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Colorado Technical University Procurement Plan and Bidding Methods Presentation

Colorado Technical University Procurement Plan and Bidding Methods Presentation.

Now that you know what you are buying, the requirements, and the types of contracts, you are ready to put the contracts out for bid. Continue to develop your procurement plan, and align it with the rest of the project plan by deciding which bidding methods you will use for each of the following contracts:Hiring technicians to install and configure the software for your environmentHiring a training entity to teach the student PMs the mechanics of using the new toolBuying a new server and software to run the tool and house the project databaseHiring tool usage experts to transfer knowledge to the student PMs about the use of the tool on the job for the first 60 days after going livePlanning for the removal and disposal of scheduling tool software and hardware that are no longer to be usedAssignment GuidelinesFor each of the contracts above, address the following questions:Which bidding method will you use? Why?Were there other possible bidding methods that you considered for this contract? Explain.How does this procurement task of bid selection integrate with the rest of the project for ADC?Once you have selected the ideal bidding method and a bidder has been accepted, how will you ensure that the quality of the final product will be measured effectively?What challenges will you need to overcome when measuring and ensuring quality? Why?How will you overcome these challenges?Compile your responses for the above questions into a PowerPoint presentation of 8–12 slides with 150–200 words of speaker notes per slide.Include additional title and reference slides.Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.Scenario:ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom homes and apartment complexes, has decided to standardize its project management practices and processes across its national organization. The goal is to standardize with one single project-scheduling tool and to have the tool installed and be operational within 90 days. To this end, the company is forming a central project management office (PMO). Until now, project managers (there are 40 presently on staff distributed all over the United States) have been able to use whatever scheduling tool they liked, within their budget constraints. They have also been able to buy equipment and engage contractors at will. The PMO will be determining one scheduling tool that all PMs will be expected to use, exclusive of any other scheduling tools. The PMO will also develop and implement a standardized procurement process. Because the PMs are located across the United States, a Web-based solution seems likely to be the most successful tool.As the project manager, you have been charged with implementing the procurement process, and you decide that your first project will be purchasing the scheduling tool for ACME Development Corporation.
Colorado Technical University Procurement Plan and Bidding Methods Presentation

