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Community Partner – the Brothers of Change Term Paper

Community Partner – the Brothers of Change Term Paper. Introduction This paper focuses on a Project Management Analysis that seeks to analyze the experience of a group with a community partner. In this light, we chose the Brothers of Change to be the community partner for this project. The organization is a non-profitable organization that offers courses on cooking and helps the student to get jobs easily. During the interaction with the community partner, the group adopted a method of a participant observer. This method required the group to take part in various activities of an organization and make the observations simultaneously. Therefore, the community partner allowed us to give direct service to them for fifteen hours. Also, they allowed us to observe the proceedings of a cooking class, five hours for designing a marketing plan and fifteen hours of indirect service to the organization. This analysis will describe how the group used organizational concepts during the interaction with the community partner. The analysis will describe the general experience with the partner, communication power, influence, leadership, motivation, team building, team dynamics, conflict resolution, negotiations, emotions, attitudes, stress, and the organizational culture. General Experience The team comprised of five participants including Jiahong Lin, Gabriella de Castro, Viveka Yeung, Kerry Xiao, and Fernando Ucha. Gabriella de Castro was the team leader and the main contact person. His main role was to communicate with the partner and update us the other team members on the progress. Also, he was responsible for assigning duties to the various group members. During the interaction, we had various challenges that faced us. In the beginning, the management did not have a positive attitude towards the group. The management was not willing to communicate with us since we were strangers to the organization. Also, they were not willing to assign duties to the group since they could not trust us. Preliminarily, we communicated through emails that did not help us to complete the communication. However, we decide to approach the management physically and negotiate with them. At last, we managed to talk to them and carry on with the project. Later, the management assigned us time for various activities including class observations, planning a marketing strategy and serving them directly. Financial constraints posed a serious challenge towards the project and affected the efficiency of the team. However, we applied various organizational concepts to help us eliminate the challenges. Communication Power and Influence During the lectures, we learned that communication is the main pillar for conducting a community service especially when the subjects are working in a team. In this light, communication is categorized into internal and external communication. The internal communication aims at coordinating the group members and updating them about various events. It ensures that all the members are involved in the group’s events. On the other hand, external communication facilitates the relationship between the group and the community partner. Regarding internal communication, Gabriella was responsible for coordinating the group and communicating with all group members. In this light, he acted as the mediator between the group and the community partner. At one point, the group lost communication with the community partner. As a result, Gabriella informed the group and planned for a meeting with the members. During the meeting, the members decided to approach the organization physically to revive communication. This continuous communication from the team leader helped the entire group to secure the chance of serving the organization. It eliminated the communication breakdown between the involved parties. In this light, the group used internal communication as a concept for serving the community. Additionally, the group used external communication to facilitate efficient service for the community partner. At the beginning of the project, we communicated to the organization through emails. We communicated to Majeid Crawford who acted as the main contact person for the organization. However, Crawford passed away, and communication between the organization and the group broke down for a week. We noticed that using the emails was not the best way of communication. Also, we considered that the lecturer recommends physical communication external relations. Therefore, we changed the means of communication and approached the organization. We met the Erris who explained that the Crawford had died. We explained the situation that required us to start the direct service for the organization. Erris allowed us to observe the cooking classes from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. In this case, we used efficient communication to eliminate the communication breakdown that had arisen due to the death of the contact person. Also, it enabled us to get the chance for direct service faster than using the emailed communication. Therefore, the concept of efficient communication applied in this context and helped us to offer services to Brothers for Change. Leadership During the lectures, we learned that leadership is an essential component for coordinating a group and helping the group to deliver their services to an organization. The leadership of the group, therefore, determines whether it will succeed or fail. During the service, we have had a participant observer status that required us to follow the leadership of the organization. In this case, we became a part of the organization in all aspects of the period that we served them. Therefore, we served under the leadership of Revered Erris. We followed his instruction strictly to ensure that we did not inconvenience the program of the organization. For example, Erris directed that we should observe the classes for five hours starting from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. We followed this program strictly ensuring that we arrived punctually. He orientated the group and introduced us to the culinary kitchen attainder called Henry Howard. Henry explained that he coordinated his students during the cooking sessions and cleaning. In this light, we understood that Henry was empathetic to the students. This was a strong attribute of leadership. He could allow students to leave the rooms without cleaning them since they were tired. He told us that he had learned his qualities of leadership from Erris. This showed us that good leadership is the main factor in the success of a group. Also, Erris was the force behind the growth of the whole organization. He was compassionate to his duties despite his academic ignorance. He was always optimistic too and encouraged his team including us. This encouraged them to pursue their dreams in education. Therefore, he transformed the organization into a center of educational success. He formed an organization that gave people a new chance in life. He transformed people into useful players of the community. In this case, Henry Howard was his product. Henry used to go to jail regularly due to crimes and poor behavioral conduct. However, he transformed him ad taught him the art of helping others. Moreover, we had a compassionate leadership from the team leader called Gabriella de Castro. He made efficient communication with the original contact person called Majeid. When he passed away, Gabriella advised us to approach the management physically. As a result, the management allowed us to offer direct services to the organization. His