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COMM 370 California State University Communication & Seven News Values Paper

COMM 370 California State University Communication & Seven News Values Paper.

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“You are the editor of a local newspaper that serves a large city with many colleges, including prestigious Southland University, a private university known for its academic research, athletics success and selective 12% admission rate. You are evaluating placement of the following news article based on the seven news values described by Craft & Davis.A reporter covered a press conference today at SU, where the university’s chancellor announced she had fired the athletics director, saying he was negligent for allowing coaches to secure SU admission for students whose parents donated money to the programs. The students ultimately did not participate in intercollegiate athletics at SU.Among the students was the daughter of a popular Hollywood actor who starred in a comedy that was the No. 1-rated network prime time show for five years. The daughter, a popular social media influencer, graduated with a 2.5 GPA from her private high school. Her parents donated $100,000 to the university’s gymnastics program, but the student never participated in the sport. Her admission was part of a larger scandal involving athletics programs at several prestigious universities — a story that attracted public and news media attention for several months.The athletics director followed up with his own press conference saying he planned to sue SU for breach of contract. An alumni group expressed support for the athletics director, saying he did not have direct knowledge of the donations.A student group said the chancellor did not go far enough. Members said SU should increase scholarships for and admit more students from disadvantaged communities. Students in the group said they felt fortunate to be admitted to SU, but were stressed by the loans they needed to take to pay tuition.” Name each of the seven news valuesBriefly describe each of the seven news values Briefly describe how each news value is relevant to the news article
COMM 370 California State University Communication & Seven News Values Paper

University of North Carolina Greensboro Moral Dilemmas in the Oil Industry Essay.

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On moral dilemmas facing a businessBusinesses often face difficult situations where they must choose between different unpleasant and/or undesirable alternatives. Difficult moral choices can arise in any aspect or area of business. Ethical dilemmas may appear in decisions relating to financing, purchasing, personnel hiring or firing, promotions, risk management, outsourcing, production, marketing, acquisitions, bankruptcies, etc., etc. Whenever you have competing interests and/or conflicting moral objectives, those may give rise to ethical dilemmas.In this context, your assignment is first to identify a recent news article (published within a month of your submitting your answer) that touches on an ethical dilemma that a specific business, or an industry, either has recently faced or else must face in the near future. Based on the article that you have selected, your task then is to write a short essay describing the relevant ethical dilemma(s) at hand and discussing the various ethical dimensions of the choices that the business(es) in question either have faced or must face. As part of your answer also make sure that (1) discuss to what extent you believe different approaches to ethics and morality might yield different decisions relating to the issues at hand and (2) how you believe the issues at hand should best be handled.The article that you select should be clearly identified in a reference section at the end of your answer.
University of North Carolina Greensboro Moral Dilemmas in the Oil Industry Essay

