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Competitive Strategy

No “beginning page” and “thank you” ending page.All the work on slides has to be bulleted talking points. Other speech drafts have to be on the word doc.

Global Business Economics and Finance

Global Business Economics and Finance.

 Global Business Economics and Finance

This is a postgraduate report that requires a minimum of 30 references to be used, using the APA 6th referencing style only. This report should include tables and figures. Along with a table of contents. The instructions have been uploaded. A sample report of how this report could look and some of the type of information that should be included has been uploaded also. Also, please use a reputable multinational company

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Topic Interview of Middle Aged Adult and Analysis

Competitive Strategy Topic Interview of Middle Aged Adult and Analysis.

Interview Questions must include a rationale (theoretical support from developmental psychology) in order to qualify for full extra credit points. This will help you when you write your final report!Interview an adult who is middle aged or older using the approved interview questions you have developed. Make sure that the interview questions have been approved by me. The written assignment should be 3-4 pages (no more than 5 pages please) and discuss the following ideas: What did you learn about your interviewee? How do your interviewee’s experiences reflect at least ONE of the theories you have learned in this course

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