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Comparison of Unethical Psychology Experiments

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the merits and ethical dilemmas that present themselves in three classic psychology experiments that were conducted prior to the establishment of the Institutional Review Boards. The three experiments I will reflect on are Wendell Johnson’s The Monster Study, John Money’s David Reimer Experiment and Martin Seligman’s Learned Helplessness Experiment. For each experiment I will provide a brief overview of the study, explaining the intent of the experiment along with the findings. I will follow this with a discussion on what each experiment contributed to my understanding of human behavior and the influence it had on psychology today. I will then identify ethical issues that exist in each experiment and assess whether the experiment would be accepted by todays ethical standards. Finally, I will explain changes that would be necessary to ensure the study would meet professional standards today. The Monster Study was an experiment that was conducted on a group of children at an orphanage in Davenport, Iowa in 1939. Dr. Wendell Johnson, a professor and speech pathologist at the Stuttering Research Program at the University of Iowa, recruited Mary Tudor, a graduate student, to conduct the experiment with the intent examining the underlying cause of stuttering (Ambrose
Healthcare professionals often work rotating shifts. Why is this problematic? What can be done to deal with potential problems? Researchers believe that one important function of sleep is to facilitate learning and memory. How does knowing this help you in your college studies? What changes could you make to your study and sleep habits to maximizeyour mastery of the material covered in class? How is narcolepsy with cataplexy similar to and different from REM sleep?
Cite a contemporary moral issue in our society. Apply one ethical theory learned in class to judge this moral issue. Use the theory’s claims in each paragraph to back up and support your arguments. You must have a minimum of five paragraphs. This question is worth 25 points. Not applying the ethical doctrine is an automatic zero.

ELM 250 Grand Canyon University Professional Clinical Field Experience Discussion

ELM 250 Grand Canyon University Professional Clinical Field Experience Discussion.

Establishing procedures in a classroom setting creates a learning environment that is helpful for all students. Districts may provide guidelines, but ultimately, classroom procedures, routines, rules, consequences, and rewards are at the discretion of the teacher. Each year presents a new group of students to which classroom management must be adapted to meet the needs of students.In a K-8 classroom, observe procedures, routines, rules, consequences, and rewards in your mentor teacher’s classroom. With the permission of your mentor teacher, observe two additional classrooms at the same school site. Consider observing one classroom at the same grade level and one classroom at a different grade level.While observing, pay particular attention to the visuals around the classroom supporting rules and procedures, organizational structures implemented during learning, transitions from one activity to the next, and the teacher’s initiative to organize the learning environment. Take notes on your findings in preparation to collaborate with your mentor.Discuss your observations with your mentor teacher. Seek further information on the site’s initiatives for classroom rules and procedures, grade level collaboration, and the mentor’s perspective on establishing clear procedures in the classroom environment.Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.Summarize your observations and interview in 250-500 words highlighting your vision for your future classroom environment.In your summary, include the following:Why is it important to create a classroom that is safe, organized, and productive?How will a safe, organized, and productive classroom meet the needs of diverse students?What procedures, routines, rewards, and rules did you observe that you would consider implementing in your future classroom?
ELM 250 Grand Canyon University Professional Clinical Field Experience Discussion

First, decide what type of vacation you want to take: Leisure vacation Ecotourism Volunteer vacation. What is a volunteer

essay help online free First, decide what type of vacation you want to take: Leisure vacation Ecotourism Volunteer vacation. What is a volunteer or service vacation? Some examples. Cultural vacation. See one site here Adventure vacations such as cycling, hiking, etc. History vacation You should answer these questions (and support them with research) in your essay: Travel: How will you get there? Investigate at least three methods of travel, identifying the cost, duration, and arrangements necessary for each. Then evaluate which is the best for you. You will determine what is “best” by considering what’s important to you. A plane is faster than a train, but you can see more from a train. Then, pinpoint the booking information: flight numbers, departure and arrival times and places, cost of ticket or of gas if driving. Include your itinerary, the various places you will be visiting. Should you buy trip insurance? Lodging: Where will you stay? Investigate at least three types of lodging (youth hostel, hotel, camping, staying with friends, housing exchange). Then choose a particular place. Identify know the name of the place, what room you would be in, address of the place, etc. If your itinerary includes several stops, identify lodging for just one destination. Luggage and clothing: What should you take and why? What should you not take? How should you dress? Meals: How much eating there cost? What are the “specialty” foods of this destination? What should you be sure to eat? Should you be cautious or avoid particular foods or the water? What should you drink? Identify several eating places that interest you. Political: Do you need a passport? How do you get one? Might the political situation affect you? Safety: What personal safety concerns do you need to be aware of? Legal: What laws different from the US do you need to be aware of? What cautions do you need to take in order to abide by the laws? Medical: Do you need inoculations before you go? What injuries, illnesses, or disease might you encounter? What medical care is available there? What does your medical insurance provide? Do you need to purchase special insurance for your trip? Cultural: What cultural rules do you need to be aware of? What elements of culture should you go out of your way to connect with? To avoid? What must you see or do? This section is the heart of your trip; it’s why you’re going. Give details. Calculate this trip as a genuinely possible experience. It’s easy to say that you’d take the QEII cruising over the ocean and stay in the best hotels, but think about how you could actually take such a trip on a reasonable budget. Would you budget carefully in order to do as much as possible, or would you prefer a shorter stay in luxurious surroundings? Helpful database: Global Road Warrior Helpful website: CIA World Factbook Length: 1000 words Audience: A reasonable audience of academic peers Point of View: 3rd person only for options 1 and 2 1st person can be used for options 3 and 4 Style: MLA format (see sample LBHB 482) Sources required: 6 sources, using a variety of articles and books or e-books. Commercial websites should be avoided, with at least 3 of the 6 sources directly from HCC databases. Works Cited MLA Works Cited page attached to your paper, correctly recording all of the sources you used.