With in the Marketing world, Major current issues in the field of marketing communication are forced towards integrated activity. There are various reasons for this fundamental change; the marketing methods are similar as it was decades ago, which are no longer competitive in businesses and lost their principles, such as stable focus on new product, promotional pricing strategies etc. This paper will look at some of these views in context to continues development of integrated marketing communication and implementation of its strategies for organizations in 21st century. According to (Schultz, 1999) argues that ‘Integrated marketing communication is a evolution of mass market media advertising towards targeted direct marketing and describes further that it appears to be natural evolution of traditional mass media advertising, which has renewed as a result of new technology’ (Michael J. Baker, 2003, p397). The integrated marketing communication is a process which integrates everything that a company or its people and brands do with targets and publics on purpose and in general make efficient use of marketing communication tools(Paul Copley, 2004, p12), As integration has been practiced from years and its objective is to solely focus on communication elements. According to Smith 1993 cite (Paul Copley, 2004) states that integrated marketing communication with careful planning drives towards cost effectiveness and creates marketing communications synergy which reinforce a consistent image. Kotler et al, (2001) suggested, ‘Marketing models are more than developing a good product, pricing it attractively and correctly. Companies communicate to potential stakeholders; members of public and to reach target market and marketers should creatively employ various forms of communications, as more and more companies are trying to grab consumer’s attention’. Definitions There is much debate around about defining the, Integrated Marketing Communication and various scholars have proposed alternative definitions. American association of advertising agency defines, ”Integrated marketing communication as a concept of marketing communication planning, which recognizes the added value of comprehensive plan and it evaluates the strategic roles of communication disciplines i.e. general advertising, direct response, sales promotion, public relation and combination of these discipline provides a clear picture of integration message (Kotler et al, 2006, p463). According to (Philip J. Kitchen et al, 2004) “Integrated Marketing Communications seems to pass through conjectural storm as to its meaning and certainly it is simply to build promotional mix elements together to create, ‘one-voice’ phenomenon”. However, the motive of debate is to recognize the values of consumer needs are the centre point of all marketing communication activities. In other words it is a process, which shifts from functional activity of creating marketing communication campaign to an attitudinal focus in which consumer’s needs are at the heart of all marketing communications planning (Michael J. Baker, 2003, p399). Marketing Communication Revolution ‘Marketing communications is the way by which the company tries to inform, persuade and remind consumers in a direct or indirect way, about the products and brands that company sells’ (Kotler et al, 2006, p444). Over all it represents the brands and establishes Communication bridge, which build relationship with consumers. Marketing communication performs various functions, which allows the companies to link their brands to other people or brands and also contributes to brand equity by establishing the brand image in the mind of consumers. Marketing communication identifies various mechanism designed to inform or to persuade consumers and technological development, increasingly accessible media with market saturation is creating a complex situation. According to (Kitchen, 1994), “The traditional forms of marketing communication are giving away to continuous multi media techniques in a form of modern leviathan”. Important to note that, According to (Burrell, 1988) citied in (Kitchen, 1994) that “Today’s world is in a stage of growing incidence of change where human life is affected by various elements of pollution i.e. post modern society and industrialization is responsible. Despite the consumer is taking various measures to avoid, they are still inevitably exposed to high level of promotional communication, which is potentially a conceptualized form of pollution and is extremely damaging”. Critics have linked that this potential pollution is not adequately recognized in the academics and this potential form of pollution is avoidable, where possible by consumers but at large level it is perhaps not avoidable. Development of Integrated Marketing Communications Various studies has been undertaken in past to understand the factors, which are encouraging the implementation of Integrated Marketing Communications and its development process. According to (Kitchen and Schultz, 1999, 2000) cite (Kitchen et al, 2004) states that, as far as communications is concerned, Integrated Marketing Communications is certainly a major communications development in the last decade of 20th century. Regardless of the fact that history of it approaches and contribution is very recent in nature. Integrated Marketing Communication merge and synergize elements of communication mix, as the strengths of one are used to equalize the weakness of others and “Much organization actively participates in integration of communication regulation under the umbrella of one strategic marketing communication functions” (Kitchen et al, 2004). For example: Publicity and advertising provides support to each other which form superior impact in cost effective manner. The task of developing marketing communications campaigns is becoming contradictory and it is no longer a task of individual. The marketer’s must seek and co-ordinate the input from various sources as many companies higher advertising agency, public relation consultancy, a sales promotion company and which ensures that all these contributors work towards common objectives and delivers correct message to consumers, as it is increasingly challenging task now days (Michael J. Baker, (2003), p409). Kitchen, (2005) explains that in marketing disciplines from many years an inside-out approach of marketing communication has been practiced, though logic is of outside-in approach and it was only last year of twentieth century, when the marketers has considered it seriously. Some critics that, ‘Integrated Marketing Communication has swept around globally and become a watch cry, not only in marketing communication literature but also become an integral part of marketing and in corporate communication strategies’. (Kitchen et al, 2004). Is Integrated Marketing Communications Beneficial? The various studies has been undertaken to understand the benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications and study reveals the great numbers of benefits and are not limited to individuals. Linton and Morley (1995) suggested a clear list of Integrated Marketing Communication benefits to organizations which includes ‘Creative integrity, consistency of messages, unbiased marketing recommendation, Better use of Media, Greater marketing precisions, Operation efficiency, cost savings, high-caliber service and easier working relations’ ( Copley, 2004, p13). Similarly, Kitchen et al (1999) also identified the benefits and can be derived from Integration marketing communications process and suggested seven potential benefits, which includes ‘increased impact, creative ideas, greater communication consistency, increases importance of one brand personality, helps eliminates misconception, greater client control over communication budget, provides clients with greater professional expertise’ (Michael J. Baker, 2003, p408). More over the most vital benefit is the delivery of better responses and accountability for communications process. There are critics on that if consumers are benefiting or not, but there is no specific evidence of consumers benefiting and if not then it means the benefits of integrated marketing communication has not been passed on (Copley, 2004, p13). In summary it can be conclude that Integrated Marketing Communication is cost effective, it also saves the time and reduce workload of individuals when it assembles different agencies together for strategic planning towards common objective. Implementation of Integrated Marketing Communication Now days many companies employ communication expert, who are aware of communications tools and they coordinate with management to change the picture of brand image in consumers mind. More over the complex situation arises when various global companies employ advertising agencies located in another location and serves different division, which results in awkward communication and image diffusion (Kotler et al, 2006). However, in current scenario a handful companies has improved their integrated offerings, to facilitate one stop for shopping. The key advertising agency has acquired the promotion agencies, website developers and public relation consultancy, many