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COMM 1113 Syracuse University Importance of the Mental Health in Students Questions

COMM 1113 Syracuse University Importance of the Mental Health in Students Questions.

First, reviewthe speech chosen by your peerand, while viewing the speech, take notes on how the speaker uses both vocal and physical delivery elements in the speech, and whether these elements work to enhance or inhibit the delivery. Then, carefully and thoroughly,review your peer’s evaluation of the speech. Next, using course materials to support your ideas, at a minimum, address the following in a ½-to ¾-page typed response to your peer: •What is something in your peer’s analysis that is especially strong, or done well, and why do you think that is the case.•What is something in your peer’s analysis that could be strengthened, or presented more effectively, and why do you think that is the case.•Did you share similar perspectives on the speech? If so, how? Did you share differing perspectives? If so, how? Compare and contrast your thoughts on the vocal and physical delivery of the speaker. Finally, copy and paste your peer responses into the discussion board as replies to your peers’ original posts by the deadline noted above.
COMM 1113 Syracuse University Importance of the Mental Health in Students Questions

Stratford Whole Health Personalized Proactive Patient Driven Health Care Discussion

Stratford Whole Health Personalized Proactive Patient Driven Health Care Discussion.

For this week’s learning assignment, you will engage in a lot of self-reflection!( self- reflection in the course nursing as a practice)1. Review the Whole Health Model (see handout in the attachment below)2. Engage in self-reflection and identify how you plan to strive for whole health throughout nursing school. As nurses, we have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our patient’s/client’s. In nursing school, you need to take care of yourself in order to promote success and prevent burnout!3. Provide personal examples for each element of the Whole Health Model that you plan to utilize during nursing school. (Each bullet is 3 points = 30 pointsSelf-Care:o Working Your Bodyo Surroundingso Personal Developmento Food & Drinko Rechargeo Family, Friends & Co-workerso Spirit & Soul (include FICA assessment info when relevant)o Power of the MindProfessional Careo Preventiono Treatment4. Obtain 1 scholarly article in a nursing journal about self-care and nursing school/education and provide support for the self-care activities you identified. DO NOT provided a summary of your article at the end. Use proof from the article to support your self-care plan and use internal citations where applicable. (10 points= 8 points for obtaining a SCHOLARLY article (not websites) and applying the findings, and 2 points for proper APA in-text and reference list citations. ( include the reference page and a cover page but No running head)
Stratford Whole Health Personalized Proactive Patient Driven Health Care Discussion

Leading and Management

online dissertation writing Leading and Management. Help me study for my Nursing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1. Describe the organizational characteristics of the facility in which you currently have a clinical assignment. Include the following:
a. Type of organization
b. Overall climate of the facility
c. How the organization is structured
d. Formal and informal goals and processes of the organization
2. Why is the work climate of an organization important to nurse leaders and managers?
3. What are the ways in which a nurse can enhance his or her expertise?
4. Explain “shared governance,” and describe how it can affect the power structure of a health-care organization.
5. Why is it important for staff nurses to understand the culture and real goals of the organization in which they work?
1. Describe your ideal organization. Explain each feature and why you think it is important.
2. Interview one of the staff nurses on your unit. Find out what practices within the organization help to empower the nurses. Compare this list of practices with those discussed in the textbook.
3. Recall the last time you walked into a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office for the first time. What was your first impression? Did you feel comfortable and welcome? Why or why not? If you could change the first impression this facility makes, what would you do?
4-What changes could be made at a very low cost? What changes would be expensive?Finally, discuss why it is important for a health-care facility to make a good first impression
Leading and Management

A Critical analysis of a qualitative research study Essay (Critical Writing)

Host nations of large and prestigious events make sure that they portray an impressive image to the world. Dolles and Söderman (2010) note that cities hosting famous global events like FIFA world cup football tournament and the Olympics are normally set to stage a show for the whole world. Indeed, these cities normally use this spectacular chance to demonstrate their might to the rest of the world. One of the major issues which spring up upon hosting such games is the socio-economic impact they come with. Studies have revealed that the real inhabitants of a city are usually highly responsive in case of any changes (Kennelly

An ethical or social responsibility issue related to the aviation, aerospace, or airport industry

An ethical or social responsibility issue related to the aviation, aerospace, or airport industry. Need help with my Social Science question – I’m studying for my class.

Quick Facts
For my research I have chosen the following topic:

Ethics in aviation maintenance with an emphasis on the pressure to cut costs, and expedite maintenance and how ethics plays a role in balancing these obligations.

Sections – must be formatted using current APA guidelines

Proper title page with running head
Main Paper Body
Appendix (only if needed)

Formatting Requirements

Current APA format, including in-text citations and references
Saved as a Word® Document
Times New Roman font, 12-point size
5-6 pages or 1200-1500 words written content (not including title page or reference page)

Additional Requirements

Avoid pictures, graphs, or diagrams. If needed, they may only be placed in the appendix.
Be sure to stay on topic. Paper must relate to course content with aviation focus.
First person pronouns such as I, me, and we should not be used.
A maximum of 2 short direct quotes will be allowed in the research paper. The quotes should be no more 25 words apiece. Using more than 2 quotes will lose points.
Late submissions will lose 5 points per day.
Papers will not be accepted beyond 5 days late.


Minimum of 3 verifiable sources required; the text can be used but it cannot be be counted as one of the required sources.
Paraphrase to avoid plagiarism issues.
The Turnitin report should NOT be higher than 25%.

PLAGIARISM: If the paper is found to be plagiarized, it will result in an automatic failing grade for this assignment. (This includes self-plagiarism and excessive quotations.)
Turnitin: Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment. Turnitin is a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work is entirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material!
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An ethical or social responsibility issue related to the aviation, aerospace, or airport industry