determination developed the persistence of the group towards serving the organization. His efficient communication with us and the Brothers fo Change was the force behind the success of the group. He always found for resolutions instead of complaining. This inspiration raised our focus and determination leading to fast and efficient proceedings of the group. Team Building and Team Dynamics Team building and team dynamics were a major stepping stone for the efficiency of the group. In this light, we built the team in a manner that facilitated fast performance. The dynamics were found on strict rules that saved on time and bound all members to the project. In this light, the group members decided to meet regularly to discuss the progress of the project. All meeting had relevant agendas that enhanced progress. In the first meeting, the members aimed at the self-introduction. In team building, self-introduction ensures that all the team members are familiar with each other. As a result, they communicate and operate easily with each other. Also, the meeting was scheduled for making rules that formed a legal framework. Therefore, the group’s dynamics were based on this framework. Regarding these rules, the team decided that the main form of communication was the emails. The members were given twenty-four hours for responding to emails. Also, we decided that the group would be meeting at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Also, we decided that the official meeting room was room 203. This helped the team to proceed with sufficient coordination among the five group members. It ensured that there was a minimum time wastage during the project. As a result, we proceeded without divided interest. In the second meeting, the group discussed and wrote the proposal. It was completed efficiently, and one of the group members emailed it to the professor. Also, he sent the final proposal to all the group members making it available to all the members. Therefore, all the members were aware of the document that they had submitted to the professor. The student followed the rule that recommended the use of emails as the means of communication. During the third meeting, the team decided that they would visit the community partner and make a physical approach. The team building and team dynamics helped the group to proceed with efficiency. Also, it ensured that the team was well coordinated and cohesive. Conflict and Negotiation There was a conflict of understanding between the organization and the team. In this light, they were not willing to give us the chance of serving their organization. We applied for several times without being allowed by the management. Moreover, they were not willing to assign roles to us. This formed part of our challenge as a team. Therefore, we had to apply the concepts that we learned to ensure that they allowed us to serve their organization. In this case, we stopped communicating through emails and approached the management physically. In this light, the best negotiations are done through a physical approach rather than online communication. When we approached the management, we met Erris and negotiated to serve the organization directly and indirectly. We explained that our project was significantly late and behind time. Erris orientated us and introduced the group to Henry who accompanied us during the entire project. The overall group relationship was good and desirable. Conflicts among the group members were solved by the team leader in the presence of all the members. The negotiations were done fairly and in a neutral way. This ensured that all the members felt comfortable. As a result, the project was done efficiently and exhaustively without wasting time. Emotions, Attitudes, and Stress During the project, the members had various attitudes, emotions, and stress at some points. The team used the concepts we learned in class in a bid to cope up with these indictments. In the beginning, the members had acquired a negative attitude towards the organization. This was due to the breakdown of communication with the organization. In this case, the team leader suggested that we had to use another means of communication. This made us approach the management of the organization and negotiate for the chance. After, the first meeting with Erris, the attitude toward the organization changed t the positive and all the members participated happily. Moreover, we encountered stress due to high workload. In this light, we had fifteen hours of direct service, five hours of observations and five hours of designing the marketing plan alongside fifteen hours of indirect service. Therefore, we applied the concept of distributing the roles among the team members. For example, Kerry and Jiahong did the first direct service at Fillmore. As a result, they could be exempted in another allowing them to rest. This ensured that each member did not get stress due to a heavy workload. Also, it ensured that we did the work when each one of us was fresh. This led to high efficiency and speed. Organizational Culture The team had created a culture that formed their working foundation. In this light, the team had requested the management of the organization to give us the program for our observations and the direct service. Also, we had formed the rules and programs that governed our events. In this case, the meetings were scheduled for Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. Motivation The path towards the completion of this project was a challenging one. However, the main secret was that we moved through the path together. In this light, our attitudes changed with time and discouraged our efforts. For example, the team members were discouraged due to the breakdown in communication with the Brothers for Change. However, we motivated each other and continued with the project. In this case, the team leader encouraged us to continue and choose another way of communication. Conclusion This Project Management Analysis has focused on various events that took place during the project. In this case, it has described the challenges that faced the team. Also, it has described the concept that we used to meet the challenges to eliminate the difficulties that we encountered. Therefore, it is an all-inclusive analysis that touches on the crucial components of the project. Community Partner – the Brothers of Change Term Paper
Directions 1. View: Meet Your Master: Getting to Know Your Brain 2. Re-View (from this week’s lesson): Three Lesions, Three Lives 3. Read: Mind over matter? Alex Hutchinson explains the role of the brain when it comes to the limits of human endurance 4. Read: Fatigue is All in Your Head 5. Post: Write an original post for this week’s discussion that includes one paragraph for each of the following prompts: Choose two parts of the brain described in the video above (Getting to Know Your Brain). Think about how their functions might be related. Describe how a neuron in one structure might depend on what is happening in a neuron in the other structure. Draw a conclusion about the way we localize functions in the brain: Was Broca justified in labeling a speech center in the brain with so few patients? How many brains are necessary to draw a conclusion? What does localization mean, after all? There is no strictly right or wrong answer to this question, only thoughtful responses. Describe an example in your own experience of misattributing a body function to a mental function or misattributing a mental function to a body function. For example, did doing chores as a kid really make you tired? 5. Post: Responses of 75 to 100 words each to at least two of your fellow class members.

