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DescriptionProject 1: Comparison Paper


No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.

Comparison Paper (Juvenile Justice/Adult Justice Systems)

The juvenile justice system is similar to the adult criminal justice system i…
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Confronting the Veil book

Confronting the Veil book.

 Description Based on the text, Confronting the Veil by Johnathan Scott Halloway, offer your own unique take on the given author’s work using the following questions. Each of the scholars discussed in Confronting the Veil were social scientists, which of course is significant given the opportunities available to Black intellectuals during this period. What were their unique understandings and contributions to social science and how might they be relevant to the more broadly conceived idea of Africana Studies? This essay will constitute not only an overview and summary of the text, but an analysis of the author’s approach, effectiveness, and contribution to our knowledge. Much like academic book reviews, these essays should not be thought of as book reports. Rather, they are designed to showcase your ability to comprehend the material and develop unique insights based upon your own experiences and most importantly your reading beyond the text itself. Therefore, you are required to read other books and articles that will allow you to better situate the assigned authors’ work. Essay must include five additional sources (books, scholarly articles, and magazine/newspaper articles will be given the highest weight). It must also have a thesis.

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