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Comparison and Contrast Essay

Comparison and Contrast Essay.

Paradox of Friends Having
a social life is very important for every single person. As we go
about our lives, we make friends; these are people that we played
with when we were little; some are people we met in school, others
are people from the same neighborhoods, others are colleagues in work
places while some others are people we met while going about our
routines and hobbies. With time we form a bond with some of these
people and start considering them as friends. Sometimes we look at
our friends and realize that they are very different; the paradox of
this is that friends are the ultimate reflection of ourselves. Even
so, we should learn to have fun in our differences instead of making
others feel lesser simply because they are different. I have two
friends who have simple differences: appearance, personality traits,
and varied different interests.this is my thesis I need a complete essay two full pages.
Comparison and Contrast Essay

​ M2 Evaluation Essay: Ethics, Multicultural Competence, and Wellness.

Write a few brief paragraphs addressing and discussing the questions below:”I’m not sure where to focus career-wise. The job market is tight. I really want to be a teacher. I like kids. But then, I am getting married when I graduate. And what can I do with a major in history?”a. What would you say to this client? b. Discuss your response in relation to the concept of intentionality. c. One of your goals might be to help this client become more intentional. What would he or she be like at the end of counseling if your work has been successful and the client has increased ability to be intentional?It is necessary that counselors and interviewers become multi-culturally competent. What specific areas do you see for yourself as needing further growth? How could you address these issues?Intentional interviewing and counseling facilit
​ M2 Evaluation Essay: Ethics, Multicultural Competence, and Wellness

Justice is a broad concept that basically refers to acts of fairness as a way of creating order of philosophies within a society. “It is basically a concept of moral rightness that is based on ethics, natural law, fairness or equity, religion and rationality along with the provision of punishment for the breach of such said ethics” (Rawls
Research Paper for English Composition on The Ethical and Legal Problems Involved with 3D Printing. Essay should follow MLA or APA format with in-text parenthetical citations used for facts and quotations. Create this paper by expanding on the attached “mini research paper” and by using the references listed on the attached “works cited” page as well as any other resources you deem appropriate (cite appropriately please).

JU Donatello David Statue from The Palazzo Medici Visual Analysis Discussion

JU Donatello David Statue from The Palazzo Medici Visual Analysis Discussion.

Conduct a formal analysis of one of the three sculptures listed on page 2 of the
instructions. Through careful description and analysis, determine what the sculpture
communicates about its subject – the male form. What choices did the sculptor make in their
content, medium, stylistic representation of the body, and technique that communicates
something important, interesting, or different about the subject and themes of the work? In other
words, provide an analysis that highlights how formal and content choices work together to
communicate meaning. The introductory paragraph should include a thesis statement or
argument about the work. Students will conduct research on their chosen sculpture and integrate
peer-reviewed sources into the paper to support their analysis, interpretations, and thesis
statement. This includes making connections between the sculpture’s cultural, social, political,
and intellectual context and how this context might have influenced the maker’s formal and
thematic choices
JU Donatello David Statue from The Palazzo Medici Visual Analysis Discussion

CJAD 415 Columbia College United States Petitioner v Alberto Antonio Leon Paper

online assignment help CJAD 415 Columbia College United States Petitioner v Alberto Antonio Leon Paper.

Journals may be single-spaced. Be sure to use 12-point font size and 1” margins for your paper. A reference list is not required. Please look for specific length requirements within the description of each section. You will find the grading rubric for the assignment at the bottom of this page. Each journal must contain the following four sections and be written in the following format:NameDateSECTION ONEIn this section, you are asked to provide a brief summary of the chapter readings and a minimum of 4 case briefs (see below for a listing of the assigned chapters and case briefings). Along with a summary, discuss your thoughts about the assigned readings. On what areas do you agree/disagree and what have you learned through the readings? This section should be at least six paragraphs in length, or an average of three paragraphs per chapter.When you write the case briefs, be sure to follow the format for preparing briefs as specified in our text. I would suggest using this format with one addition. After you discuss the holding in Section 7, include a Section 8 which you title “My Thoughts.” In this section, discuss your opinion of the Decision reached in the case. Do not copy and paste directly from the opinions. Use your own words. Only briefings on the assigned court cases will be accepted. The cases eligible for briefing are linked in the content area. You may also locate these cases through independent research from public domain websites. Following is a list of websites/search engines that I suggest:FindLaw: I have found the FindLaw site to be the best, but I have had students who prefer one of the other three. Once you locate the FindLaw site, you may locate cases by doing a citation search, ex. “500 US 1,” or a party name search, ex. “Miranda.” The party name search is normally the best method.U.S. Supreme Court: Website of the United States Supreme Court; contains various facts, figures and data related to cases argued before the court.Cornell University Law School: Cornell University Law School’s website; dedicated to the profession and rich in legal resources.Google: Some opinions may be located through a simple Google search.I would prefer that your journal be submitted as one integrated document with the briefs included at the end of your discussion of the chapter readings (Section One of the Journal). However, you may include the case briefings at the end of your Journal (after Section Four).SECTION TWOSummarize your discussion participation and describe your feelings about the discussions for the week. One paragraph here should be sufficient.SECTION THREESummarize your preparation for quizzes and progress toward completing assignments. What other activities did you perform that were class related? One paragraph here should be sufficient.SECTION FOURIn this section include a general narrative of your progress, problems, and successes. This is also an area for you to discuss anything you feel is relevant that was not covered in another section. One paragraph is sufficient.Court Cases:Draper v United States 358 U.S. 307Alabama v White 496 U.S. 325Florida v J.L.529 U.S. 266Illinois v Wardlow 528 U.S. 119Michigan v DeFillippo 443 U.S. 31U.S. v Crews 445 U.S. 463South Dakota v Neville 449 U.S. 553Rochin v California 342 U.S. 165Arizona v Evans 514 U.S. 1Massachusetts v. Sheppard, 468 U.S. 981 (1984)United States v Leon 468 U.S. 897
CJAD 415 Columbia College United States Petitioner v Alberto Antonio Leon Paper