Compare and contrast Don Quixote with either King Arthur or Sundiata. English homework help

Compare and contrast Don Quixote with either King Arthur or Sundiata. English homework help.

(15 points)Score1. Compare and contrast Don Quixote with either King Arthur or Sundiata. How are the two figures you have chosen alike? How are they different? Be sure to use specific examples from the stories you have read to illustrate your points.Answer:Don Quixote and King Arthur were very similar yet different to each other. A similarity would be that they both hold roles, which are considered noble. They both are very sympathetic and genuinely wish the best for those around them. Don Quixote was a normal person who got dubbed a knight, which is a noble position indeed. Similar to Don Quixote, King Arthur was an ordinary person as well prior to becoming king, both of these figures came from the same type of background.Though, in the story, Don Quixote no longer is a savior as he beings to attack anybody who made him feel threatened. The readers can perceive him as gullible, because, when Don Quixote saves a small boy from his master, the master makes a promise that he will never mistreat the young boy ever again. He also commits larceny as he steals a barber’s basin which he believed was mythic Mambrino’s helmet, and larceny is not an act of a noble man.These two figures are very different from each other as King Arthur’s goal is to make his people happy and content, when he faced conflict with Mordred he doesn’t attack instead he decides to create a peace treaty. Had King Arthur been like Don Quixote, he would have attacked his enemy without thinking of the consequences and sacrifices to be made, as he would have believed that he was a threat to his safety.(15 points)Score2. Why is devotion such an important concept in the love poetry that you have read this semester? How do the poets whose work you have read this semester address the idea of devotion in their poems? Focus on at least two works and explain the ways in which the writers use figurative language and imagery to show the devotion of a poem’s speaker to his or her beloved. Be sure to cite specific textual examples in your response.Answer:Devotion is such an important concept in love poetry we read this semester for a number of reasons. The poets treat the idea of devotion in their poems by taking advantage of figurative language in order to make the readers understand the true meaning of devotion.In “Sonnet 43”, the speaker says that after death, if it is possible she will love her beloved, even more. She shows the readers that her love for her beloved is everlasting and will not end when she dies. The readers can understand that when she says “I shall love thee better after death.” The speaker believes in eternal love and thinks that her feelings are divine, her feelings could be considered even more special because they’re not restricted by the rules of nature, which means that the love she has for him is immortal. The speaker uses a lot of alliteration (thee, candle-light, the… quiet”, as well as describing her love of using metaphors as it reaches to the “depth” and the “height”. The speaker utilizes a lot of figurative language in order to portray her feelings for her beloved. When she says “I love thee freely, as men strive for right’; I love thee purely as they turn from Praise” she uses a simile. In “A Red, Red Rose” Robert Burns uses figurative language in order to show readers how strong his love is. When he says “O my Luve is like a red, red rose” he uses a simile to describe how he feels, he compares his feelings to a red rose. He also goes on to compare his love to a melody played in a beautiful tune. The author uses hyperbole in this poem to be able to prove to his readers that his love is eternally strong. Examples would be line 9-11:“Till a’ the seas gang dry, my Dear,And the rocks melt wi’ the sun:O I will love thee still, my Dear,”The speaker states that he will love his beloved till the seas run dry, which is something that will never happen.