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COM 1101 Florida Atlantic University Racism in the United States Essay

COM 1101 Florida Atlantic University Racism in the United States Essay.

Final Examination – COM 1101-Fall 2020 (Coronavirus Semester) On a separate sheet of paper write a well organized five-hundred word composition on one of the following topics: Due: 11:59 pm Mon. Dec. 7th.Send via Canvas.1. Write an essay comparing and contrasting two teachers from your high school experience. (Do not use real names.)2. Write an essay comparing and contrasting two typical days from your experience at home and at Florida Atlantic University. 3. Racism remains a huge problem in the United States of America. Agree or disagree with this statement using specific details to support generalizations.4. Excessive consumption of alcohol continues to be a significant issue on most college and university campuses in this country. Write a detailed essay in which you present ways that students may enjoy their collegiate social life without relying on alcohol.5. The environmental future of this planet is a grave concern for all of its inhabitants. Agree or disagree with this statement using specific examples to support generalizations.
COM 1101 Florida Atlantic University Racism in the United States Essay

Python project..

Search TreeAnonymous User is on your Student listThis is a student you have worked with before, and expressed willingness to work with again.” data-original-title=””>groupWe are going to have some fun with REST web API. If you have not been exposed to this area yet, this is a great starting point (I hope 🙂 )1. Research on REST-ful web service (Web API) – A few links to start with (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (must read)(Links to an external site.) to an external site.)(Except example)And many many more examples on the web and youtube2. Research on Web APIAs a first step of the Web API domain, in this homework assignment, you may focus on the stuff of the Web API client side. The service provider side may be a good candidate for your Winter break personal leaning goal. These links are more for your future references. to an external site.) and(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)3. Using the News APIWith all this learning referred above, let’s try it out by following the step-by-step tutorial. Please complete the exercise on the web page. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)You may need to install a few libraries while you are trying it out.Below is what I got when I queried “Python” — Woman, Indiana, dead, found, around neck, along with machine Learning, Ada, platform, …. Hmmmm…4. Optimal Binary Search TreeHere is some more work you need to do by applying a dynamic programming technique we learned from this course.In the class, I’ve spent a little bit of time explaining the concept of “Optimal Binary Search Tree” dynamic programming algorithm (Slides 32 and 33 of lecture 13 Dynamic Programming) in high level without spending much time on the solution, let alone its implementation.Now here is your opportunity to learn more about OBST for yourself.Review the slides mentioned aboveRead the textbook for the topicImplement the OBTS algorithm which counts the total cost of visiting all the nodes in the tree. Feel free to get help from other sources.In your implementation, you are going to use the data from wordcloud created above.Query the strings of your choice using the program developed above.Use wordCloud.words_variable which is a dictionary class of <“aWord”, “aWord frequency probability”>. Below is the such list when ‘Denver’ was queried.{‘Denver’: 1.0, ‘Broncos’: 0.5, ‘Colorado’: 0.4411764705882353, ‘New’: 0.35294117647058826, ‘NFL’: 0.35294117647058826, ‘year’: 0.3235294117647059, ‘first’: 0.2647058823529412, …. }Get the top n(50 perhaps ?) number of words from the query result listRandomly shuffle the nwordsAdd all nwords in the list into the regular BST (from HW5) and compute the total score of traversing the entire tree weighted by the frequencies (or probability)Now add the same dictionary elements into the OBST and compute the total score of traversing the entire tree weighted by the frequencies (or probability)Compare the costs returned from the trees.You may run multiple testing with different query words.Write up a summary of your finding from this exerciseEdit(Suggestion):For randomly shuffle elements in list , we can use random.shuffle(list name) which will return the list with the shuffled items.This can be done by importing random package.If random package is not installed in your system, you can use the below command in anaconda prompt to install random package for pythonpip install randomDeliverable:1. Read all the references of REST and Web API. Say Yes if you did (2 points) – counted only if you implemented step 2 and 32. Follow the instructions of news wordCloud and produce wordCloud of your words (3 points)3. OBST code (12 points)4. A summary of the test results between BST and OBST (3 points)
Python project.

Trine University Causes of Air and Water Pollution Presentation

Trine University Causes of Air and Water Pollution Presentation.

