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Comparison of Behavioural and Structural Theories of Adolescent Learning

Comparison of Behavioural and Structural Theories of Adolescent Learning. Compare and contrast two of the main learning theories of adolescent learning (Behavioural, Cognitive, Social, Constructivist and Psychosocial). Discuss the implications of one of your chosen perspectives for productive adolescent learning in secondary school classrooms. As students develop and move into adolescence and further towards adulthood, their minds and bodies also develop and change (Morrison, 2014). In order for educators to create an efficient learning environment, they must observe and understand how their students’ learning capabilities and styles have developed with them. Adolescence undeniably impacts how students process new information, therefore influencing how educators prepare and conduct classroom activities to allow for ideal cognitive development and growth within classroom sessions (MawsonComparison of Behavioural and Structural Theories of Adolescent Learning
Physiology Test.

TestImagine you have been asked to teach a small group of your peers
about animal organs.Create 10 multiple-choice questions to test knowledge of the
structure and function of animal organs.Address the functions of each of the following concepts in
your test.·Differences between asymmetrical, radial symmetry and
bilateral symmetry.·Differences between endotherms and exotherms.·Definition and examples of epithelial tissue. (provide
one example)·Definition and examples of connective tissue. (provide
one example)·Definition and examples of muscle tissue. (provide one
example)·Definition and examples of nervous tissue. (provide one
example)Use the Physiology Test Template(attached) to complete this
Physiology Test

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac Former members John Mayall, a guitarist, Peter Green also a guitarist, Mick Fleetwood a drummer, bassist John McVie and slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer began Fleetwood Mac in 1967. Fleetwood Mac became immediately successful with its debut album and the hit single “Albatross” (1968) during the British blues era. The group subsequently achieved more moderate success despite experiencing multiple changes in personnel, including Green’s departure and McVie’s girlfriend, keyboard-vocalist-songwriter Christine McVie’s introduction. A relocation to the United States in 1974 and the introduction of singer-songwriters Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham (also a guitarist) mixed the band with a pop versatility that resulted in Fleetwood Mac (1975) and Rumors (1977), which were million dollar-selling albums. The first album to be released by Fleetwood Mac was Mr. Wonderful (1968), then 7936 South Rhodes (1968), followed by English Rose (1969), Then Play On (1969), Look on Yonder Wall (1969), Kiln House (1970), the first album to introduce Christine McVie, Future Games (1971), Bare Trees (1972), Penguin (1973), Mystery to Me (1973), Heroes Are Hard to Find (1974), Fleetwood Mac (1975), which was the first album to showcase Nicks and Buckingham, Rumors (1977), and lastly Tusk (1979). Fleetwood Mac had a delicate and unpredictable musical dynamic. The virtuoso, bluesy guitar work of Buckingham was intense and clean, while bassist John McVie’s veteran melody and drummer Mick Fleetwood alternated between a thunderous backbone and a quiet overtone. Christine McVie, a prominent member of the band, took a more influential role within the group. With a formal music education, Christie McVie was the only one in the band. While Mick Fleetwood and John McVie both played the blues growing up and had acute improvisation skills. One of Fleetwood Mac’s most influential albums was Rumours, which was released on February 4, 1977. Rumors changed the entire music course; driven by massive budgets, long nights, and huge amounts of cocaine. In 1976, Rumours were recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, California, for over a year. Infidelity, awkward silences, and well, gossip, were prominent in the Rumors recording sessions. The group had just completed a six-month tour promoting their self-titled album, which was wildly successful. This was their first tour with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. There was, of course, an underlying tension due to the addition of new members, but their on-again and off-again relationships and constant conflict just exacerbated that. Christine McVie and John McVie filed for divorce shortly after returning home from the tour after eight years of marriage. The McVies favored silent treatment unlike Buckingham and Nicks. They refused to talk outside the studio and only communicated when it regarded the music. Even drummer Mick