ECON 1 DAC Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy During Covid Discussion

ECON 1 DAC Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy During Covid Discussion.

Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy During COVID : How Did the Government and the Federal Reserve Bank Respond to the Pandemic?Write a positive and a normative response, evaluating the response of the Government (= fiscal policy) and the Federal Reserve Bank (= monetary policy) to the pandemic in the U.S. Address the following questions:1. What measures did the U.S. government implement to support the people and the economy (consumers and producers)? Do you think mistakes were made? Do you think another country had a better response when faced with the the pandemic?2. How did the Federal Reserve Bank support the economy when faced with the pandemic and the economy heading towards a recession?3. How do you think fiscal policy would differ under a Democratic President versus a Republican President? (Include economic theories, such as Keynesian Economic view and Classical Economic view. You can also refer to the appendix of chapter 13 that describes different Economic Schools of Thought).Your response can be concise, perhaps a paragraph for each of the three points. Please include your research sources at the bottom of your comments.
ECON 1 DAC Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy During Covid Discussion

Physics homework help

Physics homework help. This activity is intended for undergraduate nursing students. In this activity, students will observe, think critically about and report health issues in diverse community environments.,Students will observe, think critically about and report health issues,Overview, This activity is intended for undergraduate nursing students. In this activity, students will observe, think critically about and report health issues in diverse community environments.,Description, A Windshield Survey is a collection of subjective personal observations. It is your personal observations on what you see and experience in a specific environment.  Sentinel City® provides you with a safe way to immerse yourself in several different types of neighborhoods, from the safety of your home or office. For this windshield survey, you will also tour the city, record your observations, and submit a written response that addresses the specific items listed.,Prerequisites, None,Terms and Definitions, 1.                  Key Informant: Examples of key informants include, but are not limited to: political leaders, health care providers, service providers, such as mail carriers or shop owners; and also long-term residents of the community, members of the fire or police department. People who live or work in the community are a rich source of information regarding the community and also can often provide data not found in printed form., 2.                  Epidemiology: The study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events.,Student Instructions,1.      Review the following resources:, a.      QSEN: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, b.      The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, c.       The Future of Public Health, d.      ,Watch the Henry Street Settlement: 120 Years in 4 Minutes Video, e.      Stanhope and Lancaster (2018): Chapter 12.,2.      Enter Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation and get on the virtual bus. Since this is your first tour, select the slowest speed and stay on the bus the entire time.,3.      As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically, those that align with the following demographics and/or subsystems.,4.      Further, describe the characteristics of the people you see in Sentinel City®. What are the race/ethnicity distribution, age ranges and gender mix? Are there signs of poverty or wealth? What are they?,5.      Additionally, Who do you see on the streets? Parent with a child, teens, couples, disabled persons? Is there anyone in the city you would not expect to see?,6.      Are there homeless persons?, ,7.      Are the dogs on or off leash? Are there other animals?,8.      Are there churches, synagogues, or mosques and what are their denominations or affiliations?,9.      Moreover, select a target population of interest and discuss relevant demographic data and health status indicators for this population group.,10. Also, identify major health concerns for this target population. Also, include discussion of major health concerns in relation to a global health issue.,11. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe.,12. After your tour is complete, compile your observations into an APA-formatted, two to four page paper, with at least two scholarly references, addressing each item listed above.,Learning Objectives,Firstly, differentiate between community health nursing and public health nursing.,Secondly, relate historical events to principles that underlie community and public health nursing today.,Thirdly, integrate concepts of public health with community health nursing.,AACN Public Health Essentials,This assignment addresses the following AACN Public Health Essentials:,Essential II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety, o   Apply systems theory to PHN practice with individuals, families, and also  groups.,Essential III: Essential III: Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice, o   Use epidemiologic data and the ecological perspective to identify health risks for a population.,Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Optimizing Health, o   Practice evidence-based public health nursing to promote the health of individuals, families, and also groups.,Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice, o   Use basic descriptive epidemiological methods when conducting a health assessment for individuals, families, and groups.,Concept Review, ,Questions to help students review the concepts in the material:, Firstly, what would you describe as the top three health concerns for Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation?,Secondly, give examples of observations that support your top three health concerns.,Thirdly, identify one epidemiological event/issue that could potentially occur in Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation.,Critical Thinking Questions, Firstly, identify one vulnerable or underserved population in Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation and describe a health problem specific to that group. Further, what initiatives should a community health nurse take to help the population with that health problem?,Secondly, identify three key informants in Sentinel City® Community Health Simulation. Finally, what qualities make them good key informants?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help