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Compare and Contrast Essay Greg Moore South University Online When I was looking for modern items or events to compare to the past I came across something I enjoy watching. Mixed martial arts, this sport has become increasingly popular and it is not slowing down. The sport has roots back to ancient Greek and Roman times dating back to 776 B. C. Mixed martial arts or MMA is very similar to the Roman gladiators of the past, with the two combatants entering and fighting for victory. In the past mixed martial arts was called Pankrations, in Greek this means “All Powers”.

Mythology stipulates that Hercules and/or Theseus created this style of fighting. The first recorded fight of Pankration was 776 B. C when it was introduced into the Olympics. There were two types of Pankrations, ano pacnkration (fight had to remain on the feet) and kato pankration (fight could be taken to the ground), that were featured during the fights. These events were the primary combatant fights up until 246 B. C. when Romans introduced gladiators.

Gladiators, swordsman in Latin, were ancient Rome’s choice of entertainment for the masses.Starting out as private spectacles used by aristocrats to entertain and pay homage to their family at funerals. They eventually moved to bigger amphitheaters, the biggest being Rome’s Colosseum, after the death of Julius Ceaser in 44 B. C. where the state staged fights to appease the public during times of unrest. Gladiators were normally slaves, prisoners of war, and criminals. There were some volunteer gladiators, who were paid handsomely to fight.

Most gladiators were taught to fight in schools just like the fighters of today’s time.After nearly four centuries of having these fights and events their popularity began to wane. With increasing costs and introduction of Christianity within the Roman Empire helped dampen the popularity of the sport. Soon economic hardship and invading barbarians made holding these events harder and in 399 A. D. the fights were banned within Rome. Moving into the Modern Age we saw the rebirth of this style of combat starting with Pride Fighting and then Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The combatants use many of the same techniques that were used in past ages, from grappling to striking.The similarities of the old fighting are not without contrasts. In ancient times they used weapons and sometimes deaths did happen. Modern day mixed martial arts is strictly regulated with judges and medical doctors. Injuries are not as severe as they previously were but blooding your opponent until they can no longer fight is still a staple of the sport. Most of the modern day fighters train in both striking and grappling styles. The wrestling style comes from the old Pankration style and striking is a mix of boxing and a form of martial arts.

Unlike the two Pankration styles of fights, mixed martial arts fights combine standing and wrestling styles inside a metal cage or octagon the fighters are in. These fights are normally 15 minutes long consisting of three five minute rounds. If a fighter doesn’t win by submission or knockout the judges will have to be the decider. This also goes back to the Roman fight where most fights were either 15 minutes or to the death. If a fighter was killed during a gladiator match his handler would receive compensation for what the fighter was worth. References

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