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Compare and contrast essay: Dancers Vs. Singers Performers are known for their popularity and talents, they are the reasons why the entertainment industry is growing and earning a lot of money. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the difference of being a dancer from a singer in terms of talents, lifestyle and income. It is not an easy task for performers to go to the stage and perform; it requires a lot of confidence and passion to be able to perform in front of hundreds or even thousands of audience.

Dancers are expressive, through body movements they can easily express their emotions, thoughts and beliefs while singers tend to express their emotions by choosing songs and lyrics that has similarities to what they want to say or express in reality. However, dancers cannot dance without music while singers can sing acoustically without any music. So it is convenient for singers to show their talent in public because it doesn’t require them to be in high energy level like dancers just to be able to dance in large movements.

Dancers are known for their eye catching outfits and costumes; they invest to some good wardrobe because costume is part of their dance routine or choreos, it is necessary for them to show their character as a dancer by dressing up to their personality and character. Singers are more independent in choosing what they want to wear because the audience more often only looks at their stage presence and charisma that will be intensify more by their amazing voice once they perform. In terms of money, dancer’s income often goes to their costume expenses and vitamins.

The hectic schedule of a dancer because of constant rehearsing is risky to their health so having a good lifestyle, vitamins and monthly check up are necessary. Singers earn a lot of money because a singer can sell his/her own album and perform and be popular even if he/she is just a solo singer while it’s hard for a solo dancer to get people’s attention by performing alone. Whether you are a dancer or a singer I think it is not important if you’re earning big or not as long as you are happy doing what you love and giving entertainment to all the people because the joy of being who you really want to be is a blessing that money can never buy.

Complete Form 940 for Wayland Custom Woodworking.

Wayland Custom Woodworking is a firm that manufactures custom cabinets and woodwork for business and residential customers. Students will have the opportunity to establish payroll records and to complete a month of payroll information for Wayland. Wayland Custom Woodworking is located at 12850 Old Highway 50, Glenbrook, Nevada, 89413, phone number 775-555-9877. The owner is Mark Wayland. Wayland’s EIN is 91-7444533, and the Nevada Employer Account Number is E6462582020-6. Wayland has determined it will pay their employees on a semimonthly basis. Federal income tax should be computed using the percentage method.
For Part 2 of this project, you will complete payroll for the last month (December) of the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2020, which consists of the final pay periods of the year. Then file the annual tax forms for Wayland as well as prepare each employee’s Form W-2 in Part 2 on or before the due date 01/15/2021.
For Part 2 of this project, you will use the fourth quarter payroll information that you calculated in Part 1 to complete the following tax forms for Wayland Custom Woodworking:
U.S. Form 941
U.S. Form 940
Nevada Form TC-941
Nevada Form 33H
Form W-2s for all 6 employees
Form W-3 for WCW
Elective deferrals including deferrals under a simple retirement account that is part of a section 401(k) arrangement should be reported in Box 12, using code D. Employer amounts for health coverage should be reported as 1.5 times the employee’s premium in Box 12, using Code DD.Specific instructions on how to complete each form can be found within the individual forms themselves. The employee information for Wayland has been presented again below, for convenience.
Employee NumberName and AddressPayroll information00-ChinsAnthony ChinsonMarried/Joint; 2 < 17530 Chimney Rock RoadExemptStateline, NV 89449$48,000/year commission775-555-1212Start Date: 10/1/2020Job title: Account ExecutiveSSN: 511-22-333300-WaylaMark WaylandMarried/Joint; 3 < 17, 1 Other1650 Power House DriveExemptGlenbrook, NV 89413$85,000/year775-555-1110Start Date: 10/1/2020Job title: President/OwnerSSN: 505-33-177501-PeppiSylvia PeppinicoMarried/Joint 1 < 17, 1 Other1575 Flowers AvenueExemptGlenbrook, NV 89413$58,500/year775-555-2244Start Date: 10/1/2020Job title: CraftsmanSSN: 047-55-995101-CoopeStevon CooperSingle; None2215 Lands End DriveNonexemptGlenbrook, NV 89413$62,000/year775-555-9981Start Date: 10/1/2020Job title: CraftsmanSSN: 022-66-113102-HissoLeonard HissopSingle; 1 Other333 Engine House CircleNonexemptGlenbrook, NV 89413$51,500/year775-555-5858Start Date: 10/1/2020Job title: Purchasing/ShippingSSN: 311-22-669800-SucceStudent SuccessSingle; None16 Kelly Circle #2NonexemptGlenbrook, NV 89413$42,000/year775-556-1211Start Date: 10/1/2020Job title: Accounting ClerkSSN: 555-55-5555Total deposits made for the quarter is $12,749.62.Monthly tax liability:
October$6,432.12November6,318.51December3,202.80FUTA tax deposited for the year, including any overpayment applied from a prior year is $252.00.
If you have submitted Part 1 already, it is recommended that you access your submission while attempting Part 2, as you will need the information from Part 1 in order to complete all applicable tax forms.
For additional instructions on how to navigate and work through through Part 2 of this project, please download the student project guide here.