(15 points)Score3. Both Eveline in “Eveline” and Jerry in “Through the Tunnel” face challenges and turning points in their lives. How are their responses alike and how are they different? What is a possible theme of each story? As you plan your answer, be sure to include the challenge each character faces, the turning point in each of their lives, and a possible theme of each story.Answer:In “Eveline,” Eveline faces a great challenge in her life, she is confused as to whether she should stay at home with her family or leave and marry Frank. What is keeping Eveline from just leaving and marrying Frank is the sole fact that she promised her mother that she would keep the family together, and thus feels a sense of duty to keep her word.  Eveline starts reminiscing about memories of her mother when she hears the organ music, which makes her go to the station and elope with Frank. When she arrives at the train station, that is when the story reaches the turning point, she holds on to the bars and shows Frank no affection or attention. Eveline was fearful of what the future held for her, thus making her stay with her horrible father who treats her badly.I think a possible theme of this story is the lust for an escape, since she wants to escape her house and life, because of her father. Another theme could be that the future can sometimes be terrifying, Eveline was scared to death to move forward in her life as she was scared about what the future holds for her, which resulted in her returning home to her father.In “Through the Tunnel”, Jerry sets a challenge, to swim through the tunnel, to prove to himself that he is just as capable as the local boys. Jerry thought that the local boys could do things he was incapable of doing which causes him to challenge himself to swim through the tunnel, by training everyday to hold his breath for a long time so he can swim through the tunnel. When he trains holding his breath, he suffers a lot of nosebleeds which proves to the readers that his challenge to swim through the tunnel can be very harmful to his health. The story reaches the turning point when he thinks he is incapable of achieving  his goal, but still swims through the tunnel.The tunnel symbolizes Jerry’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Possible themes of the story is the transition to adulthood, another one is the need to prove yourself in order to showcase your maturity. When Jerry is successful in achieving his goal, he does not tell everyone about his accomplishment, as he believes that achieving his goal is enough which is the way of thinking of a more mature person.Both stories have a lot of similarities as both Eveline and Jerry face a lot of internal conflicts. Jerry feels like he has to prove himself and that he is just as capable as the other boys whereas Eveline is unsure or not as to whether she should stay home with her horrible father or elope with her beloved Frank.
Compare and contrast Don Quixote with either King Arthur or Sundiata. English homework help

ERPSim Extended Manufacturing Game Results Report

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Create a 4 – 6 pages report that summarizes and discusses your performance in the six rounds of play in the ERPSim Extended Manufacturing Game on April 29 and May 4. The report should be structured to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Like an executive summary, the report should act as a concise version of a larger report.The introduction should be a generally summary of what’s to come. What place did you come in? Ok, now entice the reader to want to keep reading, by promising to explain why, and by using what?The body of your report should focus on the key performance indicators (KPI) provided in the end-of-round financial statements (e.g., Total Sales, Gross Margin, Net Margin, Round Productivity). Use as few, or as many, as you feel you can explain your performance.Each KPI should contain at least one visualization. The visualizations are an effective way to communicate a large amount of data (especially numeric), but you still need to explain why it’s relevant.The conclusion should wrap up the story and offer suggestions on how you would do things differently to improve your performance.Most of you have played this game enough times that this report should write itself. Look at the KPI. What was your goal? Where did you end up? Why your actual performance deviated from your expectations? How did the teams ahead of you do? Create visualizations to support your explanations or arguments. Do that for each of the KPI that is relevant.
ERPSim Extended Manufacturing Game Results Report