international players acquires one agency for all their communication work. For example, ‘IBM has acquired Ogilvy for their advertising needs to achieve branding, which results in integrated and effective marketing communication way in cost effective manner’ (Kotler et al, 2006). Duncan, (2002) cites Kitchen, (2005) argues that Integrated Marketing Communications is a different from other customer centric processes, where communication is base and center of all relationships, as it is ongoing circular process that generates brands value in form of sales, revenue and brand equity. Implementation of Integrated Marketing communication results in stronger message consistency and greater sales impact. It forces the management to re-think about every possible way in which customers comes in contact with organization. Hence, implementation of ‘Integrated Marketing Communication improves the organizations ability to reach right customer, with right message at right time and in right place’ (Kotler et al, 2006). Barriers in Integrated marketing Communications Despite of various benefits and advantages of Integrated Marketing Communication has barriers too. Several factors can be identified as a barrier in integrated marketing communications i.e. time scale, lack of management know how and creativity etc. Further to this many authors revealed various barriers and the factors affecting integrated growth. According to Baker, M.J. (2003) there are several barrier identified in integrated process, which involves both are of internal and external in nature and in addition to it elucidate the short term effects. Possibly the most key barrier in integration is the right approach in budgeting, as often the individual departments are responsible for budgeting. The financial and retail sectors are the two significant examples, which adopted the Integration approach successfully. Copley, P. (2004), argues that the lack of clear definition of Integrated Marketing Communication is a potential barrier in its development and there is an ongoing debate to understand Integrated Marketing Communication clearly. Some critics that, ‘agencies have not done enough job of putting all tools together with different teams which were involved in communication campaigns’. (Kotler et al, 2006). However it is observed that the biggest obstacle in effective Integrated Marketing Communication process is lacking of agencies in coordinating with communication team and it also proved to be deficient in designing and evaluating such process. Integrated Marketing Communication in 21st century: The Journal of Strategic direction (2006), explores that the traditional methods of marketing are changing rapidly and there is a need of marketing strategies to be adopted, to stay ahead of competitors and to reach the wants of consumers. More over this change is occurring due to emergence of IT and online tools, Consumers wants and needs has been increased since the IT has developed in this 21st century. As per Baker M.J. (2003), with the fragmentation of media channels the face of media has changed drastically in past few years and some debates that in this sophisticated environment the traditional methods of marketing is dying. In this 21st century consumers has a wide choices in the market to choose from and with IMC it is possible to reach the consumer with less efforts in terms of workload by considering the cost of the process. In general Integrated Marketing Communication benefits each individual who are directly or indirectly associated with it. The Future As Integration marketing Communication has a potential stronger message consistency Conclusion This paper has recognized the potential of Integrated marketing communication and When organization decides what marketing strategy any organization should follow, then the primary task is to build profitable relationship with target customers. However the organization has many options in guiding their marketing strategy in terms of which philosophy should underpin the strategy. Many large organizations employ the marketing concept- by knowing the needs/wants of the target market and delivers satisfaction better than the competition (Armstrong et al, 2009).
A countrys culture has long been identified as key environmental characteristic underlying systematic differences in behaviour. Cultural norms and beliefs are powerful forces shaping people’s perceptions, dispositions, and behaviours (Markus and Kitayama, 1991). Culture is reflected in “general tendencies of persistent preference for particular states of affairs over others, persistent preferences for specific social processes over others, and general rules for selective attention, interpretation of environmental cues, and responses” (Tse et al., 1988, p. 82).International culture has become the most important for all the companies and it’s a challenge for all the marketers to develop and international marketing strategy to capture the mindset of the people in the following country that they going to market their products also there several issues related to marketing in foreign country those factors make constraints to the marketing plan, the culture is the most important factor to be considered in the international market. Subsidiaries are tending to be the most important business body for a multinational company. Furthermore subsidiaries are considered to be valuable strategic vehicles for multinational corporations, their specific role within the multinational companies have increasingly attracted attention of researchers. Subsidiary may be established to explore new markets, identify opportunities or garner commitments for the resources necessary to tap a local markets (Birkinshaw p..01, 2005), Although subsidiaries are considered to be a tool to explore new markets it has to have a well developed brand strategy to capture the local market in the hosting country, these bradns should focus on the host countries culture adn delever its brand according to that. ” as mutinational companies expand globally and enter foreign markets, ethical conduct of officers and employees assume added importance since very cultural diversity associated with the expansion may undermine the much shared cultural and ethical values observable in the mores homogenoues organization”(Madhavi, 2001).This approach mutinational companies when entering new markets, several researches had been done accordance with the subsidiary and the mutinational companies marketing strategy but this particular topic will analyse deeply into cultural affects rather than looking the problem has a whole, as a result this mainly studies the effect of culture on subsidiaries of mutinational companies in the global addition this study will analyse the importance given or respect given by the mutinational corportion to the local market of where the company is going to operate. Research and objective The research is based on the cultural impact on international marketing on multinational companies. Culture is an important factor when trading internationally, the effect arises for the multinational companies in globalization. When entering an international market the research concerns towards the factors that going to effect when marketing internationally these are the following objectives To Identify how the culture of the host country will affect the international marketing To identify the importance given by multinational companies to the hosting countries culture. To give recommendations to the multinational companies based on the research Research Questions Problem Statement How do international marketers challenge themselves against the host country’s culture? The main research questions was derived from the impact of culture and how it varies according to the business operations because several Multinational companies having incorporating several countries each and every company has to different cultural values in the overseas market, as a result the questions was developed how the companies adhere to the culture. Even though if they value the culture this will enable how they reflect that through their marketing communication or vice versa haven’t they identified the factors and adjusted according to it. Background of the study This project is mainly done to identify the effect of culture on MNC subsidiaries branding. This study will explain the cultural factors that affect MNC subsidiaries in the host country. This study is mainly implication for studying how much the MNC value its host countries culture. Benefit of this significant study is to evaluate the advantage of this particular research. This study narrowly focuses on the cultural factors host country, because several organizations fails to identify the importance of the host countries cultural values therefore this would be great advantage to study about the different cultural background and analyze its when marketing internationally. This will be beneficial for the MNC manager when it comes to decision making on international market and because they have the opportunity to identify there are some critical factors need to taken into consideration when marketing internationally. Literature Review Importance of culture According to (Markus

