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Compare the ways the distinctively visual is created in Run Lola Run and in one other related text of your choosing. Distinctively visual texts aim to manipulate the way we explore and interpret the images we see. Critically affecting the way we make interpretations of the experiences we encounter in the world. The distinctively visual represented in Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer and the Dove Artificial Time Lapse are similar in some elements.Run Lola Run has multiple distinctively visual features throughout the film, but the Dove ad on the overhand has a few techniques or elements thrown into a 2minute short film. Through Tom Tykwer 1998 film Run Lola Run, he presents visual images and reflects the dominance of post modernism in popular culture at the same time.

He has included in the film a set of themes/ideas, which characterise the cultural context: e. g. is Fate versus freewill. The colour red appears throughout the film, as a motif representative of different emotions and ideas central to the film’s core message.Red suggests a sense of passion and freedom from inhibition, quintessentially by Lola’s vivid hair. The colour of Lola’s hair makes her distinctive as the protagonist of the film, as well as symbolising her attitude of defiance towards authority and her individualism. Another motif is circles and spirals in the film, they have been incorporated throughout the film, from the various extreme close ups of clocks to the logos upon buildings and personnel uniforms.

Further examples include: the Mercedes benz insignia, the various rings that Lola wears around her fingers, the Bolle sign on the wall behind the phone booth where Manni waits for Lola and the spinning spiral at the Spirale Bar. These circles all symbolises the film’s central message that life is circular and cylical; endings are new beginnings and beginnings mark the end of that which came prior. The image of the spiral is used in the film to represent confusion and desperation as well as the interplay between Fate and our own Free will.For instance, a spiral is used to convey Manni’s confusion about the events of the day prior the call to Lola while he is outside the Spirale Bar. This function as a visual metaphor for the idiom “his life is spiralling out of control”, a potent reminder of the consequences born of bad decision making or apathy about the outcome of one’s existence. In my related text the Dove Artificial Time Lapse it looks our how the media and we deceive beauty. The ad shows a girl who just looks normal nothing special but is turned into a model by the use of different techniques.

Lighting is a key element used during the ad. The beginning when the girl comes in and takes a seat they have used low-key lighting to introduce the subject to the viewer. Once the change begins to the girl the lighting changes, high-key lighting is used to highlight the subject as the transformation happens. Another technique used is movement; this refers to the movement of actors or objects known as kinetics, the movement of the camera and the mechanical distortion of movement.The ad has included mechanical distortion and multiple freeze frames or snap shots of a change in appearance to the girl. They have created this by taking multiple photos to show the motion of the clip at a faster pace. By looking at these two texts you can point out the distinctively visuals created by the themes and motifs found in Run Lola Run and The Dove Artificial Time Lapse.

They have incorporated many visual techniques to show both these films; although they are two completely different films you can see the similarities between them.

Idea generation and assumption testing

Idea generation and assumption testing.

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