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Compare han china and imperial rome essay help online Anthropology homework help

Compare han china and imperial rome BY Mr561 All over the world throughout history, there have been many different civilizations. However, while these civilizations are different, there are similarities as well. The regions of Han China and Imperial Rome are similar in the way of the use of bureaucracy, but different through the use of belief systems and in the role of the emperor. Both the empire of Han China and Imperial Rome used a bureaucracy as the form of political control.

Bureaucracy is the delegation of power in government. In both China and Rome there was the emperor. Then the emperor would assign different people to take care of things that he couldn’t do himself like collecting taxes. This bureaucratic system is one of the best forms of political control and contributed to both empires being successful. Both empires remained for long periods of time. The use of an organized bureaucracy contributed to this.

With this organized system, there was control and order which allowed the civilizations to urvive. As in most civilizations, Han China and Imperial Rome had belief systems. Han China used a philosophy known as Confucianism and Imperial Rome had religious tolerance meaning people could follow any religion they would like. The main religion in Rome was Christianity. In Han China, Confucianism was used by the government. Everyone was encouraged to follow the ideals and -teachings of Confucianism by the government.

This could have contributed to the long reign of he Han because there was there would be virtually no fghting or persecution between people of different beliefs because mostly everyone followed the same philosophy. In Rome religion was used as an individual choice and was not demanded by the government that all citizens follow the same religion. There was religious tolerance in Rome since Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan. This let citizens follow any religion one would like without being persecuted although that wasn’t always the case.

Global Stratification

Identify and explain three (3) differences between the modernization and dependency theories. Write a thoughtful paragraph for each difference identified (3 paragraphs total).
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