ITEC 3010 WU Creating a Wireless Network & Major Categories of Technology Essay

ITEC 3010 WU Creating a Wireless Network & Major Categories of Technology Essay.

Assignment: Creating a Wireless NetworkEvery time you access a wireless network—whether through a phone, laptop, or other portable communication device—you interact with a carrier that provides access to the network. For this Assignment, you will design your own fictional cellular network.Consider your knowledge and experience and decide what elements you would want in a cellular network. Identify the following:Major categories of technology used in your network, such as towers, switches, central offices, and mobile handsets. Select specific technologies and quantities in each category. For example, your network could require five lattice cellular towers.The underlying technology used in your cellular network, such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). What happens when one cellular device tries to communicate with another? What happens when a cellular device moves from one cellular area to another?Users who will have access to your networkHow you will control network access to protect it from freeloaders.Keep in mind that building and securing a network can be an expensive undertaking. Consider the costs when planning your network.Address these points in a 2- to 4-page report that is well-organized and contains grammatically correct, complete sentences that are free of spelling errors. Your report should conform to APA style.Assignment: Creating a Wireless NetworkMediaSkillsoft, (2018) CompTIA A+ 220-1001: Mobile device network connectivity and application support. Retrieved from…COURSES/CDE$29865:_ss_cca:it_cscoao_04_enusThe Explained Show. (2018, July 22). How wifi and cell phones work [Video file]. Retrieved from ReadingsHazra, S., & Setua, S. K. (2014). Trust based secure wireless communication in ubiquitous network. 2014 International Conference on Humanoid, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Communication and Control, Environment and Management (HNICEM), 1–6. doi:10.1109/HNICEM.2014.7016194Kim, M. W., & Kim, K. S. (2010). Trial of communication services based on wireless ubiquitous network. The 40th International Conference on Computers & Industrial Engineering, 1–5. doi:10.1109/ICCIE.2010.5668282Maupin, M. (2014). Implementing sub-ghz wireless connectivity in embedded devices: Consumers desire the convenience of ubiquitous communication, making wireless functionality fundamental for many electronics products. Wireless Design & Development, 22(3), 32.Valenzuela-Valdés, J. F., Pardo, P. J., Padilla, P., & Lozano-Guerrero, A. J. (2016). Low cost ubiquitous context-aware wireless communications laboratory for undergraduate students. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 9(1), 31–36.
ITEC 3010 WU Creating a Wireless Network & Major Categories of Technology Essay

