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Company Selection and Preliminary Recommendations

Then visit the webpage SEC EDGARCompany Filings and review the Preliminary Final Project Company Selection Guide.Next identify the publicly listed company that you are considering analyzing for your final project, and address the following: Company Selection: Explain why you have you chosen this company for your final project, for example, personal interest, business interest, orprofessional interest, etc. Markets/Impact: In which financial markets does the selected company operate and how do those markets impact the company? Risk Mitigation: Briefly describe how this company mitigates risk, for example, swaps, options, or other. Expansion: What countries do you think the company might successfully expand into, and what potential risks might the company encounter with itsexpansion? In other words, if the company is not present in South Africa, and you suggest moving to South Africa, would the company need more or lesshedging?Refer to the text readings and to the Form 10-K or Form 10-K/A annual statements from the SEC EDGAR Company Filings website to support your responses. As areference, you should use the financial statements and website of the company you have selected.Incorporate instructor feedback into Final Project Milestone One: Introduction and Broad Strokes of the Expansion Plan, due in Module Three.RubricGuidelines for Submission: The short paper should follow these formatting guidelines: 2–3 pages in length, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font,one-inch margins, and citations in APA style.

Part 2- Community Presentation

Part 2- Community Presentation.

Part 2- Community Presentation: The Morals/Values Stance developed for the course will be the focus of a community presentation that allows you to share your morals/values with others, in an effort to promote positive change (III.3). This presentation will be made in front of classmates, as well as other campus and community members who will be invited. For these papers, you will be required to use at least 5 (five) scholarly sources (for each paper) to defend your positions on the topic of your paper. Some popular search engines for finding peer-reviewed journal articles are,, and the Academic Search Premiere website. All of which you can find through the library website or at the computers in the library. Non-scholarly sources can be used as well, but do not count towards the minimum source count (per paper). If non-scholarly sources are used, you should use the scholarly ones much more than the non-scholarly ones. Length: The page count is based on size 12 Times New Roman (or equivalent) font. Please double space your text, and do not include a blank line between paragraphs (which MS Word 2007 and up do by default). Also, your reference list or title page does NOT count as a part of the page limit. Format: Each paper should follow the format of the American Sociological Association (ASA). This format outlines how the references should be cited within the text as well as in the bibliography/references section. If you do not follow the ASA format, you will face a deduction. The website provides a good, and free overview of the ASA format. PLEASE refer to the website while writing your paper. If the paper is cited using another format, or uses the ASA format incorrectly, you will face deductions. Remember, improperly citing materials, or not citing them at all can be a form of plagiarism. You do not need a title page, or an abstract, which this format typically includes, and the works cited/bibliography does not count as a part of the page count for the paper.

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Court Systems

Company Selection and Preliminary Recommendations Court Systems.

1. How you feel judges should refrain from involvement in plea bargains; 2. What are some of the benefits of judicial involvement in plea bargaining highlighted by S. Lee; and 3. How does the Supreme Court evaluate plea bargaining? ABSTRACT. This article examines how the judge balances the normative obligation of neutrality with the bureaucratic demand for efficiency in recorded plea-bargaining encounters. The analysis demonstrates three kinds of judicial conduct by employing the methodology of conversation analysis. First, the judge displays an attitude or an outlook toward the accused or aspects of the case in an embedded manner. Second, the judge facilitates the bargaining process. The judge organizes an opening and a closing of the bargaining encounters, and elicits bargaining activities from the attorneys. Third, the judge moves the bargainers toward resolution. The judge may overtly suggest a bargaining proposal, subtly intervene in the bargaining positions to show approval or disapproval, and press the bargainers to overcome obstacles. The analysis shows that the judge’s conduct influences the bargaining processes and outcomes. The implication of this article is twofold. On the one hand, justice in plea bargaining is implemented in practice and is shaped by the practical ways in which judges manage their role in the interactions. On the other hand, the judge’s role is shaped by the normative obligation of neutrality as reconciled with the practical demands for efficiency. Therefore, the administration of justice in plea bargaining both shapes and is shaped by the judge’s conduct as balanced between neutrality and efficiency. KEY WORDS : conversation analysis, justice, legal communication, neutrality, plea bargaining Introduction Plea bargaining is a nontrial mode of courtroom transaction that consists of an exchange between prosecution and defense in criminal cases (Alschuler, 1976, 1979; Langbein, 1979; Maynard, 1984). In exchange for a guilty plea, the defendant receives dispositional concessions from the state (Alschuler, 1979; Feeley, 1979b; Maynard, 1984). The state, in turn, gets cases processed expeditiously ARTICLE 33 The scales of justice: balancing neutrality and efficiency in plea-bargaining encounters SEUNG-HEE LEE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA , LOS ANGELES Discourse & Society Copyright © 2005 SAGE Publications (London, Thousand Oaks, CA and New Delhi) Vol 16(1): 33–54 10.1177/

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Financial Analysis-Aspen LSC Corporation Case

Financial Analysis-Aspen LSC Corporation Case.

1- The requirements with details (Aspen LSC Corporation Case).

2- First file studying with slides (Capital Budgeting).

3- Second file studying with slides (Estimating Project Cash Flows).

4- Third file studying with slides (Options and Corporate Finance).