I’m working on a communications presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Using your outline and report from week 6 and 7, transfer the information into a presentation format for a professional setting. For your presentation, you can either use voice over (through PowerPoint) or use speaker notes. Either one will suffice. Make sure that your presentation covers the main components of your report using the stylistic choices discussed in chapter 16 and throughout the videos. *Your presentation slides should provide a concise overview of material and your voice over or speaker notes should provide a more in-depth explanation of the slide material. *Basic Requirements: At least 10 slides At least 5 sources (clearly cited in slides)Use of voice over OR speaker notes
Trine University Causes of Air and Water Pollution Presentation

MT 475 Purdue Global University Leadership Style Is Transformational Paper

order essay cheap MT 475 Purdue Global University Leadership Style Is Transformational Paper.

You will conduct a 30-minute interview with a business professional who has experience with
Leadership and Teamwork.
During the interview, ask permission to submit their first name, last name, and email address as
elements of your interview summary, in case your professor wants to check in with them on their
thoughts of the interview.
As the person conducting the interview, you should dress professionally for the interview, and be
prepared with some initial research of the person you are interviewing (review their LinkedIn profile)
as well as, their organization (online research, corporate website, etc.). The point is to show up as a
business professional, and to be properly prepared and engaged for the interview. You will be asking
the questions, and you should be prepared to be an active listener and to ask pertinent follow-on
The three main question sets you are to ask, allowing about 10 minutes of discussion each, are:
Question Set 1: (Leadership Style)
What is your leadership style, and why do you choose this particular style of leadership? What is the
leadership style of someone above you in the organization? What advice do you have for a business
student, as they look to develop their own leadership style?
Question Set 2: (SITLEAD Model)
The Situational Leadership or (SITLEAD) Model is a well-established leadership model that illustrates
leaders need to change their leadership style based on the situation, as well as who they are leading.
Do you agree with this philosophy? Do you use the SITLEAD model? How do you overcome
adversity as a leader towards organizational and operational success?
Question Set 3: (Compliance)
Compliance occurs on many levels. Do you implement ISO? If, so can you explain how? Do you
implement another similar quality program? If you work in the food industry, there is compliance
oversight by the FDA. Does your industry have a similar oversight related to compliance? What
connections do you see related to the role of leadership and the implementation of compliance?
To successfully complete this interview, review the rubric prior to the interview and ensure you
complete all required elements. However, in general, you will be composing 2-pages of meeting
minute format summary of the interview, highlighting who you selected to interview, their contact
information, the three responses, any other follow-on questions or key points, and then close with a
summary and your reflection on what you learned in relation to the course topicsActual assignment is attached
MT 475 Purdue Global University Leadership Style Is Transformational Paper

Early Child hood Education

Early Child hood Education.

Each paper must be a minimum of 14 full
pages for Module 1 and 14 full pages for module 2, single spaced, and 12-pt. text.
These 14 pages include:
a) A context page describing your
b) Four training plans, 2 hours in length
How many pages?
What is the context page?
▪ It describes your audience and their
motivation to participate,
▪ The location, length, format and type of
training you will provide,
▪And how you will build a community of
learners among participants.The guide lines are attach below, you can use the same context page for both. This link will help greatly eight in all pages 14 on Module 1 and 14 pages on Module 2 only use website information provided please Write it as a trainer preparing to give a training, please. Read the guide lines I provided pleaseno title pageNo bibliographyNo footnotes TRAINING PLANS – MODULE I 1. Guidance and Discipline with Infants and Toddlers 2. Understanding Children’s Behavior 3. Temperaments 4. Social-Emotional Milestones, Responsive
Caregiving, and Identity PLANS – MODULE II
1. Exploring Primary Caregiving and Continuity of Care 2. Environments for Group Care 3. More Than Just Routine 4. Making It Happen: Individualized Care and Small
Early Child hood Education