Human Relations. Paper details   this is the order it should be revised in 1. First discuss freindly relationship in the workplace. A. Discuss the organizational benefits – communication B. Better teamwork C. less conflict – D. Any other benefits – (job satisfaction, less turnover, etc) (all benefits will have its own sub heading) E. Transistion into how all of these will increase job performance 2. Job performance – define, discuss why important and the empirical literature that supports positive job performance. Then transition inot how working with friends can lead to an increase in job performance. 3. Discuss the relationhsip between job performance and working with friends. 4. Hypotheses. I will be providing the methodology later on see we can incorporate it and will uploading it within the nest week. Don’t worry about the conclusion until the end beause i still have to run the SPSS and do the methodology. I will attach the paper that needs to be revised with all the feedback and of course above I provided the revision order. This is the order the whole peper will go in but I will be providing additional information. Literature Review (With an introduction and testable hypotheses). 2. Methodology 3. Results 4. Conclusions/Limitations/Future Research/Managerial Implications 5. References 6. Appendix (data collection tools such as the survey and excel spreadsheet of the data.)Human Relations
Computer Science homework help. Chapter 99-3Business Case Problem: Using special software, South Dakota law enforcement officers found a person who appeared to posses? child pornography at a specific Internet address. The officers subpoenaed midcontinent communications, the service that assigned the address, for the personal information of its subscriber. With this information, the officer obtained a search warrant for the residence of John Rolfe, where they found a laptop that contained child pornography. Rolfe argued that the subpoenas violated his ?expectation of privacy?. Did Rolfe have a privacy interest in the information obtained by the subpoenas issued to Midcontinent? Discuss.9-7Social media. Irvin Smith was charged in a Georgia state court with burglary theft. Before the trial, during the section of the jury, the state prosecutor asked the prospective jurors whether they knew Smith. No one responded affirmatively. After the trial, during deliberation the jurors indicated to the court that they were deadlocked. The court charged them to try again. Meanwhile, the prosecutor learned that ?Juror 4 appeared as a friend in the defendant?s Facebook page and field a a motion to dismiss her. The court replaced Juror 4 with an alternative. Was this appropriate action, or was it an ?abuse of discretion? Should the court have admitted evidence that Facebook friends do not always actually know each other? Discuss.Chapter 1010-1Types of cyber crimes. The following situations are similar, but each represents a various of particular crime. Identify the crime and point out the differences in the variations. (see cyber crimes)a.ÿÿÿÿ Chen, posing frequently as Diamond Credit Card Co., sends an e-mail to Emily, stating that the company has observed suspiciously activity in her account and has frozen the account. The email asked her to register her credit card number and password to reopen the account.b.ÿÿÿÿ Claiming falsely to be Big Buy Retail Finance Co., Conner sends an email to Dino, asking him to confirm or update his personal security information to prevent his Big Buy account from being discontinued.c.ÿÿÿÿ Felicia post her resume on, an online job posting site, seeking a position in business and managerial finance, and accounting. Hayden, who misrepresent himself as an employment officer with International Bank & Commerce Corp., send her an email asking for more personal information10-5White-Collar Crime. Matthew Simpson and others created an operated a series of cooperate entities to defraud agencies, and others. Though these entries, Simpson and his confederates used routing codes and spoofing services to make long-distance calls appear to be local. They stole other firms network capacity an diverted payments to themselves. They leased goods and services without paying for them. To hide their association with their corporate entities and with each other, they used false identities, addresses, and credit histories, and issued false bills, invoices, financial statements, and credit references. Did these acts constitute mail and wire fraud? Discuss. (see types of crimes)Chapter 1111-1ÿDoing Business internationally. Macrotech, Inc. develops an invocative computer chip and obtains a parent on it. The firm makes the chip under the trademarked brand name ?Flash?. Macrotech wants to sell the chip to Nitron, Ltd., in Pacifia, a foreign country. Macrotech is concerned, however, that after initial purchase, Nitron will duplicate the chip, pirate it, and sell the pirate version to computer manufacturers in Pacifica. To avoid this possibility, Macrotech could establish its own manufacturing facility in Pacifica, but it does not want to do this. How can Macrotech, without establishing a manufacturing facility in the Pacifica, protect Flash from being pirated by Nitron? (see doing business internationally)Chapter 1212-1Unilateral contract. Rocky Mountain Races, Inc. sponsors the ?Pioneer Trail Ultramarathon,? with the asvertised first prize of $10,000. The rules required competitors to run 100 miles from the floor of Backwater Canyon to the top of Pinnacle Mountain. The rules also provided that Rocky reserves the right to change the term of the race at any time. Monica enters the race and is declared the winner. Rocky offers her a prize of $1,000 instead of $10,000. Did Rocky and Monica have a conract? Explain. (see an overview of Contract Law)12-3Business Case Problem. Heather Reasonover opted to try Internet service from Clearwire Corp. Clearwire sent her s confirmation e-mail and a modem. When Reasonover plugged in the modem, an ?I accepted terms?, box appeared, without clicking on the box, Reasonover quit the page. She had not seen Clearwire?s ?Terms of Service?, accessible only through its Web site. Although the email she received and the printed materials included with the model included URLs to the company?s Web site, neither URL gave direct access to the ?Terms of Services?. A clause in the ?Terms of Services? required subscribers to submit any dispute to arbitration. Is Reasonover bound to this clause? Why or why not? (see e contract)Chapter 1313-2Condition of Preformance. The Caplans contracted with Faithfull Construction Inc., to build a house for them for $360,000. The specification state ?all plumbing bowls and fixtures?. to be Crane brand.? The Caplans leave on vacation, and during their absence, Faithful is unable to install or buy Crane pluming fixtures. Instead, Faithfull installed Kholer brand fixtures, an equivalent in the industry. On competition of the building contract, the Caplans inspect the work, discover the substitution, and refuse to accept the house, claiming that Faintful has breached the conditions set forth in the specifications. Discuss fully the Caplans claim.13-5Fraudulent Misrepresentation. Vinna Stibal owns and operated the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) in Idaho. ThetaHealing is Stibal?s ?self-discovered? healing method. In her book Go Up and Seek God, Stiba stated that she had been diagnosed with cancer and had cures her self using ThetaHealing. But Stibal?s representation that she cured herself of cancer was false, and she knew it her medical record did not confirm a cancer diagnosis, believing Stibal?s claim, Kara Alexander traveled from New York to Idaho to pay for, and attend classes in ThetaHealing from Stibal. Later, Alexander began to question the validity of her THinK degree. What are the elements of a cause of action for the fraudulent misrepresentation?ÿ Discuss. (see voluntary consent).Chapter 1414-2Anticipatory Repudiation. Moore contracted in writing to sell her 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe to Hammer for $18,500. Moore agreed to deliver the car on Wednesday, and Hammer promised to pay the $18,500 on the following Friday. On Tuesday, Hammer informed Moore that he would not be buying the car after all. By Friday, Hammer had changed his mind again and tendered $18,500 to Moore. Moore, although had not sold the car to another party, refused the tender and refuses to deliver. Hammer claimed that Moore had breached their contract. Moore contended that Hammer?s republication released her from her duty to preform under the contract. Who is correct, and why? (see performance and breach of sales and lease contracts)14-3Spotligh on Apple implied warranty. Alan Vitt purchased an iBook G4 laptop computer from Apple, Inc. Shortly after one year warranty expired, the laptop failed to work due to a weakness in the product manufacture. Vit sued Apple, arguing that the laptop should had lasted ?at least a couple of years?, which Vitt believed was reasonable consumer expectation for a laptop. Vitt claimed that Apple?s description of the laptop as ?durable,? ?rugged,? ?reliable,? and ?high performance? were affirmative statements concerning the quality and performance of the laptop, which Apple did not meet. How should court rule? Why? (see warranties)Chapter 2323-4Business Case. A well-documented rise in in global temperatures has coincided with a significant increase in the concentration with a significant increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Many scientist believe that the two trends are related, because when carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, it produces a greenhouse effect, trapping solar heat. Under the clean air act (CAA), the environmental protection agency (EPA) is authorized to regulate ?any? air pollutants ?emitted into?. The ambient air? that its ?judgment cause, or contribute to, air pollution?A group of private organizations asked the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide and other ?greenhouse gas? emissions from new motor vehicles. The EPA refused, stating among other things, the Congress last amended the CAA in 1990 without authorizing new, binding auto emissions limits. Nineteen states, including Massachusetts, asked a district court to review the EPA?s denial. Did the EPA have the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from new motor vehicles? If so was its stated reason for refusing to do so consistent with that authority? Discuss.Computer Science homework help
Bethel University Week 6 The Right of Prisoner Access to the Courts Essay.