Drop Box: 24 Hours Diet Recall and Nutritional Analysis (Total Points Possible = 50 points) Begin by writing down

Drop Box: 24 Hours Diet Recall and Nutritional Analysis (Total Points Possible = 50 points) Begin by writing down EVERYTHING you EAT and DRINK (anything you put in your mouth) for a 24-hour period. It doesn’t matter if you start in the middle of the day…. just make sure you cover 24 hours. It would be helpful to write down the time of day that you are eating or drinking. Try to pick a time span that is your most ‘normal’ eating/drinking pattern (weekends may look different that the weekdays). REMEMBER to include the quantity and amounts (both liquid and dry measurements). Example – 1 pretzel (stick), size; ounces. Portion sizes and amounts are important for this exercise. You will need to look up SERVING SIZE or each food/liquid of your intake to determine the number of servings you have taken in; to determine a nutritional analysis. You can find the information of serving size on the packaging OR…. look up what would constitute a serving size of that food. Do not forget to record liquid intake (water, coffee, etc) for the day in ounces. EXAMPLES – Go to to assist with proper serving sizes of specific foods. Also note textbook, pages 283 to 287 or My Plate guidelines too included below. Ex -a serving size = 1 cup is the size of a baseball, ½ cup is the size of a lightbulb, 3 ounces (meat) is the size of a deck of car. ETC. There are good apps that can help you determine what a serving size, calories and to monitor for weight management such as: Lose it – Calorie Counter, Fitness Pal, Calorie Counter

Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Your Choices (Becoming a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist in Hawaii)

Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Your Choices (Becoming a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist in Hawaii).

According to studies of graduates of bachelor-degree programs in psychology, entry-level positions tend to pay relatively little and may be relatively unsatisfying. Although the positions, pay, and reported job satisfaction of psychology majors tend to significantly improve many years after graduation, those who enter the workforce immediately upon graduation risk at least a few years of less-than-satisfactory employment (Landrum & Elison-Bowers, 2009; Rajecki & Borden, 2011).Although graduate school can be a route to a better paying, more satisfying job, and career, it is quite expensive. A doctoral degree results in most students entering into debt for as much as $75,000 to $200,000 (Stringer, 2016). The median debt incurred for a master’s degree is approximately $25,000 (Kantrowitz, 2011).TasksUsing your textbook, the Internet, and the Argosy University online library resources, research possible choices, such as entering the workforce immediately upon graduation, or enrolling in a graduate school. Based on your research, respond to the following:
Select one of the options: entering the workforce upon graduation or attending graduate school. For your selected option, identify at least five benefits and at least five risks associated with that choice. For example, if you choose to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, identify the benefits and risks of doing so.
Design a poster illustrating the risks and benefits. Include visual aids, such as clipart, photos, graphs, figures, or tables, to add to the poster’s visual appeal. You can create your poster in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint format using the templates provided.
If you have chosen to enter the workforce, imagine you are designing the poster for display at a job fair at which you are a recruiter trying to convince new graduates, of undergraduate programs, to work for your organization.
If you have chosen to enter graduate school, imagine you are designing the poster for display at a professional conference where you hope to recruit undergraduate seniors to apply to your graduate program.

Download and review a copy of either the Microsoft Word poster template, or else the Microsoft PowerPoint poster template.
Support your statements with information from academic sources, one which can be your textbook. Be sure to include in-text citations and a reference list visible on the poster, near the bottom or end.
Submission Details:
Use the following file-naming convention: M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.
Be sure to follow APA rules for attributing sources. Use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources.
By the due date assigned, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Correctly identified five benefits and five risks associated with the selected option showing application of research and analysis.


Created a visually appealing poster explaining the risks and benefits of the selected option to the relevant audience.


Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.




References:American Psychological Association. (2003). Frequently asked questions about graduate school. Retrieved from…Kantrowitz, M. (2011). Student loans. Retrieved from, R. E., & Elison-Bowers, P. (2009). The post-baccalaureate perceptions of psychology alumni. The College Student Journal,43(2), 676–681.Rajecki, D. W., & Borden, V. M. H. (2011). Psychology degrees:Employment, wage, and career trajectory consequences.Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6(4), 321–335.
Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Your Choices (Becoming a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist in Hawaii)