented, with relevant material from the nursing theorists presented incorporated into the paper. Use the current edition of the APA Manual throughout the paper. Sources should focus on references from nursing theory but may also include conceptual and theoretical material from other professional domains. The paper, excluding references or appendices, is to be limited to 3-5 pages. Writing should be succinct and well organized. 

NSG 5002 South University Application of Theoretical Concepts to Research Report

Purdue University Improving Discharge Procedures Research Paper

Purdue University Improving Discharge Procedures Research Paper.

For this Assignment, you will create a document that:summarizes your DNP Project in an article suitable for publication (conforms to author guidelines associated with your selected journal for publication;includes author guidelines associated with the selected journal for publication (in a Word document, paste the guidelines and a link to the website for the journal you selected);contains an abstract that can be submitted to a professional conference or organization for an oral or poster presentation to disseminate DNP project results;follows the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);is well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful; andis supported with a minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from 2017-2020. ATTACHED MY FINAL PROJECT AND MY POWER POINT. ALSO THIS IS THE JOURNAL the Journal of Emergency Nursing Call for Papers: Emergency Care Leadership & ManagementThis call offers interdisciplinary executives, directors, managers, and clinical leaders an opportunity to share and advance best-evidence leadership practices in the emergency care sector. Specifically, we welcome high quality, full length papers and section/column commentary on organizational development and change strategies, economic analyses (including cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, and cost-minimization), resource management topics, leadership strategies, decision analytic models, comparative effectiveness research, quality improvement projects, and program or service line development and evaluation. Full length manuscripts with results of fiscal and operational leadership strategies and interventions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aftermath will be prioritized. Please see our Author Instructions for more information. Submit a manuscript directly to the Journal of Emergency Nursing.PLEASE AGAIN, I ASK FOR THIS TO BE CONFIDENTIAL SINCE OTHER PROVIDERS NAME ARE IN THE PROJECT. THANKS SO MUCH!.
Purdue University Improving Discharge Procedures Research Paper