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On the surface they may seem very similar but overall they are quiet different stories. A lot of people seem to have the opinion that Vampire Diaries was copied off of the Twilight Series. I think they are wrong. Although the Vampire Diaries and Twilight series are both a series of books about vampires and both are popular stories. On the surface they seem very similar with the same similar love story, but they have many differences among them. Vampire Diaries is a series of six books written by author L.

J. Smith and was first released back in the early 1990’s. The names of the books are The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, The Reunion, Nightfall and Shadow Souls. The Twilight series is a series of four books written by Stephenie Meyer and was released in 2005. The names of the books are Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. So right off the bat we can see that it is very possible that Stephenie Meyer possibly did take some of the same things from the Vampire Series.

On the surface we can see some similarities between both stories. They are both about teenagers going into their senior year of high school, that maybe why the target audience is teens and young adults. Even some of the story lines are set up very similar with a new kid in school and boy staring at girl across the room. When girl gets cut or is bleeding boy has to make sure he doesn’t take a bite out of her. Both of these stories have been turned into major motion pictures/T.

V. shows and have been very popular. A big similarity starts to emerge from both stories. The fact that they are both vampire/human love stories with complicated love triangles. In the Twilight series the love triangle is between one girl who is human and two guys which are not so much human as is the same for the Vampire Diaries. However even though they seem the same on the surface they are really different story lines.

The Evolution Of Prime Intelligence

The Evolution Of Prime Intelligence.

The Evolution Of Prime Intelligence Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details prompt: Discuss the change which occurred in intelligence through primate evolution. Intelligence is corrected with brain size, gestation period (amount of time the fetus was in the womb), social organization, and mating patterns. Include two or more of these related areas in your discussion. Elaborate on the evolutionary modifications and some of the theories which have been proposed for these changes. this is a research essay pls cite. The subject should be discussed through the grades of primate evolution Intro must have a thesis and include what I’m going to argue. ex: if I was talking about the evolution of primate vision, I could argue that primates developed improved vision due to natural selection pressures. The body should be a representation of your data. discuss the subject objectively through the grades of primate evolution while pointing out modifications that occurred through time. The grades of primate evolution are: Grade I – The lemuroids; Grade II The tarsiers; The Grade III The monkeys; and Grade IV- The apes and man. 1 to 2 pages on each grade. make sure tie the discussion in the end to man. with each grade, describe some general background on the category of primate. next devote the remaining discussion of each grade to the specific prompt. After discussing the changes that have occurred in the grades through primary evolution include a paragraph toward the end with a personal opinion on the subject material. Please cite resources MLA and paraphrase. a good source to use stated by the professor Fleagle Jonathan “Primate adaptation and evolution, New York: Academic Press” the conclusion should relate back to the thesis. also, make a final statement. ex: “in this paper, I have proven conclusively”

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