The topics in unit 6 include prisoner access to the courts, judicial oversight of America’s prisons and jails, the issues the public consider critical related to corrections, and working relationships between correctional administrators and public officials. For this unit’s Complete assignment, write a comprehensive scholarly essay (minimum 1600 words) in which you analyze, explain, and apply these concepts in the context of a law enforcement organization. You must incorporate and cite, using correct APA citation format, at least 5 different scholarly research sources. Be sure your essay demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections from this unit. In-line citations must be used in the body of your essay, and all research sources must be fully cited at the conclusion of your essay. Correct APA citation formats must be used.Your essay should analyze why the right of prisoner access to the courts is such an important consideration in the USA. Do you believe the U.S. court system pays too much attention to inmate complaints? What are the positives and negatives of judicial oversight of America’s prisons and jails? What are the public’s major concerns related to correctional administration? Finally, what can be done by a proactive correctional administrator to influence local or state legislators to support correctional institutions? Explain how you would go about developing a positive professional relationship with officials who have budget oversight authority.
Bethel University Week 6 The Right of Prisoner Access to the Courts Essay

A T Still University Importance of Management in Every Organization Discussion

A T Still University Importance of Management in Every Organization Discussion.

I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me study.

Find an article of interest that is either written BY the theorist you selected or about that person, or about the theory itselfwrite a 2-3 paragraph summary of the selected article focusing on the way management is unique for the field. Include the summary and findings (paraphrased) along with the year published.Initially, DO NOT PROVIDE THE TITLE, Cite, Author or link. Merely create a heading that describes the subject area, for example Not for Profit Management.Here is the link to the management theory:
A T Still University Importance of Management in Every Organization Discussion

Southwestern Muscle Action Muscles Involved in Walking Discussion Board

nursing essay writing service Southwestern Muscle Action Muscles Involved in Walking Discussion Board.

Respond to the following:What profession do you pursue or hope to pursue in the future? What is one physical activity that you think you will have to perform on a regular basis as part of that profession, and why? Describe at least three muscles that are most essential to that activity, including their type, anatomical structure, and function.Rubric:-Posts well developed answers that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the concept-Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution; advances discussion.-Use REFERENCES to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments- be 300 words minimum :APA writing style
Southwestern Muscle Action Muscles Involved in Walking Discussion Board

What are three consequences of poorly designed or unclear goals?

What are three consequences of poorly designed or unclear goals?. I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

The assignment is to answer the question provided above in essay form. This is to be in narrative form. Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to project management. This does not mean blogs or websites. This source should be a published article in a scholarly journal (Journal of Project Management) or a professional journal (such as PMI’s Project Management Journal). This source should provide substance and not just be mentioned briefly to fulfill this criteria. The textbook should also be utilized. Do not use quotes. Do not insert excess line spacing. APA formatting and citiation should be used.
What are three consequences of poorly designed or unclear goals?

California State University Fullerton Culture and COVID19 Experience Questions

California State University Fullerton Culture and COVID19 Experience Questions.

I’m working on a writing question and need support to help me study.

1. Please define mastery and performance goals. Give an example of a child in school demonstrating each one, ang highlight which one will be helpful in the event that a child performs less well than she expects.
2. Explain what epigenetic charges are, and describe how they are a mechanism by which nurture ( environment, culture) and nature (genetics) work together to impact a child’s development 
3. Describe Erikson’s theory of this crisis of role confusion versus identity, explaining also how Erikson’s stage theory worked. Then please discuss educational activities that could help youth be supported in resolving this particular crisis.
4. We read an article comparing how parents in the Yucatec Maya and U.S. Euro-American parents differed in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Describe key take-aways from that study and explain how stressors, such as the pandemic, help us see cultural norms for family practices .
5. Explain whether Kohlberg’s moral reasoning theory is a qualitative or quantitative stage theory, and describe how he believed children progressed in their moral development. You don’t have to list all of the changes he described, but explain how he theorized that children begin, and how that changed over time. Then describe key critiques of this theory 
California State University Fullerton Culture and COVID19 Experience Questions

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