Fleetwood struggled with the issues of his relationship. He learned just before recording Rumours, that his wife had an affair with his best friend. But, for the sake of the music, they overcame everything else despite the pain, hurt and disappointment that all parties felt. The documentary starts off with “You Make Loving Fun,” “Dreams,” “Second Hand News,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Don’t Stop,” “Songbird,” “Oh Daddy,” “I Don’t Want to Know,” and lastly “The Chain.” “Songbird” was recorded live in the Zellerbach Auditorium of UC Berkeley. Music producer Ken Caillat, preferred to capture the feel of a live performance, so he booked the theater for the evening. He also set the mood by putting a spotlight on the nine-foot Steinway, Christine McVie played and had a dozen roses on the piano as well. The session lasted until seven o’clock in the morning because McVie had to do it in a single take. “Don’t Stop” is a song written by Christine McVie and sung by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie. As a note of post-divorce frustration, Christine McVie’s bluesy swing “Don’t Stop” was aimed at ex John, while her soulful song ”You Make Love Fun” was to pay homage to her new boyfriend, who was the Fleetwood Mac lighting designer. Stevie Nicks wrote “Dreams” when one day she went to Sly’s Stone Room took her electric keyboard, journals, art, crocheting, and just sat down and wrote it. She didn’t feel nervous when she presented it to the band because she knew it would be a success and she was right. Although when Stevie Nicks asked for help from Lindsey, he did not want to help her in the beginning. He said it was bittersweet as he was her musical soul mate and was able to understand where she wanted the song to go. “Dreams” features pessimistic lyrics like “Players only love you when they’re playing” with an adamant drum pattern. While “Dreams” hopeful and saw the breakup but everything would be okay, unlike “Go Your Own Way” which was not hopeful that they would be okay. “Gold Dust Girl” was about cocaine. Though “Gold Dust Woman” was also a symbolic look at someone going through a bad relationship, doing a lot of drugs and just trying to make it through, trying to get to the next thing. Stevie Nicks said in an interview with Rolling Stone that, “Gold Dust Woman was about drugs a little bit, it’s about you realizing you’re moving on. You know, I guess it was surprising to me, the whole life of rock’ n’ roll, it was really hard and it was so much work that you knew it was so intense every day.” “Silver Springs” was a track that was completed but never released because of the fact that vinyl had only 24 minutes per side. Stevie Nicks wrote “Silver Springs” about Buckingham. Nicks made the song because she saw the Silver Springs sign while she and Buckingham were traveling in Maryland. She liked the name, and that place its self sounded beautiful. “You might be my silver springs” was essentially a symbolic line meaning what you might have been to me. It was a very long song, and when it comes to shortening her tracks, Nicks is very touchy. So it didn’t make the cut, which had disappointed Nicks. Sound was a huge part of why it took the album a year to make. Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar had to be restrung almost every 20 minutes during “Never Going Back Again”. Stories of Fleetwood Mac’s search of sonic perfection are legendary. Ken Caillat paid extra attention to the acoustic guitar sound of Buckingham when recording the sensitive “Never Going Back Again,” which resulted in an uncommon technique of recording. The project took a whole day, exhausting several studio techs. Rumors was Fleetwood Mac’s most significant album ever made because it enabled the band to last for years after it. Without them knowing it, the members wrote songs about each other. They sang about their relationships with one another. Three breakups— Buckingham and Nicks; the McVies; and Fleetwood and his wife, and copious drug use influenced the year-long creation of the album. Yet the band succeeded in creating a rock masterpiece amid this chaos, because they channeled their internal divisions for artistic inspiration. Of course, all this drama was tremendously compelling and remains an important part of the identity of Fleetwood Mac still today. Works Cited: “Fleetwood Mac: Rumours” Hefferman, David (director) Classic Albums 21, December 2006. Greene, Andy “Broken Chain: A History of Fleetwood Mac Firings and Departures” Rolling Stone 10, April 2018 Keens, Oliver “The Story Behind Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’” Time Out 21, January 2013 Ollivier, Debra (Contributor) “Fleetwood Mac: Producer Ken Caillat on ‘Making Rumours’” Huffpost 10, May 2012
Los Angeles Pierce College Political Ideologies and Public Polls Questions.