Music Assignment 2

essay helper free Music Assignment 2. I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

•On the internet or your phone, listen to TWO of the following early Rock and Roll songs from the list below:
o Bill Haley, “Rock Around the Clock”o Elvis Presley, “That’s All Right”o Elvis Presley, “Mystery Train/”I Forgot to Remember to Forget”o Elvis Presley, “Jailhouse Rock”o Little Richard, “Tutti Frutti”o Chuck Berry, “Johnny B. Goode”o Chuck Berry, “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” Uo Buddy Holly, “That’ll Be the Day”o Buddy Holly, “Bo Diddley”
MUS 121 – Rhythm Blues and Hip HopUnit 2 – Rock and Roll – Music as a Cultural Artifact – Guided Listening Assignment
After listening to your TWO selections, answer the following questions in a word document:o Define the musical term: Rock and Roll.o Share a brief biography of each of the two bands/artists you chose.o Name the members of each of these bands.o Who were the songwriters of the songs that you chose? Was there any controversy surrounding the song if the performing artist was not the original song writer?o What are the lyrics of each of the songs that you chose?o What are the ideas being addressed in each of these songs?o What is the date that the original music was written? What is the date that this original recording was made/released?o Has anyone else recorded the two songs you have chosen? If so, find one YouTube recording of “covers” of each the two songs you have chosen if they are available. If nothing is available, please indicate that as well.o List the instruments you hear in these recordings. Are each of these songs the same or different instrumentation?o What was your favorite thing about the performances/recordings?o What emotions did the performances/recordings make you feel when you heard it?
Two to three pages in length, excluding the Reference page.• APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.• At least four resources.Be sure to read the criteri aluated before you writeand again after you write.
Music Assignment 2