Students will utilize chapter 5 and the section on analysis of theory to discuss the theorists presented in chapter

Students will utilize chapter 5 and the section on analysis of theory to discuss the theorists presented in chapter 2’s significant historical theorists. Discuss clarity, simplicity, generality, accessibility and the importance of the theory as discussed in the assigned reading. You will also discuss the biographical information of the theorist ,and add your own thoughts about what you read. How did the theorist impact your view of nursing or how you think you should care for patients? You are to utilize your book as your primary reference and then add any additional references that you utilized in your discussion. You have been assigned a theorist and have received a message . This is to make sure that you write about one theorist but you respond to two other peers with a different theorist. Submission Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 10 points. Instructions from professor: The first step is to read the assigned chapters. Then, you will utilize chapters 2 and 5 to make your discussion. You will analyze your assigned theorist according to the components introduced in Chapter 5. This will make more sense once students have done the assigned reading. You are to discuss the following: Biographical information about the theorist, clarity of the theory, simplicity, generality, accessibility, importance of the theory, and what were the main concepts. You will also talk about what resonated with you. Please let me know how I can share Chapters 2 and 5.

Kate Chopin’s Private Papers Essay

Kate Chopin is a personality which deserves attention. Being an interesting person, Kate Chopin has written many stories and her life may be considered as boring and usual except for the particular moments which make her biography deserve attention. Of course, the lives of famous people are always interesting, however, the biography of Kate Chopin attracts attention due to a number of reasons. Being a person who wrote about the discrimination of women, their hard life in the patriarchy society and other similar aspects, it seems that Kate Chopin considered the society of her time unfair. Struggling for women rights and trying to present a woman as equal to men, it seems strange for me Kate Chopin described severe headaches once a month (each 28 days). Such confession seems strange and unusual, therefore it is possible to conclude that Kate Chopin agreed on the role of a woman as the society believed was correct (Chopin, Toth, Seyersted, and Bonnell 10). One more fact from the biography of this woman seems peculiar and deserves attention is the fact that after the death of her husband, Dr. Chopin, Kate did not follow the tradition of six months of mourning. This fact was rather confusing for the family members of her husband’s family (Toth 66). Considering the way how these people spent time together, one may say they fell in love with each and such behavior could not be understood in a proper way. Kate respected her husband, they spent much time together and her behavior seemed inappropriate. Therefore, these are two facts from Kate Chopin’s biography which caught my attention. They seem strange and at the same time interesting. Such aspects in the biography of the author of Awakening make her life particular. Poe uses both humor and horror to create the setting in The Cask of the Amontillado and this aspect is easily noticed. Reading the description of the catacombs and the way how Montresor makes Fortunato come there, doubtful opinion is created. On the one hand, the setting is horrible paying attention to the final scene. On the other hand, it is impossible to miss the fun in the way how Montresor makes a fool of Fortunato making him go to catacombs. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Montresor says that he wants a piece of advice from an expert in wine, a friend advice, stating that “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I [Montresor] had borne as I best could” (Poe). It is rather strange that Fortunato did not notice the fact of flattery. The description of catacombs is also funny and horrible at one and the same time. The mentioning of human remains is horrible while the very fact of the inability of Fortunato to catch the atmosphere. The very process of immune seems rather funny. Being caught Fortunato repeats the title of the wine for several times, “The Amontillado!” as if he did not notice what happened to him. But the reader understands what is happening and this awareness makes the whole scene more terrific and comic at one and the same time. However, the reader understands what Montresor is doing and it makes him/her terrified. Therefore, it may be concluded that the surrounding atmosphere is funny while the background view is terrific. The author managed to make the readers smile while reading such a story, cruel and disgusting. Works Cited Chopin, Kate, Toth, Emily, Seyersted, Per and Cheyenne Bonnell. Kate Chopin’s Private Papers. New Jersey: Indiana University Press, 1998. Print. Poe, Edgar Allan. The cask of amontillado, 1846. Web. Toth, Emily. Unveiling Kate Chopin. New York: Univ. Press of Mississippi, 1999. Print. We will write a custom Essay on Kate Chopin’s Private Papers specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More