5- Another case for example, it was in the last semester – I want you to do it the same way. (No References)

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policy analysis skills by completing a critical analysis of an existing California State law that impacts an oppressed group.

policy analysis skills by completing a critical analysis of an existing California State law that impacts an oppressed group..

SW 505 – Fall 2018 – Social Policy Paper – Rubric
Assignment #3: Social Policy Paper. (30 points) – Due 11-03-18 (12:00pm)

My paper will be based on Assembly Bill 167/216
The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to develop policy analysis skills by completing a critical analysis of an existing California State law that impacts an oppressed group. The paper addresses descriptive and critical analysis issues related to problem definition, goals/objectives, values and consequences of the law. Students are asked to provide their rationale for and criteria used for proposing recommendations for policy changes. Students are required to substantiate their claims with facts and evidence from the professional literature and research. Students are required to use the “Policy Analysis Framework” in Jimenez, et al. (2014), pp. 25-28 to fully analyze their selected California State law in a 5- 7 page (excluding references), typed, double-spaced paper that follows APA guidelines for citations and references. Students will describe each section of the analysis and support their analysis with references from the literature and additional resources.
Spelling and grammar must be correct and the paper must flow in a manner that is easy to understand. Please submit the paper electronically to: [email protected]
Sections of the analysis will be weighted differently based on the following table:
Points Poss
Points Rec
What is/are the problem(s) to be solved by the legislation/bill in the most fundamental terms?
What is the history of the problem(s)?
What are the various theories about the causes of the problem(s)?
Based on the above, what do you think is/are the most important causes of the problem(s)?
What are the stated objectives of the policy legislation/bill?
What do you think might be the covert (unstated) objectives of the legislation/bill?
What are the values underlying the policy legislation’s/bill’s stated objectives?
What values are revealed by the covert objectives of the legislation/bill?
What did the policymakers expect would be the result of the policy legislation/bill?

SW 505 – Fall 2018 – Social Policy Paper – Rubric
Who are the direct targets of this policy legislation/bill (the population at whom the policy legislation/bill is aimed – describe them in terms of size and other demographic characteristics)?
Who are the indirect targets of this policy legislation/bill (other populations who may have been or will be impacted)?
What are the effects the policymakers intended (both short-range and long- range)?
What are the effects that the policymakers did not foresee (both short-range and long-range)?
Are there any changes in the distribution of material resources, including income and other tangible benefits as a result of the policy legislation/bill for direct or indirect target groups?
Are their any changes in services, rights, or statuses as a result of the policy legislation/bill?
What alternative policies (could be additional legisaltion/bill or possibly something else) would address the social problem discussed in the policy analysis more effectively while advancing social justice?
Overall organization, grammar, spelling, etc.
Summary comments:

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Discrimination against LGBTQ community

Discrimination against LGBTQ community.

 The goal of this assignment is to identify a particular problem in our society and conduct research on what resources are available to address this problem. You are to identify federal, state and local resources that are focused on the issue. For example, you can identify various laws, organizations, and/or grassroots volunteer efforts. You should describe agencies, their mission and any activities of the organizations. You should contact these agencies to gather information. How are such efforts are funded? Are they not for profit agencies? Do they rely on taxpayer dollars? Have their activities been effective in addressing the issue? Why or why not? What do you identify is the greatest challenge in addressing this issue? The ultimate goal of persuasive presentation is to convince the audience that they should become involved with the identified issue by providing some sort of service. Being an involved citizen means participating in our democracy. What can the audience do to help with this problem?

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explain the potential harms and the potential benefits of conflict, and identify the ways in which how conflict is managed influences whether the outcomes are positive or negative.

explain the potential harms and the potential benefits of conflict, and identify the ways in which how conflict is managed influences whether the outcomes are positive or negative..

As the chapter pointed out, conflict can be harmful to people, but it can also be beneficial. Using real-life examples, explain the potential harms and the potential benefits of conflict, and identify the ways in which how conflict is managed influences whether the outcomes are positive or negative.

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Online First-Generation Students’ Experiences With Educational Support Services: A Qualitative Study

Online First-Generation Students’ Experiences With Educational Support Services: A Qualitative Study.


Dissertation Proposal on the title above needing incorporation of peer-reviewed article references added with removal of any dissertation sources a grammarly report to allieviate errors the organization of ideas need addressing, need for greater detail, lack of citation; anthropomorphisms need to be removed in writing e.g., the study finds … ; the literature reports …; Follow editing directives in comments. Please let me know if you have any questions or lack of understanding.

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Original Argument of the research paper

Original Argument of the research paper.

This should be used at least 2 new sources. Your Original Argument (3-5 pages) presents and supports the answer to your research question—your Final Argument/Synthesis’s main claim. This section should be at least three pages long and include a heading.


Begin with a paragraph (adapted from your LR conclusion) explaining your research question and its justification, leading from your evaluation of scholarly articles to a more thorough discussion of your main question, and addressing the topics or questions you believe should be examined further. You will be constructing your own argument as a direct response to your research question, paying attention to the issues raised by the sources you have consulted for this project. If your main claim agrees with those of your sources, show how your analysis makes a unique contribution to the field. If it disagrees, explain why. In both cases, present your evidence and reasons clearly, as well as acknowledgments, responses, and warrants if necessary. Remember to acknowledge and address possible questions or counterarguments, and to show how your specific argument connects to important issues or debates within your field.


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