Citizen participation in e-governance Essay

E-governance has emerged as a new important tool of reforms and influence over global change. Today pursuing of the government reforms occurs through the electronic governance strategies. Despite the wide embrace over technology advancements, the participation by the citizens is still lagging behind. The assertion provided in this paper handles the transformation strategies to enhance participation of citizens through e-governance. The logical hypothesis illustrated in the paper show some of the eminent issues that need future considerations. Theoretically and experimentally, the assumptions are that e-governance is the key source to e-democracy. On this basis, the paper eventually places some anonymous and theoretical considerations regarding today’s reality of e-governance for the support of important issues concerning resource and social advancement. It checks upon the gap between the reality and anticipation of citizen participation electronically and lastly it investigates ways of overcoming the gap. Knowledge-based society The knowledge-based society is a basis providing power through prerequisite of information and knowledge. Citizens’ participation brings sufficient conversion of services to a more reliable and efficient level. The system reduces data or information transmission time and distance thus improving the diversity and productivity as the basis for change. Although intolerable to many especially leaders, change is inevitable because it guarantees government, business and individual’s survival. Consistent with Brody et al (247), today change is not an option for consideration but a crucial dynamic characteristic for future advancement. The government tries to solve its problems through optimal revolutions as well as smooth natural transformations. Worldwide most government are considering the e-governance style and are upgrading the management systems for better high quality customer based services. The issue of e-governance has experienced a diverse progress since its initiative considering the high pace of the social, economic, technical and environmental capacities. The system centrally focuses on the customer as a transition to engage participatory governance. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Management views over e-governance According to Lukensmeyer and Boyd (12), some governments consider citizen participation as an “unnecessary complexity cost factor “to implement in the e-governance system. They include the electronic techniques in their systems but fail to engage the electronic consultation and forums. This is an indication of low citizen participation in governance despite the incredible advancements. In 2001, the U.S. government brought forward the initiative to modernize the government through “strategic management of human capital, expanded e-government and integration of budget and performance. Citizens ought to demand for the decentralization, digitization and automation of government undertakings. Electronic innovations are government strategic efforts to find optimal results that restrain problems regarding the internal political, social, and economical factors. The e governance gets support through “transparency, efficiency and participation”. (Seasons, 432) The electronic governance system utilizes the ICT tool whereby cost and speed of flow determines transfer of information regarding the customers’/citizens’ and services. The policies not only support the sharing and communication of information but also provide the citizens with administration information to improve service delivery and enable transparency on government proceedings thus inducing the required organizational and administrational change. E-government provides efficiency, transparency and participation to the citizen, environment and the government itself. Automation is the key to innovations over operations through provision of good high quality services. (Seasons, 432) Citizen participation Politically the citizen action ought to influence policy and decision making procedures. The citizens are involved in the voting exercises, which are political proceedings, and they demand for a close observation over administrative operations known as “administrative participation”. The citizens ought to seek proper administration through their own administrative participation. (Brody et al, 247) Citizens can participate in governance issues actively through formation of consensus over monitoring particular administrative issues and requests and passively through request for information delivered in a one-way style after the decisions. We will write a custom Essay on Citizen participation in e-governance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Regarding the theory that cost and benefits as determinants of electronic participation over governance, the citizens’ participation activity becomes low and relatively limited to nature because the cost is for gathering the information needed for active participation over ideas, subject matters, procedures, opportunity costs and operational costs. The measure of participation comes about because of benefits analysis. Argumentatively, electronic participation benefits are higher, compared to the cost. (Seasons, 434) Model of Electronic Governance Relating to the ICMA guidelines of 2004, the National Performance Review, (NPR) had a focus on enhancing the government’s cost effectiveness through the implementation of key conceptual changes such as by enhancing competitive and customers-oriented portals. The conceptual structure involved in the e-government changes includes some stages such as emergence, interaction, enhancement, transaction and faultless stages. The e-government is a self-efficient system whereby the agencies perform computerized operations to provide simple civic services with the aim of an efficient or effective output. The participatory governance encourages citizens to engage in interactive activities by linking the services of various agencies in a procedure known as the “public administration proceedings”. (Irvin and Stanbury, 59) The electronic process takes the assumptions of strengthening governance, improving the service delivery and integrating services among the agencies. The e-governance infrastructure brakes down the wall between the public and government procedures. It allows citizens to take a pro-active role over the procedures. Process of the e-governance In line with King and Stivers (24), the electronic involvement in decision-making has liberated citizens because of the integrated e-democracy elements and procedures whereby passive information as accessible through a more active participation system. The relationship between the government and the citizens progresses from a single lane traffic process where the government disseminates the information at its own will and initiative or upon demand, to a more dynamic and involving style. The citizens require chance to form partnership with the authority for a better mutual understanding and interaction. Not sure if you can write a paper on Citizen participation in e-governance by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The process of information gathering and convey is lessen through the electronic transfers and the government has a cost marginal gain, while the citizens have the ability to voice their concerns over governance styles and procedures. This is usually the anticipation over implementation of an electronic system but that is never the case. E-governance comes with a lot of workload associated with high demand for expertise. According to Irvin (62), the citizens ought to be well equipping with the knowledge of how the systems work. The technology is dynamic and this calls for the citizens to have a more vibrant approach over the complexities that are involved. The government may also be reluctant over giving some information especially when the requests touch on the private or confidential matters. The electronic transfer module is liable to data hackers and thus the provision for the private information is a real world impediment over electronic transfers. The quality of e-governance depends on the “accessibility, usability and credibility”. (Myflorida) Quality determines the service fulfilment and contribution. The factors ought to be the key determinants over cost and benefits involved. Accessibility is an attribute that connects the digital divides. The accessed information differs in the time of “access, location, universality as well as the quality of service usage.” Equality over participation determines the participation cost, enjoyment and availability of benefits. (Myflorida) Analyst for a Florida city council e-governance infrastructure Establishment of e-government started in 80’s in Florida but were effective in 90’s in most of the council offices. (ICMA) The system entails a database management system where operational process are developed and stored. An information superhighway infrastructure provides easy and fast access to information. Ensuring the existence of a superhighway is the first initial setup but most authorities fail to implement its usage. The council forms a joint link between its agencies for an impressive and coherent growth. Setbacks Some of the aspects that need urgent addressing include the low intensity of services due to poor usage and poor participation among the public that is mainly point out by satisfaction indicator. There is urgent need to redesign operation procedures, to come up with proper orientation procedures and to enlighten the public over the mode of usage. The council face a major setback on lack of sharing information to strengthen cooperation among departments. The majority of the citizens are not familiar with any existing e-governance system and thus they keep visiting the offices literally to seek services or inquire required information, while it would have taken them less time and cost if transacted virtually. Possible advancements There is need to build services products such as software that achieve real-time participation on the governance and other important matters to maximize the services satisfaction. The issue of transparency efficiency and endorsed participation is achievable through ensured transparency in the administration. This calls for involving all interested parties in matters pertaining decision-making procedure, finances as well as change. All the public administration processes ought to take place electronically so that they are in direct contact with the users to lower office visitations. Secondly is the need to have efficient administration that allows and facilitates real-time processing of all administrative operations with the aim of maximizing efficiency. The government information and proceedings need digitizing to allow mutual sharing and consolidation of all the scattered information in the council’s departments. Lastly is the need for actively participating citizens. This entails the elimination of all the boundaries between the council and the public that prevent participation. The result to these would be free and active citizens willing to shear their thoughts, ideas and requirements for the general growth and advanced democracy. Conclusion The city council of Florida aims at advancing its democracy through sensitizing the public through a boosted participating public. The public opinion survey level need to be appreciate and taken into consideration. Good democratic governance call for majority votes and this is achievable on each sector of the council through the citizen led real-time participation in policymaking and disclosure of important information. Citizens can play an active role in development if they actively make decisions concerning governing procedures through a self-controlled system such as e-governance. Works Cited Brody, S.D., Godschalk, D.R.,