Each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length. Each answer should contain information with citations from the textbook throughout the answer, for example (OpenStax, section 4.2).Chapter 51) Civil Rights regulate the way in which the government interacts and treats citizens. There is a long history of gaps in civil rights with regards to race and gender. Specifically, with the history of African Americans, provide 3 stories of how the national government had to expand their view of civil rights in order to include them; from slavery, to citizens, to equal status in America.2) Describe the journey and plight of women & other groups to gaining more civil rights. What progress has been made politically?Chapter 63) This chapter goes into detail about different aspects of public opinion. What are different factors that shape what our opinions are? How does public opinion effect elections?4) Section 6.2 describes how we measure public opinion. Discuss any factor of polling that interests you.
Los Angeles Pierce College Political Ideologies and Public Polls Questions

Topic: Discuss the Social Security System. Current status and future outlook. Be thorough and focus on the economic consideration. Instruction: The length of the paper should be no less than a full

Current status and future outlook. Be thorough and focus on the economic consideration. Instruction: The length of the paper should be no less than a full 5 pages minus the cover page and reference page. Arial font (12), double spaced. Cite sources nothing less than 6 sources The cover page and reference page should be on  its on page Zero plagrarism Will need Turnitin report uploaded also

International Development homework help

essay helper free International Development homework help. This is a paper that is to discuss the immigration reform personal perspective and arguments. The paper also provides further information on writing the paper.,Discuss the immigration reform personal perspective and arguments,Immigration reform (Give title that reflects your argument),This is an argumentative essay, once you have briefly informed the reader of the significance of the topic, the assignment asks that you discuss your perspective and the perspective of others on the topic.,Your argument about the topic has to be clear rather than generalization of the topic.,The writing process starts with posing a question— For example: What if ,global warming, is a real threat?  How can we control the earth’s population as not to deplete too rapidly all of it resources?  In the search for weapons of mass destruction, did it matter whether or not they were found?  The central concern of the essay is that you answer the question you pose in your Writing Project Three Proposal.  But not only that, you should write an argumentative essay that addresses arguments in support of your position and counterarguments in support of opposing views.,Research is to assist you with building your position and to inform you of the varied positions on the topic.  What you do with the latter most likely will be shaped into your position’s counterarguments.  For this assignment, you are required to use two secondary sources.  Please draw from the research databases (Academic Search Complete, Electronic Journal, LexisNexis, etc.),Though a certain amount of the essay should be informative, do not use the body simply to inform the reader of the topic.  Remember, this is an argumentative essay.  Make sure what you pose is arguable. Discuss what you think is significant about the topic.  Discuss what you and secondary sources gather about the topic., In addition, the essay should include specific references to borrowed materials.  In other words, you should paraphrase, quote, and summarize specific elements of your research that lend themselves well to the point you are trying to make.  Also, you should include in-text citations and an accompanying Works Cited pageInternational Development homework help

Three part question

Three part question.

Use this discussion space for catharsis, help, and sympathy. What are you struggling with in the revision for your final Think Piece Paper? What questions do you have about the assignment, the process, the revision? What always confounds you when you write and revise?Answer your peers, empathize with their issues, offer advice.This space should be safe in order to get through this final week and its work.Make two primary posts that are at least 200 words to the paper that I have attached below. Answer the questions about the revision and what you have about the process for my paper, ask what you think it needs and discuss your thoughts on the paper that I have wrote as if you wrote it. What do you think the paper has struggling wise, what does it need to work on?Then for the next part you have to respond to these three posts and continue the conversation, offer them advice, general advice, respond to each post with hello, their nameSam’s post:One of my major struggles for my think piece final is making sure my readers can understand what I am talking about and if they can relate to my paper. For my topic, I chose our think piece #2 which focuses on when I found out Santa was not real. Keeping that fictional character in mind I want my reader to understand the pain and torture that I have discussed in the work to find out he did not exist. Clarity and having my work be understood to my reader I feel can make or break a good paper. By no means am I a great writer but having my work make sense is a great baseline as to where I sit with a reader. When I type and “try” to get my point across I always think so much faster than I can type. Trying to pace my brain with so many ideas is something that is extremely challenging for me so when I get an idea I will jot it down before I forget so I can stay on track and avoid any misunderstanding. Felix’s post:Hi colleagues,I want to take this opportunity on this forum to give my personal testimony and say who I am. Some of my peers read my essay I am developing into a final paper. It is about my personal journey of life experience. I enrolled in this college in the spring of 2015 as an adult and continuing student at age 60. At the end of that year I was diagnosed with some cancer tumors and my doctors put on immediate treatment which included radiation therapy and other heavy medications. I wanted to discontinue my learning, but my doctor told me to stay on as that was to put keep my mind away from worries. I have been struggling with the disease alongside my course which by the grace of God I will finalize at the end of fall.In this course I can tell you that it is a good course now almost ending, but with my conditions, it was quite a race. As I have said I am not the young man I was in the 70s and coupled with my failing health, it was nightmare. With the many medications I take, I have trouble with memory. I have, however, not come to that level where I can bungle up my writing. I would say that the course was a real learning discovery of experience. There were many things we have learned. She thought all the materials that we needed for professional writing. I believe we are ready to be writers in business, book writing and in journalism. My advice is to encourage each one of you to use the power of the pen and paper at your disposal and the opportunities are limitless.Lawrence’s post:A biggest struggle with my think piece is my inability to convey my emotions to the reader. My piece is meant to be persuasive and evoke an emotional response from the reader. Its far too robotic in its delivery and I can’t seem to get out of this sense of narrating. I keep telling instead of showing and I am having a lot of trouble getting out of that habit with my writing.
Three part question

discussion #9 Essay

we’ll finish reading Susan Whitfield’s Life along the Silk Road. Please note that there is no intro video this week. All the content is available in the Weekly Task tab and your discussion posts are due by 11:59pm on Thursday : In the chapters you read, how is the world of the individuals portrayed and how do their stories reflect life along the Silk Road? Finally, assess Whitfield’s study as a whole – was she successful in achieving what she set out to do? Explain your answer using specific examples from the text. This week, we’ll be finishing our reading in Whitfield’s Life along the Silk Road. I find this week’s chapters especially interesting because these are the groups (writers, officials, and artists) who most often leave traces of themselves in the material and written history of the Silk Roads – and thereby shape our understanding of it. Keep that significance in mind as you complete your reading for this week. Please choose 2 of the following 3 chapters to read and discuss: “The Writer’s Tale”, “The Official’s Tale”, “The Artist’s Tale”. Additionally, everyone will read the short epilogue. please use citations from the screenshots I am sending she is very very picky Your answer to this question should be at least two full paragraphs (about 250 words, or one page in a double-spaced Word document). After answering the question, write your own question drawn from this unit’s content. Good questions don’t have simple answers, but require thoughtful and critical analysis of the assigned materials to answer effectively. I have attached the screenshots of the chapter and part of the syllabus and the rubric this professor is super picky so keep that in mind

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