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Comparative essay of teaching in high school and that in university college admission essay help WRITING A BIOGRAPHY

High school and university are two important levels of every education’s foundation in the world. It educates young people, brings them the knowledge to help them promote their ability position in the future. It also creates precious forces for every country’s future. Through the name of these two levels express two uninterrupted steps in an important process used for educating people. This means that there are definitely some differences between high school and university.

The way of teaching in high school is different from that in university, this is because students who go to university is more adult than ones in high school which means they must have a good awareness of independent studying. For that reason, the attitude of teachers in highschool is not the same with that of lecturers and professors in university. Teachers care much about their students daily work and studying status by checking their homework, trying to encourage them to study effectively , annoucing students status to their parents through report book and so on.

Furthermore, teachers approach if they believe students need assistance. In another word, high school teachers are similar to parents but in school. Meanwhile, lecturers in university only provide students with knowledge in classes and they will not pay much attention on if students have completed homework or not , they will assume that students can perform the same tasks on tests instead. In addition, professors and lecturers are usually open and helpful but most expect students to initiate contact if they need assistance from them.

For the second different point, it requires a higher level of knowledge to be a lecturer in university than to be a teacher in high school. Professors and lecturers are expert and have wide experience in a specialized subject of specific major. So as to reach the requirements , the ones who want to be a professor or a lecturer in university must own a graduated or master degree from a university. Besides, high school doesn’t require teachers to be as professional as professors and lecturers.

The lessons in high school is more basic as they are only the foundation materials to be able to understand things in university. In order to be a high school teacher, a bachelor’s degree is needed and the experience of specific subject is not required as much as of professors . In conclusion, because of the distinctive purpose of each level of education , the attitude of teachers and lecturers are not the same and so are the requirements to teach in university and in high school.

Analyze Photography

Analyze Photography.

Photography Analyze Writing Assignment A mash-up of an analysis of a photograph and an artist statement. Requirements • At least 3 reputable sources outside of textbook and class notes – No Wikipedia • Bibliography and sources cited in text Instructions 1. Write about the exact same artwork chosen for your photo assignment. 2. Research the artist and the ideas/theories/histories behind the image. Use the class notes and book to start your search, and explore online for reputable sources (museums, art publications). 3. Like the first writing assignment, analyze the selected photo. Describe the visual properties of the artwork – compositional and formal qualities. Discuss the denotations and connotations within the composition. 4. Write about the artist and relevant theories and histories. What topics covered in class are demonstrated in your selected piece? Is there a particular gaze? What other theories are at play? 5. Discuss your artistic response to the selected piece. What elements/ideas in the original piece were you responding to? How did you go about making the work? How is your work similar and different? How have you continued the overall discussion of the topic? What is the personal/intellectual/intuitive driving force – why did you make this work?

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