De Anza College Excel Spreadsheet for Simon Student Calculating Correlations Exercise

De Anza College Excel Spreadsheet for Simon Student Calculating Correlations Exercise.

Correlation Assignment Spreadsheet <-Here is your spreadsheet for calculating correlations.In this assignment, you will run a few quick correlations among responses to typical organizational survey questions. Then you take a screen shot or upload your spreadsheet into the assignment.How to complete the assignment:Open the provided spreadsheet in GoogleSheets, MS Excel, or Apple Numbers.“Save As” your spreadsheet with your name in the title of the document, e.g.,“SimonStudent_CorrelationAssignmentFall2020”Review the question headings and the overall dataset. The survey questions are the same as those we’ve seen in several examples in class. Responses are on a 1 – 5 scale, with 1 meaning “Strongly Disagree” and 5 “Strongly Agree.”Customize your spreadsheet by deleting the entire row of the RespondentID corresponding to your birthday. For example, if your birthday is December 4th, you would delete the row of responses for RespondentID #4. Then your spreadsheet would have respondent #3 followed by respondent #5 and all the rest.Run at least four (4) Pearson Correlations by choosing an empty cell (can be in column H or I, next to all the data) and using the CORREL function. For example, to correlate responses between the questions “I am satisfied with my compensation/pay.” (column C) And “The level of daily job stress that I feel is acceptable” (column D) you would enter:=CORREL(C2:C38, D2:D38)Be sure to bold or highlight the area of the spreadsheet with your correlations.Run at least four correlations.Refer to YouTube videos for help: How to Calculate a Correlation in Microsoft Excel – Pearson’s r or Calculate a Correlation in Google Sheets; Pearson’s r; How to calculate rNext, click in a row next to the data and correlations (for example, in column G, near the top of the spreadsheet) and write 3-4 sentences describing what your correlations revealed. For example, you might note the questions with the highest correlation between them, and the questions with the lowest. Perhaps there is even a negative correlation between certain questions?To complete the assignment, submit the saved spreadsheet, or a screen shot of it, into this assignment by the due date.Have
De Anza College Excel Spreadsheet for Simon Student Calculating Correlations Exercise

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