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Although the United States is only three hundred and some years old, it has seen numerous wars and problems, be it world or domestic. At this time it is important to have a president who can solve those problems. I believe that two of best United States’ presidents were Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FAD, and Woodrow Wilson.

Although both of them were great presidents and they had many characteristics in common they also had numerous differences. FAD was born in New York on January 30, 1882. He graduated from Harvard University n 1904.While Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856, and he graduated from College of New Jersey. FAD was United States 32nd President, while Wilson was 28th. FAD made an amazing impact on United States during the Great Depression, at this time some 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed. While FAD had a major problem on his hands, Wilson was lucky not to have as many domestic problems.

And few that he did have, he successfully solved by passing couple of laws. In the world situation FAD was involved in WWW.He tried to keep United States out of the war as long as he could, but finally after bombing of Pearl Harbor he decided that we had no choice but to enter the war. On the other hand Wilson had his work cut out by WWW. He also tried to keep United States out of the way of the war as much as possible, but after the Zimmermann note was intercepted and translated by the British, in which the Germany asked Mexico to attack United States, Wilson had no choice but to enter the WWW. The legislation field was Fad’s specialty.During his time in office he passed numerous laws, that changed the United States, from New Deal that helped America get out of the Great Depression, to Manhattan Project that allowed scientists to use federal fund towards building of an atomic bomb.

Finally FAD passed the Social Security Act that gave tax money to support people by unemployment compensation, tax money also went towards depending children and disabled people, today this act is called welfare. Wilson also passed some important legislation, but unlike Fad’s legislation, Willow’s was not as impacting on the US.Wilson legislation consisted of rewiring tariff, which is tax on imported goods, and he also formed Federal Reserve System to stabilize the national banking system. As we can see United States was very fortunate to have such great Presidents in the time of need. I believe that FAD and Woodrow Wilson were two of the best Presidents that this country has ever seen. Hopefully we will have more of Presidents with their caliber in the future, because if we do not we might not be on this planet to see the next century. Comparison between two US presidents.

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