Introduction to Carrot Crops Production and Marketing

Introduction to Carrot Crops Production and Marketing. Eric Harms Production Seeding Carrots are a very specialized crop, which is suitable to late season starts, seeding should take place around 3-5 days after your last suspected frost. Carrot seeds prefer a deeply tilled sandy soil with a plant density of one plant per three to four inches. Seeding depth can very from a quarter to a half inch deep. Germination takes place in ten to twenty one days. Due to thinning of carrots it is recommended to re-sow sections of the row that have thinned every two weeks, leading up to May. Seeding equipment varies depending on the size of operation, planting can be done by hand with large commercial machinery being used for large-scale operations. Fertilization Carrots should be fertilized five to six weeks after they have been planted and based off of soil test from field of planting. It is recommended to broadcast half of the desired fertilizer onto the field and work in before planting occurs, then incorporate. Once seeding has taken place you should side dress the remaining fertilizer. Amounts of Fertilizer varies depending on the prior mentioned soil test. Later charts illustrate desired fertilizer. (from University of Minnesota) Crop protection Carrots main pests come in the forms of insects with the main ones being Carrot Rust Fly, Carrot Weevil and the Aster Leafhopper. There is a variety of ways to monitor for these pest some being orange/yellow sticky traps, wooden plate traps, carrot root section monitoring and planting away from marshes and wet lands. Continuous monitoring is necessary as these pests can drastically reduce your yield potential and incite disease. If thresholds are reached there are many insecticides that can be used to treat the populations. Diseases in Manitoba production have been limited as not many acres have been planted over the years. Much like soybeans it is in its Cinderella period, most of carrots problems come from nutrient deficiencies, which can be managed by proper soil tests. Harvest Harvest typically takes place between august 15 and into late fall with September and October being the best months. For wholesalers carrots must be five inches or longer and between ¾ inch and 1-1/2 inch diameter. Depending on where you sell, carrot sizing can vary largely. Farmers markets have limited standards and grocery stores have personal standards. Marketing End Use/End Market Depending on the size of your farming operation the final destination for your carrots will vary. Small farmers 1-5 acres will typically focus on farmers markets and direct marketing to local food stores in their areas. Once you get into medium sized operations farmers will typically work with peak of the market in order to get branding and packaging. Peak of the Market acts as a co-operative that helps sell your produce for you. Lastly large scale carrot producers, typically will package their own produce under their own branding cutting out peak of the market as their help isn’t required. Sales are typically with large scale grocery chains starting from province of origin then working outward to other provinces as business scale grows. As a whole carrot farming is marketed towards two main groups wholesale (supermarkets, grocery stores) and farmers markets. Where the farmer focuses on typically depends on the stage of the farmers business and how large of scale they are operating in. Current/Historical prices Carrot prices historically have been on the good side with the average farmer being able to make a good living. In the current market we are looking at a price of around $2.46 per kilogram. This is a higher price when compared to the historical prices where in 2014 carrots were around $2.04 per kilogram. This increase in price is the trend going forward with carrots as populations increase. Carrot prices function much like major crops where they will typically skyrocket with natural disasters. On the tail end of things prices dropping below the level of earning a profit do not typically occur. Carrots are a cash crop and farmers are usually making a good living off of this species. Supply/Demand With Canada and most other first world countries becoming more health conscious carrot demand has been improving both globally and nationally. For standard carrots there has been a slow gradual increase in demand. On the other hand specialized carrots such as organic have had a substantial increase in demand in first world countries. Those who produce carrots are in a very viable market in Manitoba and Canada for that matter. When it comes to supply there is typically enough food in the market so that customers demanding carrots don’t go home carrotless. In Manitoba there are some carrot farmers but not enough to saturate the market thus the good prices we are facing. Supply is on the low end when it comes to carrots, though demand is being met there is more room in the market for other suppliers to enter it. References Stevenson, AB, and J. Chaput. “Carrot Insects.” Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. N.p., 1 July 1993. Web. 1 July 1998. . Fritz, Vincent A., Cindy B.S. Tong, Carl J. Rosen, and Terry Nennich. “Carrot-Vegetable Crop Management.” University of Minnesota Extension. N.p., 1 Sept. 2010. Web. 1 Aug. 2012. . Munro, D. B. and E. Small (1997). Vegetables of Canada. National Research Council. Chaput, J. (2000). Identification and Management of Carrot Root Diseases. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Nitrogen recommendations for carrots: Approximate Yield Goal2 Soil Organic Matter Level (O.M.)1 Organic Soil Low Medium High cwt/A N to Apply (lb/A) Soil Tes K Level (ppm) 0-41 41-80 81-120 121-160 161-200 201 Yield goal cwt/A K2O to Apply (lb/A)2 350 200 150 100 75 50 0 Soil test P Level (ppm) Bray-P1 0-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51 Olsen-P 0-7 7-15 16-25 26-33 34-41 42 Yield Goal cwt/A P2O5 to Apply (lb/A)2 350 150 100 75 50 25 0 Introduction to Carrot Crops Production and Marketing